[Post Game] Shit the bed thread.

  1. Technically don’t have to. That game is my birthday, and all I can say is I’m glad I didn’t buy tickets. Cause i wanted to suffer the cold.

  2. The Dwayne Bowe and some other receiver that had one good season elsewhere whose name I can't remember special

  3. Posted this in the game thread, but kickers are 25/26 on field goals against the Browns this season, with the only miss coming in Week 2. To add to that, 32/34 on extra points, with the only misses coming in Week 5. So if you’ve been wondering why it seems like kickers never miss against us, it’s because they don’t.

  4. I’d be curious about this stat for every team. Unreal that there has only been 1 missed fg against us. Some teams make this game look easy. Not us.

  5. I was curious so I added up every field goal this season, 827/953 = 86.7%. So kickers against the Browns are making kicks at a rate that is ~10% greater than average

  6. That's the worst part about it... we went from thinking that we're finally set at head coach for the next decade or two to having major, major questions. Not only about Stefanski's playcalling/gameplanning but his leadership as well. Total fall from grace.

  7. I think this is why I'm upset, but hold some hope this can get better. It has worked before. And not just looked good, but looked great. I'm probably going to chalk this season up to the week 2 Injury, and the coaching mistakes of not pulling him and shutting him down.

  8. The team came into tonight knowing they were eliminated, hard to keep guys focused in that situation. To top it off it was in Pittsburgh behind a crowd rowdier than what we saw last year in the playoffs, with their team still technically in the hunt, and knowing it was Bens farewell to the city.

  9. Chubb is gonna be like the next Barry Sanders who retires early because he’s on shitty teams year after year.

  10. Only positive I can muster from tonight is that Chubb’s stiff arm was nastier than Najee’s.

  11. This team has not been enjoyable to watch all season. Even the games we've won have included 4th quarter collapses. I came into this season confident, and now I have serious doubts about Baker, Stefanski, our receivers, our OL, etc. Its a terrible feeling.

  12. Yeah this season taught me never to have an expectation for this team. I thought maybe we finally turned something around but not after this year. I’ll be happy every decade when we have a positive season and not get excited in the off-season

  13. The biggest thing would to be getting healthy. The team is beat to shit. I'm kinda curious to see how our defense plays when all healthy and playing since they've been playing great with so many players out/hurt.

  14. I don't get what happened to Stef's game management. Last year he seemed to always look more prepared than the coach on the other sideline, and his playcalling --- while vanilla to an extent --- was gameplanned well to the specific opponent. This year, it's hard to even tell what the fuck the gameplan is! And when it is clear what the gameplan is, it seems like the exact opposite of what you would expect given the opponent's strengths/weaknesses.

  15. This was one of the worst coached games of football I have ever seen. Either Najee is better than Chubb and that is why he gets so many more touches or Stefanski needs to give up play calling immediately (and if he refuses to do so he can go)

  16. The dude isnt healthy and it completely ruined him. He wasn’t like this last year when we went on our run and wasn’t like that before the shoulder injury. If he wants a future in Cleveland, He needs to get healthy and beat out whatever competition they bring in. Keenum’s sorry ass better be cut and they better bring in a challenger for Baker

  17. 12 attempts for Chubb…38 for Baker. You have to assume someone(s) in our front office is letting Baker go out and hang himself (for the lack of a better term) in order to justify moving on.

  18. I'm numb. I'm watching purely out of habit. I legitimately no longer care. I can't even get angry anymore. This is a perennial losing team that doesn't deserve to exist.

  19. I really do feel completely empty watching them now. Even when they score TDs I don’t get excited anymore. Why bother?

  20. Our coaching staff is a fucking joke. Stefanski plays scared and we never push the gas pedal and step on throats, that's why we lose. Refuse to run the fucking ball, go 5 wide in terrible situations, play our rookie tackle 1v1 against TJ Watt, have 2 Fullbacks but make them sit on the sideline. I hate Joe Woods and his shitty defense but they have been playing very well since the bye week, I will acknowledge that. Fuck you Stefanski and staff for wasting the talent on this roster.

