[POST GAME THREAD] Browns (22) at Packers (24)

  1. I want an Official Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle for Christmas so I can shoot my eyes out

  2. Someone tell me WHY, Chubb and D’ernest PLAY THEIR HEARTS OUT and put the team on their shoulders tonight, and you pass all 3 downs on your 50? And I am literally DISGUSTED by that no-call.

  3. Falcons fan here, yep my exact thought everyone is mentioning the refs but your QB has 3 picks and run game is on fire. Yet you decide to throw on all those downs? Like the fuck is wrong with the coaches lol

  4. I’m not against running the ball from the 50. But jeez that Njoku call was wide open. That should have been 12 yards and clock stop out of bounds on first down. Just need a decent throw.

  5. I like Stefanski the CEO. Stefanski the offensive mind needs to sit down, hire replacements for AVP and Chad O'Shea, and let them completely rethink the passing game.

  6. If is simply inexcusable that stefanski called three pass plays on that last series. INEXCUSABLE. If I’m Chubb, I’m thinking to myself “what the fuck?”

  7. My 6yo, who went to bed crying on Monday, told me during the second quarter "I don't want to watch the Browns ever again." He was living and dying with every play at the end of the 4th.

  8. 3 time outs, Chubb FEASTING, in total control of the clock. All that you need as 20 yards and Chubb is getting 8 each time. Then you throw yourself out of the game...

  9. Anyone taking it light on Baker today- I just don’t understand. I’m usually as patient as any other browns fan. Whether or not all 4 INTs are his fault are irrelevant. He missed SO MANY throws today! The bombs to DPJ. The misses to receivers/TEs in the flat. He has arm talent, but he’s all over the place. I like the guy, but either a lot has to change for him or we need to move on.

  10. I have been paying for Sunday Ticket for the last 5 years. Never again. It's easy to forgive bad calls when your team is terrible and they don't swing the game, but when your team misses the playoffs due to several poorly officiated its unwatchable.

  11. Chiefs fan partial to the Browns coming in peace. Y’all got FUCKED by officiating tonight. NFL has their teams picked already, and you can’t change my mind. Always love with its Chiefs v Browns, hope y’all can still see a playoff run

  12. Do not let this terrible organization ruin your Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone. Hope it was a good one

  13. Honestly, I’m annoyed about the lose. But it wasn’t the blow out like I thought it was going to be. So I’m happy about that.

  14. Someone, please, explain to me how the fuck Chubb was not out there and those last 3 plays? How do we run it down the Packers throat the whole game, and then abandon it when it matters the most?

  15. But why? Why why why why why why? I’m not saying I disagree but why do they fuck over a team that doesn’t win shit?! Why? I have to know please

  16. Why the fuck don’t we run the ball on that last drive? We have 3 timeouts and baker has proved over and over he can’t consistently throw the football. we need like 20 yards to get into field goal range and we piss all over it. the browns just don’t know how to win and I’m sick of fucking watching.

  17. Honestly it absolutely sucks but hopefully helps make the Baker decision easier when it comes time. That wasn’t clutch at all which is a familiar theme. The vast confidence I have between having Baker or Rodgers lead a game winning drive is crazy. Rodgers gets it done, Baker doesn’t. Simple as that.

  18. Baker threw some terrible INTs but Stefanski set him up to fail on that last drive. Why the hell would you call pass plays on 1st and 2nd down with 3 timeouts left and Chubb decimating them on the run? We could have run it down their throat for 20 yards to get the FG and win and instead Stefanski forces Baker to make a play on 3rd and 10. His playcalling is atrocious.

  19. Baker and Stefanski were atrocious. Why is getting into field goal range such a challenge? Defense played their ass off for them to have a chance and offense blow every single opportunity

  20. 3 INTs and yet we were only down 2 pts with a chance to win with 2 minutes to go. I really dont understand how anyone in their right mind can blame this game on Woods.

  21. Baker was garbage today. Downvote me to fucking hell. I love the guy but he fucking sucked. Half of y’all are just gonna blame the refs for this game but whatever. Merry Christmas dammit

  22. If baker would have throw 2 fewer we would have won by multiple scores. Our defense doesn’t deserve Baker

  23. Baker Mayfield has had the ball with the chance to win/tie on a final drive 16 times in his career.. His record in those games, 2-14. Damn I love the Browns, but it’s time to move on.

