Are there any good bpd movies?

  1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It's always speculated that the lead female character has BPD. Basic Instinct as well. If you're looking for something slightly more light hearted but still pretty deep in the portrayal of BPD I'd definitely suggest Bojack Horseman. Again it's never stated he has BPD but a lot of his actions and traits show signs of it and I saw myself a lot in the character. It changed me in a lot of ways by making me more self aware.

  2. I never considered that Bojack might have had BPD but I did feel like I could relate to him on multiple levels. It explains a lot. It was such a great show.

  3. Eternal sunshine and Bojack horseman for sure. Angelina jolie in girl interrupted to me is a good display of BPD, Bojack is BPD personified and it getshard to watch emotional constantly for me.

  4. Eternal sunshine and Bojack horseman for sure. Angelina jolie in girl interrupted to me is a good display of BPD, Bojack is BPD personified and it getshard to watch emotional constantly for me.

  5. Woah I'm Def gonna check these out! Altho I watches BJH and I loved it, never made the connection but in hindsight I see it.

  6. Honestly the only one that comes to mind is Girl, interrupted. It’s my favorite movie and a classic but I personally don’t like how they portray someone with BPD(yes I know everyone is different and has different symptoms but they didn’t portray a “classic” picture of BPD imho). Angelina Jolie does a PHENOMENAL job and that’s the main reason why I love the movie. But it’s also dark and has a lot of triggering things (suicide, self harm, etc) so just a trigger warning there.

  7. I love girl interrupted and I've watched it several times. I do agree though I don't really get BPD vibes from Susannah, just more like general chronic depression and anxiety or a mood disorder. She kind of gets the "angry woman" label that unfortunately gets slapped on a lot of women who end up with a BPD diagnosis, accurate or not. Her character almost perpetuates that stereotype in a way. They don't portray the symptoms that I consider more definitive of BPD, like the push and pull in relationships, splitting, or the chameleon behavior we all know and love. The symptoms they describe when she reads her patient file don't sound very BPD either but maybe that's because the movie came out in 1999 and was set in the late 60s. Idk though, maybe she's more quiet type. I just would have related more to a character with classic and more obvious bpd symptoms.

  8. Glad someone said girl interrupted! Classic for anyone with bpd to watch, My bestie and i both have bpd and spent heaps of time in the same psych wards are constantly referencing this movie lol were like the real life version of susanna and lisa lol

  9. I never thought of it that way but I kinda can see it… I love that movie but it’s been way too long since I last watched it, should definitely give it a rewatch soon.

  10. If you want something on the NSFW side of things Shame with Micheal Fassbender has a solid complex portrayal of something with BPD

  11. Crazy Ex Girlfriend is a wonderful depiction of suffering with BPD and trying to stumble your way through the world (from FPs, impulsively, idealization, some devaluation, but also constant validation seeking and when it’s time to get help) Plus, it’s musical! So fun

  12. Came here to say this! My husband was recently diagnosed with BPD but hates musicals. When he was diagnosed I told him about the show and he checked it out. I love hearing him laugh and say things like “I get it!”. He can only handle one or two episodes at a time, but he enjoys it.

  13. Exactly what I came here to say, this is one of the best and most fun depictions of BPD I've ever seen. It's relatable, not at all stigmatizing, and deals with all the challenges that come with BPD with humour and sensitivity. Being able to see someone like Rebecca who I relate to so heavily really helped me come to terms with my diagnosis and start working on myself.

  14. Rob in High Fidelity is me. I’m a more bubbly version… but all the main stuff is there underneath. That show was so cathartic, beautiful, and also painful to watch. Underrated imo!!

  15. I’m sorry I don’t have any good BPD movies but what I feel isn’t a good example is fatal attraction. I watched that last week, makes me feel uneasy thinking about it. Maybe it’s fitting to someone but I don’t believe generally. It was pretty extreme.

