My idea for tanks since they've been bottom tier brawlers almost every season.

  1. That's too much. I think they should give less super charge to enemies since they are supposed to take damage while attacking. And Bull needs some range.

  2. Fang is my idea of a perfectly designed close range brawler; best at close range, but has a presence at long range due to his far reaching shoe shots charging his devastating super.

  3. The reason why Bull sucks is he gets zoned out of existence if He isn't camping a bush. He's slow, He's got no range and even his super gets him killed

  4. This seems way too strong like Frank’s gadget on steroids. It makes it much harder to escape a tank now, and a ton of gadgets/supers literally become useless.

  5. Well I see your point, but boonie isn't particularly high skill cap, but she's one of the best brawlers, better that some high skill brawlers like lola, colt and even Janet.

  6. It’s not a bad idea at all but I don’t really think it’d necessary. Fang, Buzz, Jacky, and Frank don’t really need this trait imo. Maybe giving this to El Primo as a baseline ability would work.

  7. Not all tanks need it, eg. Fang, buzz because they already have some feature that makes them usable against long rangers. Primo, Jacky, frank yeah this could be useful

  8. Ain't that the reason why the title says 'Almost every season', not all the time tanks are bad, it's just most of the time they so hard countered by almost every brawler.

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