1. Because I think Baker has been affected by a torn labrum this year and hasn’t been able to establish any consistent rhythm in the offense

  2. Regardless of if he's the answer or not we are likely with him for another year. Getting rid of him is one thing, it's another to replace him with someone who's better. Sure we can take a run at guys in FA but not great odds of them coming

  3. The argument here is that both of those guys have more weapons which I agree with. The counter-argument is that both of those dudes balled out almost immediately as rookies and built on that momentum.

  4. Ok, with the Chargers currently up 27-6 over the Broncos with 11 minutes left have we come to terms with not being in the playoffs?

  5. Well pending some magic from the FO it’s definitely gonna be Baker again, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m not optimistic honestly.

  6. Our hell of a schedule combined with our really bad luck with injuries and sickness ultimately did us in. This happened to the 49ers a couple years back after they made the Super Bowl too. Sucks, but it happens.

  7. I would rather be put out of my misery now for the playoffs than watch us lose tomorrow and fuck it up ourselves.

  8. Welp even if we are out of the playoff, I hope we absolutely destroy the Steelers and give Myles a good chance to get DPOY

  9. Myles already lost that chance. A couple weeks ago he had the best odds, in Vegas, to win it. Now he isn't even in the top 5. He hasn't done much the past couple weeks

  10. I dunno about everyone else, but I’d rather Baker start recovering and preparing for next year and the team solidify its draft position to be able to make the push next year that we thought we’d be making this year.

  11. Nah. He wanted to play hurt so let him finish the season out. He is still being evaluated and we need the largest sample size there is including how he plays when we are out of the playoff hunt

  12. That bengals game alone is why we should 100 percent extend ward someone she to cover chase for the next decade ☠️

  13. Browns are currently picking 13th in the draft right now. There is a chance they will pick 10 if we lose the next two games.

  14. Thing is that there's not a lot to gain from being 10th. It is Williams, Garrett, or Burks, and a lot of it depends on the fit. Additionally not a lot of teams before us will look for a WR, maybe the saints maybe the Jags.

  15. Broncos beat Chargers, Browns beat Steelers, Browns beat Bengals, Patriots beat dolphins, Broncos beat Chiefs, Chargers beat Raiders and Browns get the wild card

  16. We have nothing left to play for but pride and idk if this team actually has any. It’ll be interesting to see if Stefanski can keep their heads in it or if they just get steamrolled

  17. I'm guessing they're going to get destroyed tomorrow. The sealer is at least want to play for Big Ben's last game. The Browns have absolutely nothing to play for. I'm sure most of the team just wants to pack it in and go home for the off-season. I'm not sure why we even play baker right now. My wrist can get any more hurt for absolutely nothing. Have him get his surgery now. See how things go next year. Franchise him if he's good and work out a deal. If he's bad, then add some more names to the field quarterback list, and just a bunch of more failures for the next 20 years.

  18. Outside of the refs being ass that was some of the worst game management and defense I’ve ever seen by Andy Reid and the chiefs wtf were they doing

  19. I have no idea what the Bengals coach was thinking going for it on 4th down. Has a chief's not committed that stupid flute penalty, they would have had the ball with 90 seconds to go get a field goal to win or just sit out and go into overtime. Still, by luck it worked out for the Bengals.

  20. I also want to say I hate this whole narrative that we need to lose the next two games and just get whatever pick we can. Two things about that. 1 wins mean more to me than a draft pick number because it reflects better on our team and 2 why the fuck does anyone assume just because we get a better number we will do anything great with it. Look at the amount of bullshit we have drafted at good numbers. The order number hasn't mattered to us.

  21. Lol, everyone here wants a good WR. If you lose the next two games, there is a pretty good chance you might be picking 10-12 if you lose out. You would definitely be able to get a good WR.

  22. I don’t want to lose but remember m that if we finish in last, we play the 3 other last place AFC teams next year too. That’s a benefit

  23. I know some Browns fans root for the Bengals as our little brother. I’m not one of those fans. I live in Cincy and if you did too you’d understand.

  24. Growing up in NEO, I thought that until I went to college. Got more exposure to Kentucky Bengals and Reds fans there. They are by and large, insufferable.

  25. I have absolutely no desire to even watch any more games. Like I’m not even talking about just Browns games. I’ll probably just skip the post season all together.

  26. Yep, that's how things roll in the NFL. We only got trucked twice this year. Every other game was close enough to win, win half of those and we're golden. Instead, we lost them all.