  16. i didn't like this movie because the reason i even have bpd is my italian american mother and my clueless brother who is her golden child lmao

  17. Man I know a lot of ppl who really like that movie but I hated their portrayal of bp1 with cooper. They made him seem so violent and unstable and borderline psychotic throughout the film, just really playing into stereotypes of bipolar. It was really upsetting to me as someone w bp1 to see them do that

  18. any david lynch movie, mulholland drive, lost highway, eraserhead, twin peaks especially. i feel they depict what its like to be literally inside the mind of a borderline character

  19. I don’t think BPD is mentioned in these, but Thirteen (both girls display symptoms), and Cruel Intentions (Kathryn with her fear of abandonment, splitting, drug use, etc etc everything screams BPD)

  20. Thirteen is my go to. I've loved it since it came out, I feel like it's the most relatable movie. TW for the movie though... Self harm.

  21. That's a good one I never really thought about Tracy having BPD but it would make a lot of sense. It's harder to tell since she's so young, but everything she does in that movie are all major symptoms. Good eye

  22. Not a movie, but the protagonist of 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' has BPD. And don't be deterred by the title, the show is satirical and they actually touch up on the misogyny behind the term "crazy ex-girlfriend" in the actual theme song. I watched the series prior to my diagnosis and found the main character incredibly (almost eerily) relatable. And that was before her character was diagnosed within the show and before I even knew I had BPD myself.

  23. I love thie series. Annie is such a great Charakter and very relatable. Also it's one of the rare examples of protagonists actually getting diagnosed with BPD.

  24. I recommend the movie "Taxi Driver" with Robert de Niro from 1976. He plays Travis Bickle, a vietnam war veteran who is lonely, depressed, anxious and angry at the world. Well they never say if he has BPD but I really relate to him. Its also my favourite movie of all time.

  25. It was never explicitly said that she had BPD, but the 2016 film Christine (no, not the one about the car lol). Painfully relatable.

  26. I watched this and when she screamed “why isn’t anybody listening to me” was so visceral. I felt that inside sooooo fucking hard. Just instant eye leaks, not even crying. My soul was like “we know this” She did a great job there.

  27. Another redditor posted it but, Thirteen. Look up the movie trailer before you watch it. It's about two young girls and kind of how their lives went at that age. Nikki Reed ("Rosalie" from Twilight) was actually a co-author for the script and screen play. Though the characters were never labeled with bpd, it's not hard to connect the dots. Even if they wouldn't have bpd at 13, it kind of shows how life doesn't fucking help sometimes. TW: self harm & blood.

  28. maybe youve seen this one a billion times, but i headcanon elsa from frozen as having bpd ( and it's a very popular interpretation of her character )!!

  29. What does it mean when people use the term headcanon? I've seen it used a couple of times in this thread alone but have never heard of it! Thanks

  30. Welcome To Me with Kristen Wiig was quite funny to me as someone with a lived experience. I find lots of things have BPD coded characters. Lots of the characters in Euphoria and You have BPD traits.

  31. BOJACK. HORSEMAN. Just to emphasize the others. Side note, I’m bummed by the portrayal of BPD in Girl Interrupted. I adore the movie and watch it over and over but unfortunately can’t relate to Winona’s portrayal, but their performances are all so great.

  32. Silver Linings Playbook. It's more geared toward Bipolar, but the Male and Female leads do an amazing job at depicting our illness. The Male is a spot on example of my worst behaviors.

  33. So the issue here is that there’s really no movies where it takes a walk through what Bpd is actually like and shows the process of getting diagnosed or living with Bpd day to day. A lot of movies where characters are either supposed to be portraying Bpd or speculated to have Bpd by fans are movies that show Bpd in a bad light.

  34. I’m going to watch it again. I know the first time I related somehow. And this was 30 years before I was diagnosed. Before I started Buspar I was extremely violent, from around age 12. Thanjs again.

  35. i really like System Crasher, a german movie from 2019. im german myself and have been myself through a lot of the depicted german support system for troubled kids and families.

  36. I wanted to watch this movie for a long time now! I just thought that it may be depressing like other german movies. Maybe I will give it a try now!

  37. Girl Interrupted is a great movie and has been one of my favorite movies. There was something that drew me to the Character, Daisy for some reason. So much so that 9 years ago I named my then newborn horse Daisy.

  38. I dunno about movies but I recently learned that Grace from Will & Grace is apparently BPD. It seems only mentioned in one episode as far as I can tell though.

  39. Not a movie, but a TV show. Crazy ex girlfriend. One of my favorites! The main character struggles with BPD and it shows really perfectly what dealing with BPD in relationships is like.

