[SUNDAY DISCUSSION] 4:00 games and SNF

  1. I reckon win tomorrow. Then we are safe to lose 2 as long as we best Bengals in the last game. Don’t see ravens coming back and Steelers are pretenders.

  2. if we beat the raiders packers and steelers, and lose to the bungles we still have a 77% chance of making the playoffs.

  3. I'm still only about 30% confident that we will beat the Raiders, but if we do, I think we go up to 1st place in the division? The Bengals beat the Ravens in a tiebreaker (h2h), so they switch places. We beat the Ravens in the tiebreaker (division record), and we also beat the Bengals in a tiebreaker (h2h).

  4. That's exactly why the Ravens should have went for two on the previous TD. If you miss the first one, you still have a chance to tie it on the next touchdown. Missing two conversion attempts in a row is less likely than making one of two. Not sure what Harbaugh was thinking.

  5. Fucking cheaters! They tried that shit again AND it didn't work AND they got called for it. This is one of the most satisfying moments in the history of Cleveland football.

  6. Does Harbaugh usually kick the XP when down eight like that? Figured he of all coaches would embrace the data that says it's better to go for two.

  7. it’s pretty surreal watching the packers and not even feeling nervous on second and long or third and long, that offensive is crazy

  8. I guarantee there are Browns "fans" that would rather have Ryan instead of Baker in a heartbeat. Which means they probably haven't watched the Falcons play in like 5 years or ever. They just know he led them to a Super Bowl that one time...

  9. I like how in the promo for tomorrow's game they pretty much only show Chubb & Myles because they're our only stars who aren't on some kind of "list". I sure hope that we get several players back by tomorrow afternoon.

  10. Some of y'all in here are the hottake of the week. I'm curious tho, you guys actually believe the shit you spout based on the flavor of the week? Or are u just trying to get attention constantly

  11. Would i be wrong if I said that Huntley is a far better passer than Lamar? Honestly, the ravens' offense seems to move more consistently with Huntley.

  12. Ravens put all their effort into the run game which is all injured. They know Lamar isn't a great passer but with a solid run game he's a terror.

  13. I'm sad we didn't get Andrews to pair with Baker they had such an insane connection at OU. Also the Ravens have very good receivers, who knew.

  14. I believe that if you draft a franchise QB, you should draft a receiver he is comfortable with, ESPECIALLY if it’s his favorite target in college. We had a chance to get Andrews but we drafted a DE who I don’t think is on the roster anymore

  15. Huntley is a better QB than Lamar straight up. Lamar may be a better all around athlete, but in terms of QB skills, Huntley is superior.

  16. Huntley is a better QB than Lamar. Lamar may be a bigger offensive weapon, but Huntley throws the ball better. Hope some team gives him a starting job next year.

  17. Makes sense to just not double coverage Andrews. They have no other playmakers on offense but let’s leave Andrews one on one

  18. The spread on this game has been all over the place. Buying into some false hope tomorrow with Browns being back at 3.0 favorite now on Caesar Sportsbook.

  19. I guess it's a low block if you hit a guy in the waist? Defenders cant do shit anymore, get flagged for literally everything.

  20. No, but Huntley could be in line to get a starting job somewhere else soon. If I was a team like the WFT or the Panthers who don't have a sure thing at QB, I would take a look at getting Huntley. He could make a really good bridge quarterback for a rebuilding team.

  21. There is certainly something to be said regarding the fact that everyone runs cover zero constantly against Lamar, but abandon it entirely against huntley

  22. Nope, Lamar's just been in a slump the past month. I don't think a single coach/GM would pick Huntley over Lamar as their long-term QB.

  23. If you’re in cleveland, its blacked out. We instead needed the fucking giants and Cowboys as one of our three games during the day today

  24. I've had both of my pinky toes broken at different times. I don't understand what the big deal is with Rodgers' toe, is it a compound fracture or what? Speaking from experience, anyone who has even moderate pain tolerance can do 90% of their normal stuff with a broken pinky toe. The only thing I would figure he would be limited in is making hard cuts, which his old ass doesn't really do anyhow.

  25. Yup, we just need to handle our business. Yeah sucks that the Steelers won, but we are a game up on them if we win and have a chance to beat them ourselves, plus they still have the KC buzz saw.

  26. Hold on a second. We’re there people in here the last couple weeks saying we should have picked up Newton? Please tell me I didn’t see that.

  27. When are teams gonna learn that if you fuck with your opponents mid field logo you're gonna lose.

  28. Dude we have been catching all kinds of breaks regarding games going our way… we just need to take care of what we can control.

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