For Some Perspective, This Was 4 Years Ago Today

  1. That’s because a lot of this sub has only really started caring about the browns for the 2-3 years. That being said Kizer and Coleman feel like a decade ago.

  2. Intentionally forgetting. I knew it was Kizer, but I'd already forgotten about Coleman. Browns fan for all of my 34 years, and I've done a great job of blacking out the bad 😄

  3. It’s easy to get caught up in emotions, but it’s not like these guys wanted to go 0-16. I think that goes forgotten a lot. They were bad, but it’s not like they wanted to be losers.

  4. ? id argue every loss the last two years is much much worse than that one. that game was irrelevant. every game lately matters.

  5. Man I remember thinking the Browns got a huge steal getting Kizer in the 2nd round, didn't take long to realize I was brain dead

  6. I feel if Kizer had a real coach and a vet to learn behind a few years he might have been okay. He seemed smart enough and had the arm, but just too young behind that awful line that year, with 0 wrs..... (wasn't that the britt year too? Idr it all blends). But he threw waayyy too many redzone picks, I do remember that.

  7. Did you not watch him at ND at all? Dude got straight up benched there at one point. Watching us draft him was like watching a slow motion train wreck

  8. I was at this game. It was so cold my canned beer turned to a slush minutes after opening it. I remember it like it was yesterday but it also feels like it was 20 years ago. Many of us including myself complain about this current team, but seeing this picture stirred up some real bad memories of the Browns.

  9. I was about to say I was at that game and didn’t remember it being that cold but I was mixing it up with the equally disappointing loss the year before on New Years lol

  10. This is why, even with all the debate about whether Baker is the long term solution at QB, I will forever be grateful for what he did for this city. People seem to forget just how miserable it was just 4 years ago. Baker made this team watchable.

  11. I still wear that jersey style to games. It’s on it’s last legs though. Going to need to get a new one sooner or later.

  12. hindsight is 20/20. At the time coleman was labeled a diva for storming into Hues office and demanding to be traded. We seemed to have taken it as coleman thought he had warranted the audacity to act that way and that he was better than everyone else. He doesnt seem so arrogant and entitled now. He knew this team was straight garbage and that Hue was a complete phoney

  13. That didn't happen until the off-season after the 0-16 season tho, when we were on Hard Knocks after drafting Baker

  14. Thanks for posting this. It's a reminder of how bad we really were and how much we've got to be thankful for with our current squad.

  15. If there is a hell, I hope Modell is in it. What an asshole that man was. I will never forget how fucking angry everyone in Cleveland was on January 28, 2001.

  16. The people who say Baker is holding us back are the same that say Kizer needed more time and deserved another chance

  17. This. I remember reading articles and seeing countless tweets trying to justify Kizer as a franchise QB. Same was done for Weeden, Kessler, McCoy, Manziel, Hoyer and every other garbage QB the Browns started the past 20 years.

  18. I would go so far to say that injured Baker might be holding us back THIS season, but only in comparison to uninjured Baker, because healthy Baker is, quite frankly, a stud. We need to load up at WR, get Baker back to 100% health, and keep the rest of this current roster together as much as possible this off-season. If that’s not enough and Baker still underperforms, then I’m fine looking for other options at QB. To those that would argue we need to move on right now, my question to you is, who in the hell do you think we’re going to get that’s better than Bake?!

  19. I am so thankful to have a team I can have actual disappointment in, instead of just not caring and checking out mid season.

  20. God…I forgot how bad Kizer was until I saw this pic. And no! Some of you just stop and don’t even start with the “if you wanna get rid of Baker that means you’re gonna get Kizer” logical fallacy

  21. Was Kizer actually that bad? I remember he a good attitude, the guy was big, somewhat mobile, and a descent arm. I was somewhat surprised he never got a chance to prove himself on another team.

  22. I remember this crap like it was yesterday. I loved deshone kizer and thought he was the truth. Now I have Baker and I’m like people want to start drafting QBs again?

  23. This was the season I joined reddit to get in on this subreddit. I didn't, at the time, have anyone to complain to about all of Kenny Britt's drops here in NYC and I just *really* needed some people who understood. It worked out beyond well, thanks for being here yall!

  24. People don't not want Baker. They want anyone, including him, to not suck at the position. And this year he has sucked. If it's because his injury, which seems likely then we shouldn't have been playing him and on to next year with Bake preferably without paying him 40 million dollars.

  25. Idk why but I felt like Kizer was good until the red zone then it was just expected he was gonna turn it over

  26. Ah man. Such a rough end to that game. I loved seeing Kizer over on the sidelines comforting him though. I hated how we set him up to fail the way we did.

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