  40. I never heard a good bpd rap song so I made one if your interested I think I depicted a bad day very wel and the multitudes of emotions we feel

  41. The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby shares many traits of someone with BPD, and the 2013 film has long been one of my all time favourites for a multitude of reasons, relatability being a big one, since well before I even knew what BPD was. Both the author F. Scott Fitzgerald, and his wife Zelda likely had BPD, his wife very clearly having it, and he showing signs of it in his relationships, in particular his intense reliance on his friendship with Ernest Hemingway, which almost stereotypically fits the description of a ‘FP’.

  42. A show is Bojack I’d say, not sure movie wise (it’s speculated Anakin has BPD but eh), and then for a game Life is Strange.

  43. I would consider watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend. This show is what helped open my eyes to myself potentially having it. The main actor/character is the writer of the show and suffers from it in her everyday life as well, and it’s based around her own story of suffering with the disorder (still a fictional story though).

  44. Okay now I have something specific it’s called Kajillionaire. it’s maybe something I personally relate to very hard and it’s tough to know if it’s bpd or just my personal experience with it’s. Basically about a person that has been used by her parents to steal and has only learned about the world through the lens of fear and trying to con people and further about a sudden experience where she breaks from that to finally grow as a person and throughout the film she shows splitting, idolization etc

  45. king of staten island - pete davidson has bpd and does a wonderful job conveying the minute details that show how differently we think. there’s a scene where his mum tells him she’s dating someone and he immediately thinks it’s his fault and begs her to stop and just punish him instead. it really hit hard for me, so beautiful to see my own self represented so clearly despite how hard it is to watch

  46. Welcome To Me is a great movie, and I think that Kristen Wiigs character explicitly has BPD (haven’t seen the movie in a few years). It’s about a woman who wins the lottery and decides to stop her mental health treatment so that she can “be herself”. She starts her own tv show in order to show the world who she really is and gain acceptance but she quickly goes off the rails. There is a lot of humor, and you can really relate to how she just wants to be loved and accepted but people just focus on her BPD behavior.

  47. my brilliant friend (hbo show + book series). it's not canon, but one of the two main characters clearly displays several bpd symptoms. I relate a lot to her, and I think she's a brilliant (no pun intended) representation of bpd. without spoiling too much, she's both hated and admired by everyone in the book, starting by the other main character. she's constantly portrayed as a bitch by her community because she's deeply misunderstood (and because since she has cluster B traits she's definitely very flawed and sometimes acts out in a very realistic way to what bpd entails). she has a very fragile sense of self, she switches between acting almost like she thinks she's invincible to rejecting her dreams and passions because she finds them stupid and she doesn't believe she can afford to harvest them because of who she is. she also displays a deep fear of abandonment, there are a few scenes where her most vulnerable side is explored and she begs people not to leave her, to always watch her to make sure she's alright because otherwise she's gonna die, etc. she also repeatedly states the desire to disappear completely from the earth without leaving any trace of herself on this planet, which is something I've noticed in a lot of people with bpd. I definitely recommend y'all at least watch the show, if you read the books even better!

  48. There was a journal article that theorized that Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader has BPD. Star Wars is a Sci Fi franchise and it makes sense that clinicians wouldn't want to point to it as a clear example of the disorder. For me personally I do identify very much with the story of Anakin/Vader. I use the imagery to explain how I'm feeling to my friends and family. Is it nerdy and cringy, uh probably and yet it really helps me understand myself and visualize how I'm feeling. When I'm doing well I'm a Jedi ready to try my best to do the right thing, when I'm angry It's order 66 time. I like Anakin/ Vader, it's difficult to be in balance and it doesn't matter to me what vernacular and symbolism I use as long as I have language to process emotions safely.

  49. I think Rue from Euphoria provides a very extreme example of what covert BPD can look like as far as the anger, alienation and addiction piece goes Cassie is a more realistic portrayal of classic BPD in an abusive relationship situation and obvious abandonment issues. These are both sensationalized but it’s one of the most popular shows on tv now.

  50. The movie they’re going to make about me when I die. LOL but I’d like to know too. Will definitely look through comments after work

  51. The A24 horror movie "Pearl". It's a prequel to "X" that came out earlier this year, people are pretty mixed about it but I personally loved it. I just saw it last night.

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