  27. I can’t believe how many people in here are mad at the chiefs…. If you can’t get into the playoffs through your own fate, you don’t belong in it.

  28. How do you hold on that fourth down play? The Bengals are stupid by going forward on 4th down, and you can't take advantage? Ridiculous.

  29. By losing, they all but eliminated us from the playoff race. Of course I'm gonna be irritated with them, they led for long stretches of that game. Also, why would I be fair to the chiefs, they have their franchise QB and lombardi trophy, they don't care what browns fans think.

  30. I'll say this. Im obviously pissed the chiefs decided guarding a good wr didn't matter and they lost, but all in all if we just win a few of those games we should have won (Ravens first game, Packers, several others) then it doesn't matter and we don't NEED this to happen. This happening is a product of our own failures too and im not going to blame refs, im not gonna blame other teams. ITS ON US. Its as simple as that to me and it sucks but im still rooting for these last two games.

  31. So many games that you can look back on that we should have finished that if just one goes differently we are still totally in it. For me the raiders one is a biggest whiff. But either way we had so many chances and just couldn't come through. It sucks.

  32. 4 turnovers against the Ravens and we lose is the one that burns me the most. It literally was handed to us on a platter and we did jack shit with it.

  33. I’m kinda perplexed why the Chiefs didn’t just let Cincy score on the first play at the goalline. Especially when you have the Best qb in the NFL, 2 min and 2 TO’s.

  34. Yeah, that was bizarre... And then the Bengals coach going forward on 4th down? Was there a lack of oxygen on the field or something that made the coaches that stupid? They both acted like idiots there.

  35. Look at what Burrow has done the last two weeks to lead the Bengals to a divisional title. Anybody think Baker can do that?

  36. Too many blown games this season. Literally just winning one of Kansas City, LAC, Pittsburgh, at Baltimore, Vegas or Green Bay and we’d still be alive.

  37. It's really kind of a joke how long it's been since we've won the division. What in the hell did we go 1-31 for????? The Bengals hit a home run when they drafted Joe Burrow while we hit a single when we drafted Baker.

  38. Jesus you act like we went 1 and 31 followed by 1 and 31 again. You don't see a foundation for a successful team at all here? If thats the case this is by far one of the dumbest takes I've ever heard.

  39. I was screaming at my TV for Andy Reid to let them score. I couldn’t believe it. They could have had a minute and a half to score lol

  40. People using the refs as an excuse and not our subpar & inconsistent performance over the entire season, please stop

  41. We need the Broncos to win their last two to even have a chance. Against LAC and KC. With hella Broncos out with COVID on defense. Fuck.

  42. We need the Broncos to win their last two to even have a chance. Against LAC and KC. With hella Broncos out with COVID on defense. Fuck.

  43. Browns got jobbed by the Refs so hard this year. We couldn't overcome the adversity of Baker's injury and the games being rigged against us or the incompetency of the refs. Because it the calls that went against us weren't close.

  44. Well being the Bengals makes it worse. That really shows how inept our entire organization is. The fucking Bungals can win the division, but for some reason we are 100% incapable of that.

  45. Fuck stefanski fuck Baker fuck Odell fuck Jarvis fuck this team for letting the Bengals blow past their rebuild period.

  46. What we just saw from the Bengals… a team with real QB, and a team that can actually produce when needed. Hats off to them, clearly deserving of the division.

  47. When Denver loses today, and there well on their way to getting destroyed, That pretty much ends it. They have to win the next two games, and we have to win the next two games. The broncos are wrecked by covid in their starting quarterback is out. A fat lady is already singing.

  48. Browns let us down this year hard. The only way they could do worse is drop the next two.

  49. Yea too inconsistent. They need another year or so to flesh that out. Area KS needs to improve on and hopefully he will. If they show up next season just as inconsistent...then I'm going to start worrying

  50. well, on a positive note we don't have to worry about getting smashed in the playoffs and we can enjoy watching the Brandon Allen led Bengals lose in the first round as is tradition


  52. That’s disgusting. Imagine winning a game based off a refs decision. That’s 100% what happened. The Bengals did nothing to deserve that. Absolutely disgusting.

  53. You mean outscoring the Chiefs in the second half to tie the game and give themselves a chance to win is "nothing"? It was a shit call but to say the Bengals didn't deserve to win is just silly.

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