  21. Stefanski admitted Chubb had a rib injury ONLY after pressed on it but did not mention it in the initial batch of injuries. Horse shit.

  22. There was a shot of Chubb coming off the field at one point where he was grabbing at/pointing to his upper rib area so I'd believe it. At the time I just figured he was having trouble catching his breath post-Covid or something

  23. I honestly feel bad for the few players (almost the entire defense) that played with some damn pride tonight, and did everything they could to prevent being the baby brother whipped around for yet another season by the freaking Steelers. The offense and coaching deserves to be embarrassed and laughed out of Pittsburgh tonight. Stefanski will have his stupid stock answers for the press, and we will be left in the dark on what the hell went so horribly wrong. Something has to change next year, and I don't give a damn what it is and who has to go.

  24. I just can’t take this team going back into a QB carousal. He has played horrible but this is the first time I’ve listened to actual players talk while playing. They shit on the play calling, drops, penalties. Then on that INT Njoku is wide open but they also say DPJ should have went flat and that doesn’t happen. Seeing Jarvis give up on that route then the pass in the end zone get hit in the hands. I know he had to get his head around but I feel like pumped up Jarvis makes that catch. I just watch other teams who have a QB throw picks and get shit yardage still put up 20+ points a game. Then we can barley get to 14 that’s why I feel like it’s more then just a QB issue. We need guys to make plays. The first drive we could have moved the ball but the drops were unacceptable. Then we fall into making a few good plays then the penalties start. It’s been this way all year and it’s super frustrating to watch. It’s like we do the same plays every week. If it’s not the RB screen it’s a TE screen. Motion all 3 TEs for a run, motion the RB out for 5 wide to leave a rookie Tackle or 3rd string on his own. Just crazy how we regressed so much on offense when that has been the highlight for most of last year and starting this year.

  25. Did I just watch Hue Jackson coaching DeShone Kizer? I swear to god I've seen that game before. What a disaster of a season.

  26. I can’t believe I expected Case Keenum to play this game so Baker could get an early offseason. I can’t believe despite that I thought Baker would go play his ass off to prove his worth for next year. I can’t believe I thought this team, despite not being in the playoffs, would still try to win in order to remove the Steelers from playoff contention. I truly cannot believe any of this.

  27. Without the cincy game, I would have to imagine they're one of the worst offenses in the league second half of the season.

  28. Baker was extremely bad, Landry clearly wants out, I wouldn’t be shocked if baker wants to go. Idk who else noticed but nobody talks to baker anymore the line rarely helps him up. WRs DONT talk to him. I think a lot is gonna come out. I think browns and baker will mutually separate

  29. This team is a joke. They gave up. Gave the fans a huge middle finger. Fuck them. Fuck us too I guess.

  30. Austin Hooper is so bad he couldn't even block a wet paper bag on a windy day. He sucks so bad he can't even fucking catch Covid. Fuck that guy, cut him and eat the cap he's not even worth trying to get a draft pick for.

  31. The thing I remember most about Freddie Kitchens was when there would be a stupid penalty the camera would cut to the sidelines and he’d be looking at his menu.

  32. Everybody wanting to move on from Stefanski at this point just further proves that there's a significant portion of this fan base that would rather be a consistent bottom-feeder team with 4 wins than an average, competitive team. I could possibly understand wanting to move on from Baker (though I disagree at this juncture), but wanting to jettison a coach a year after getting us to the playoffs for the first time in a generation is insane.

  33. This is such an embarrassment. Why the fuck is Baker allowed on the field? Half his damn body is broken. Why are we paying Keenum 7 million a year? What the fuck is the point? Stefanski needs to figure it out. This was the final stamp on a shit season.

