Just got my tickets for Detroit!

  1. Password Information: Enter the first 6 digits of your Citi® credit card or Citibank Debit Mastercard® account number (no dashes). You must purchase tickets using a valid Citi® credit card or Citibank Debit Mastercard.

  2. Hell yeah, have fun! First mosh pit and wall of death I ever participated in were during the first and only time I saw BMTH, it was dope

  3. I'm so pissed at the venue choice, freedom hill is jank! Any chance you could lmk how much GA costs vs. Pit? I just wanna see the prices but even those are locked behind a code

  4. I've never been but that's kinda disappointing to hear, hopefully the choice of venue doesn't take away from the show. Looks like it's $59.50 plus fees for the pit and $29.50 plus fees for the lawn.

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