  24. The press should absolutely grill Stefanski on his playcalling. And I don’t want to hear “I have to be better” for the 8th time this year.

  25. God, games like this are frustrating. I've watched a lot of shitty football. I've seen the team lose every which way, including making some up themselves. But losses like this are extra frustrating.

  26. I know we're all so heavily invested in whether Baker is a franchise QB or not that it sometimes seems like the only thing that matters. But it's not true. There is life after Baker Mayfield. We have a lot of talent and are in the playoff hunt despite poor QB play. This level of play is replaceable.

  27. It’s not worth watching the NFL. They literally just stole a game from us. That’s the most blatant pass interference you will ever see and it isn’t called. Unbelievable. I’m done with the league.

  28. 100% agree. Not watching the rest of the season. Not going to watch the playoffs. They NEED to implement the Sky Judge. It is absolute torture as a fan to watch blatant no calls on replay and there being no system in place to act on the penalties!

  29. Ravens fan here, that no call was complete horse shit. The same type of BS happened when we played these fucks. You guys got hosed by that awful call. NFL is fixed.

  30. Friendly cowboys fan here.. god.. I am so fucking sorry. Regardless of the officiating, baker throwing 3 times in a row right there was just unbelievable. The packers are unable to stop the run all night, baker missing passes allll night... and they throw it 3 times in a row. Even on 3rd and ten, you know you have to go for it on 4th anyways. Could have had a better chance getting a 1st down AND keeps the balls safe.

  31. Baker should’ve gotten shoulder surgery from the get go, he’s gone into free fall ever since. Love the guy but if he’s not healthy he’s holding the offense back.

  32. Refs made damn sure we lost but fuck could you imagine the stomping we would have given them if Baker didn't throw 4 picks?

  33. We almost won a game with a ton of mistakes and bad officiating, we’ll feel better in the morning. 1-31 was numbing but I’ll take this over that.

  34. I’m here for the Baker ain’t it sentiment but let’s also discuss exactly what the fuck Stefanski is doing out there. Literally the worst coach in the division.

  35. Gotta feel sorry for y’all. Coach of the Year suddenly has brain aneurysms on a weekly basis.

  36. When are we going to demand the same level of respect as these other golden-boy, league favorite teams? Week in and week out we aren't shown any level of competent and fair field calling. Just because I have to say it, if we didn't make mistakes we could've won through the B.S., yes... but you can't tell me, with a straight face, that this game was EVER going to be called fairly with history to be made for the curd heads at home against the BrOwNs...

  37. Stefanski was coaching such a great game until he wasn’t. I am dumb founded with the shit play calling after the first down. You let your studs win you the games not your mediocre injured QB who throws half his balls behind the player. Fuck this one hurt.

  38. I'm always defending stefanski, always. Until today. I mean WTF? 50 yard line, you are AVERAGING almost 9 YARDS a rush and have >200. And you WANT to burn the clock too! So what do we do? 3 fucking passes.

  39. How we have 3 timeouts on the 50 and Stefanski decides to pass the ball and not run when Chubb was rushing all over GB tonight.

  40. I know bitching about calls/penalties doesnt get me any fans, but we got fucked over by the refs hard today. Right from the start I counted 3 shit calls (or non-calls) that hurt us and it didnt stop. The missed PI call on the first int and the missed PI on the last int were the buns on the shitburger.

  41. I don’t think I’ve had fun watching this team since the Steelers playoff win. I watched every game of 1-31 and these heart-breaking losses are starting to break me.

  42. Why should I be surprised? As long as I've lived the Browns have always managed to find ways to lose. In the second-half they should have just handed the ball off to Chubb and removed Baker Mayfield from the game equation-- entirely!

  43. I got somewhat caught up in feelings in the game thread, my apologies. I blame Christmas stresses and my own idiocy.

  44. Went out the the bar with some cookies from a cherished local bakery. Watched the game with some friends. Went home and order hibachi and sushi. Merry Christmas everybody.

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