Antique milk glass container full of…? (See comment for details)

  1. Yeah I broke it open and it seems more cosmetic smelling vs something like food but who knows at this point. So cool you have original packaging too! If the lid could be removed without destroying it and there was some sort of labeling to it, I wouldn’t have bothered ripping it open but after seeing what I saw inside, I’m glad I disposed of the insides. I’m not sure I wanted that slime sitting on my shelf.

  2. Found an old milk glass container with a rusted metal lid under a bridge in Akron, OH while doing litter cleanup near a canal. Rusted top was almost completely intact when I found the container; I actually cracked that top part while handling it afterword. I started to pick at the top when I got home but decided to stop and consult good ole Reddit.

  3. I found a milk glass container about the same size that had Maclaren’s imperial cheese in it.. could be a cheese pot?

  4. I have a larger jar with a metal lid still in good shape. It has the old ponds monogram embossed on the lid. Your lid is toast but maybe the same thing? Some have suggested Vic’s but that was usually in blue glass.

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