1. One time I would like to know how it feels to have home field ref advantage. You can't convince me the refs still have not forgotten bottle gate

  2. Defense played great. Baker did NOTHING to support them. Idc if there was PI on that play... He was abysmal this entire game. He is NOT capable of putting a team on his shoulders like every other QB on a contending team is.


  4. Why the hell do you save all three time outs when your running the ball well and refuse to use them down the stretch? Why put it on your quarterback who has thrown 4 picks to pass it three times in a row? Literally mind boggling

  5. Clearly was a defensive holding that was missed. But with that said Baker missed Njoku twice. There were other plays to be made. You let the refs decide your fate. Bum.

  6. Saints fan here. Mayfield may have been throwing interceptions. But in the end, Aaron Rodgers and the packers did not beat you guys, the refs did.

  7. BLATANT. FUCKING. HOLDING. Every game is rigged for green bat I stamp!!!!!! How the fuck was that call missed??????

  8. Run first offense needs a PG-style quarterback who can move the chains consistently and make big throws in big moments. Baker actively holds the team back at this point.

  9. What a dumbass coach. You literally go down the field running then you start throwing when it matters. The only time Mayfield has had success today is when the ball is inside the 5 and the def has to sell out on the run.

  10. Sorry to the delusional Baker lovers on this sub...but he is not the guy. This game was lost solely on him. 4 interceptions. FOUR. Those are Zach Wilson numbers....

  11. Jesus Baker is so bad. The only reason they even gained any yards was because they can run it. I honestly don't care anymore what they do with him. He just flat out sucks.

  12. We got so fucked by these refs Jesus, even the announcers are saying that was a DPI and they’re literally paid to be nice to the refs

  13. Falcons fan here, yes ref fucked that up on that no call. But you have to blame your coaching staff here, how do you guys keep passing when you have been running so well

  14. Steelers fan here, you guys got screwed. Baker threw it to your wr because it was an obvious flag. He was trying to get the ref to throw it.. sorry y’all, that sucks

  15. I get that that was blatantly missed DPI but Baker was still beyond shitty this entire game. Terrible playcalling. Terrible QB play.

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  17. Ive defended baker to this point. Dude better never play another snap, and these refs better never call another game. They’re both a disgrace to the game

  18. I honestly don't even understand what the ref is looking at. Are they just zoning out or some shit? I mean how do you not call that? How?

  19. I was watching on and off and there shoulda been like 3 picks before this but is this really on baker? Dudes playing hurt as shit thought he did alright I dunno

  20. Thanks Baker for selling the season don't worry the fanbase will still defend the hell out of you and claim that you're a franchise qb

  21. Lmfao what can you even say about that. Chubb on fire, Baker’s thrown 3 (almost 4) interceptions already, just throw on every play on the critical last drive!

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