[SUNDAY GAMES] 1:00 edition.

  1. It's crazy to see the Bengals with a lead, stepping on the throat and not just burning clock to cling on. I didn't think that was allowed?

  2. I like the Bengals. I hope we beat them and find a way to squeak into the playoffs. If not I’ll be rooting for our Ohio brothers.

  3. Moot point because Stefanski would have made Burrow play through his ACL tear and then all the fans would turn on Burrow

  4. How come all these other teams can play 2nd and 3rd string qbs and they play decent but we keep shoving out our crippled #1 no matter what. Stefanski sucks!

  5. stefanski can't do anything when his QB can't read a defense to save his life and a WR corps that have bricks for hands

  6. So if… the Chiefs beat the Steelers, the Chiefs beat the Bengals, the Rams beat the Ravens and we beat the Steelers we have a 60% chance to win the division according to 538. Week 18 is for the division.

  7. Tee Higgins just made a play that would be the best play a Browns WR has made in 3 years, with the only exception maybe being the OBJ end around

  8. Since when are TE's allowed to get yards after a catch? I thought they were supposed to plop over dead after a catch.

  9. People were bitching even when we were winning yesterday. This fan base doesn't deserve success

  10. I feel like it would be so annoying to catch a ball and have like 10 defenders all trying to rip the ball out of your hands at the same time.

  11. Beat Pittburgh next week and the Battle for Ohio will be for the AFCN if KC beats Steelers today cause it looks like Ravens are gonna get stomped.

  12. Jackson out. Huntley out. No problem. Baltimore throws in Kenji Bahar and they still move the ball with ease and score on the opening drive.

  13. Let’s go Bungals, can’t lose hope yet. How many years did we not get to score watch. Enjoy it fellas life could be worse. Like my brother in law in a coma from COVID. After that and losing another family member to COVID I’ve learned to enjoy the small things. Sure Baker is sucking it up and we won’t make the playoffs but be positive! Life can change in a instance for the worse.

  14. I like Dak so him on the NFC side, Kind of Brady cause shits so absurd at this point another win would just be comical. As for the AFC this may be blasphemy but I like Burrow and for fear of bengals fans getting uppity I wouldn’t mind seeing them win. Patriots too.

  15. Bengals and Chiefs are the big ones. Nothing else really matters. Our wild card path is way too convoluted, but winning the division is fairly straightforward

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