[GAME DAY THREAD] Browns at Steelers

  1. Defense needing a stop on 3rd down (knowing they are going to run) to at least have a chance then giving up the TD pretty much sums up the season

  2. Tbh I hate how this fan base likes Jarvis so much, dude has bricks for hands half the time. There’s so much talented WRs that just walk into the league and are successful, we need to go out and find one. Drake London would be really nice…

  3. Okay someone on Twitter referred to DePodesta as Moneyball Google Boy. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, nothing will.

  4. Half the people in this sub weren’t even browns fans 4 years ago lol. This is probably our 6th best season in over 20 years. But fuck every one on the team cause we didn’t win the super bowl.

  5. I think the most frustrating thing tonight was how much smack we talked leading up to this game and how much an absolute dud we laid.

  6. The plan was to lose for higher draft pick. Highlight Baker's inability to be the QB and move on. Keep the valuable players from getting hurt like Chubb.

  7. Biggest question for me is why Baker lowered his broken shoulder into a player for seemingly no reason. Is it injured? Kinda kills the narrative imo.

  8. I think it was frustration and anger, kinda showing everyone else do your job. IMO could be wrong. But lead by example kinda thing.

  9. He seems like the guy who wants something like that to “wake him up”. Could be totally wrong lol

  10. Why do I feel like we are going to get the onside kick only for the game to end with Watt getting the record breaking sack?

  11. I’d like to use this moment to remind everyone that Harrison Bryant always looks like he’s surprised and I think it’s absolutely adorable

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