Coming down from Detroit for my first Browns game, anything I should know?

  1. Tremont is close to the W. 25th area where you’ll be for GLBC and they have some good restaurants and bars. I always enjoy going down there.

  2. If you like corned beef, Cleveland is home of THE best corned beef sandwich in the entire world. Slyman's Deli on St. Clair Ave.

  3. So true, our stadium used to be kind of rough for visiting fans, but really not unless you were trying to start something. But now it’s totally copacetic no one will fuck with you

  4. My dad’s family is from Cleveland. I used to go there a lot more when I was younger, But I have not been back for about five years. Christmas sale is not my usual style, but great lakes knocked that one out of the park. Thoughts on Corky and Lenny’s?

  5. If you plan on going to Great Lakes, the Westside Market is across the street and worth a visit. Lots of good restaurants around W 25th as well.

  6. Yeah I was born into the Lions and adopted the Browns the year Hyde got traded and I picked up Chubb on waivers in fantasy. Love seeing how Baker & company helped transform the franchise.

  7. Go by the west side market and get you some fried pierogis from the little market restaurant at the corner. Or just buy some fresh from one of the vendors but you will have to cook it somehow.

  8. I know it will be cold, but Mitchell’s ice cream is right by GLBC and is absolutely worth trying. They usually do a chocolate chunk using GLBC porter

  9. Get to the muni lot and get that liver ready. Once you stumble into the stadium get the chicken tenders. Always reliable, come with a side of fries, and no matter win or loss at least you had a decent meal to suck up all that alcohol.

  10. That's the pro tip I'm looking for, thanks! I've heard a lot about the muni lot, where is it and can I just bring a couple pocket beers in and walk around? Just looking to get a feel for the environment and hang with some good people

  11. The Rowley inn across from the Christmas story house is one of the best restaurant/bars in town and a must if you’re in the area.

  12. My God if that highway one isn’t the most common and infuriating thing to see. I also don’t understand it, when they cross into their home state, they drive 85-90, then all of a sudden they come here, and drive in the passing lane at 65-70. It’s bonkers.

  13. Detroiter Brown fan here: those jokes are wack as shit and Detroit is a much friendlier city than Cleveland tbh

  14. Tailgate at 3rd and Summit. $20 all you can eat and drink. Or I'll be at Flat Iron for breakfast at 930. You're welcome to join us then walk to the stadium or ride their shuttle.

  15. You’ll have a good time everyone that goes to the games are pretty cool. your gonna get your assholes for sure like any city but for the most part us people from cleveland are pretty chill

  16. Make sure to get some Space Browns in before you enter First Energy! Zorgon 8 will thank you for your patronage.

  17. I live in Cleveland, check out masthead too. It's not too far from the rock Hall and the stadium. Amazing brewery!

  18. If you are with a Lions fan and they wear Lions gear they will get harassed. Browns fans are some of the meaner ones out there at the stadium.

  19. Yeah turn your dumb ass around and go back home before you think you can walk into the stadium. Lol JK when mich st kicks the shit outta OSU rub that shit as much as possible. Fuck the lions tho

  20. Lmao man I have season tickets to msu, love em through and through, and I have no delusions about the fact that I'm gonna have to drink away two losses this weekend.

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