[Justice] #Browns Kevin Stefanski on Baker Mayfield moving forward: "He's our starting quarterback, yes."

  1. Spoiler alert: he’ll likely be the quarterback next year as well. I get it, the season hasn’t gone the way we would have hoped and Baker needs to be better, but I think you gotta pick up his option and see it out.

  2. Sure is. 2 INTs were definitely his fault and 1 was for sure not with the no-call on DPJ, and he can arguably be absolved of the earlier no-call.

  3. While I disagree about the chip on the shoulder attitude being an advantage, I think you nailed how things will play out. Let him play for an extension, make it clear you’re on the market for a QB by trade, draft, or free agency and see if things go our way.

  4. But dude these aren’t great throws. We can’t discount the fact he’s making bad decisions. And I don’t care who’s fault they’re interceptions.

  5. For everyone commenting on the Browns drafting QBs: Andrew Berry has not drafted a QB, and looking at his track record of two years of drafting, I trust his ability in eventually drafting a QB someday.

  6. Unless something happens (a miracle) there is no better option than Baker playing for us on his 5th year option. He needs to show he can win us games next year in the merit of his arm and decision making.

  7. I think we need to draft some project QB in the 2nd or 3rd round to have some training camp competition, not saying Baker needs to be replaced but he needs a fire lit under his ass

  8. Coach of the year, passes 3 times at the end of the game when the run game was unstoppable, sign him to a 30 year deal, man is a genius.

  9. We’ll pick up his option and ride him out next year, and the interceptions are very concerning. However my biggest gripe is the constant protection pocket sacks he takes. It seems like 3 times a game he doesn’t effectively step up into the pocket or throw quick balls under pressure and costs us 7-8 yards because he gets happy feet in the pocket. I don’t know if it’s an issue with his step count (which Kurt Warner made a point of) or too long developing routes/ not predicting coverages and routes. I’m hoping he is able to finally turn it around after an off season, but he needs to be near Pro Bowl material next season.

  10. Sorry, I've defended him for awhile but ive seen enough now. Too many excuses. Good QBs win games, period. Every qb deals w no calls, injuries, etc. Guy has had ample opportunities to win games in final drives all season. Kc, la, pitt, etc. He is 0-fer.

  11. Man I think the focus is all wrong. People think we need to work our whole thinking about if Baker Is The Guy instead of realizing we have a kick-ass roster that is almost in the playoffs despite his awful play.

  12. baker. should not be given up on. if he shits the bed next year fine, move on. but baker DID show improvement last year and this year is a wash. he been significantly hindered by injury.

  13. Hopefully he gets the off-season to heal, playoffs or not and we can just keep the team we have intact make a couple power moves have the play calling fixed and be that team 2022

  14. I'm sorry, what? The guy took this team to the playoffs and has this team competing for the playoffs this year, and he's suddenly gone next year?

  15. He called a pretty incredible game today with the exception of the final drive. With the dearth of offensive weapons we have he schemes lots of guys open. I guess you think Brandon Staley should go too because some of his 4th down calls haven’t worked and caused an L

  16. Depends on how bad injuries are. Otherwise trade for Rodgers, Wilson or Jimmy G. Jimmy G is blamed for all ills in SF. Could be cheap. Don’t want Watson.

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