  34. I thought baker should have been benched when he went 1/7 in the first quarter. Shame on Kevin for letting him stay on the field. Mother fucker should have been in surgery today

  35. Idk you look at that 1/7 and 4-5 of those passes were catchable balls to the TE/WRs not sure why they (especially Hooper) were so stone handed to start the game

  36. We have many problems. Line depth, injuries, overpriced straight up ass reciever core, injured out of wack baker, etc. But all of those things pale in comparison to stefanski who somehow manages to make bad decision after bad decision and exponentially make all of our flaws worse. Worst run D in the league and baker 1/11 and he still didnt run the ball. Absolutely disgusting. I think hes been so bad at his job he cant even hide behind a 2nd year slump. If we had a normal coach who knows when to run we are going to the playoffs this year. Period.

  37. Just remember, when it was a one score game in the 3rd quarter. We took Chubb out for two drives back to back and threw 5/6 downs. Not the only issue, but terrible play calling.

  38. Glad we could send Big Ben off with a huge blowout win against the team he’s been murdering for decades now. Even got him to tear up for the post game interview. Browns are so thoughtful

  39. So we lost by 5 points (not counting that garbage time Najee TD) and clowney gave them 4 by tossing a shoe and our punter essentially gave them 3 by punting his fucking toe.

  40. We officially have a QB problem and I think now the QB coach relationship may be totally broken. The last two weeks the steps back Baker has taken are way too much to ignore, and it is obvious Stefanski is fed up.

  41. Not even down on this team -- just want the 2021 season to be over. Like everything else 2021. This one was a flop. Let's just move on to the offseason and get guys healthy, figure out how to patch a few holes, and hopefully figure out some new shit in the lab this offseason.

  42. Kev should just walk into the post game and say it "we shut it all down to gain 6 draft spots, Cinci will see this same team next week..."

  43. There was a period in time when the Browns went away and I could have started following another team, but I didn’t. Starting to wonder what the fuck I was thinking. Why subject myself to the carousel of constant stupidity.

  44. I can't wait for the post game presser full of cliches, I mean what can you even say about tonight's game? "We need to get better", "every week we're 0-1 or 1-0", we'll watch the tape and correct the mistakes" Motherfucker, it's week 17 and it has been a consistent shit show all season. They should probably just cancel it and take the fine.

  45. Man, do we actually have to start all over again? Like what the hell was that: dropped passes, unnecessary penalties, not helping the rookie against tj watt, no playing Chubb enough. Huge props to newsome who actually played consistently well tonight. We fucking suck

  46. What can even be said. Browns gave Ben the best send off possible. And that’s the literal nightmare outcome. This one’s gonna sting for a long long time

  47. Baker should have been in for shoulder surgery bright and early this morning. Get a head start on the healing process. Throwing him out there at this point borders on self-sabotage.

  48. The moment Baker injured his shoulder, he needed to be out. We saw twice this season that our backups were plenty capable when matched with our run potential.

  49. Not using our best player and forcing a QB without a shoulder to pass 50 times is grounds for termination. I don't care if this gets me downvoted, its just the hard truth.

  50. Baker shouldn't have played, if I was the Browns GM the second we got eliminated from play offs I'd placed baker on IR and sent him into surgery and told Case to get ready for game day.

  51. Am I a delusional sore loser, or are all the “___ fan coming in peace” comments annoying as fuck?

  52. Please tell me I won’t be the only one waking up in a couple hours for work tired and mad even though I expected nothing from this game?

  53. I think is somebody fucked Stefanski's wife, he'd just say "well, there's something we have to work on." He's a joke.

  54. I know many don’t like him but I can’t wait to hear Adam the Bull freak the fuck out about this game tomorrow.

  55. Not only did I watch my Browns lose, but I also lost my fantasy championship game when Najee scored that last TD. I was up 7 pts, with that TD my opponent scored 9. I literally had a 99% chance of winning only to lose it all in one play. And we lost to the Steelers on top of it all, in an emotional performance for Big Ben that made me wanna barf. Life is pain.

  56. When Baker came in off the bench and beat the Jets we all knew we had a quarterback. Why the fuck he insisted on playing like shit instead of having surgery?? That is what I don’t understand!!???!!!

  57. Because he is too stubborn. Someone in charge needed to make the tough call to take the ball out of Baker's hands and get him the surgery. We are paying Case Keenum for a reason.

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