1. In this strange season, I think this was just my stress relief blow up moment with the players refusing to unpile and the refs standing there like a bunch of striped mannequins refusing to actually take control and do their jobs. I just absolutely lost my stuff yelling at the TV. Yeesh.

  2. I don't know how anyone could possibly have confidence going into the future of this franchise, discipline is about as bad as it was in the kitchens years

  3. This is false, sure we line up offsides and stupid shit, but the rest of the penalties are way down. Especially offensive penalties.

  4. Who fucking cares, the browns should have to prove themselves like everyone else. AB shouldn't get to have a top 10 pick to be successful

  5. Yeah the bears losing week 17 gave them the inside track to Kevin White…. Can we chill with freaking out over a draft slot?

  6. Nah. If they have a receiver they love, they’ll get them. I think this season showed some glaring weakness in the passing game

  7. He’s bought himself another year to lead that team. They can be patient to get QB hungry for the 2023 class if performance doesn’t totally improve. I commend him, he’s made a wretched team look fairly respectable at times.

  8. Feeling weirdly optimistic for next year. Division is definitely up for grabs. Will be tough, but I trust AB will retool appropriately, defense will continue to gel, everyone will be healthy.

  9. If you told me Zac Taylor loses next week because of some dumb shit he did I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest

  10. He’s so fucking stupid. Most of their success comes from 1 on 1 matchups with chase. Game gets difficult for them when teams (like the Browns) can slow down their receivers

  11. Tbh Kevin took a step back this year and if he doesn’t show improvement next year idk about his future as a play caller and weve seen him with game management as a HC so yikes

  12. This is why I'm not convinced that they're gonna "ride with 6". The seat gets hot with another disappointing year, the FO and coaches are going do what they need to do to keep their jobs.

  13. For the people freaking out over the draft pick, you should be more upset about losing the last place schedule against Giants, Jags, and Broncos. As it looks like the Ravens will “earn” that if they drop this game here. The alternative of @Football Team, @Texans, and vChargers/Raiders is looking likelier

  14. Baker healthy better be a LOT better than he was this season. If not, abandon hope and welcome the return of the factory of sadness.

  15. Who is number 20 because that "tackle attempt" on that TE was the complete opposite of both those words definitions.

  16. I'm tired of the AFC North in general. The NFL is so division-based, playing the same 3 teams 6 games every year gets old. I look forward to non division games, especially NFC games.

  17. You will we have all 2nd and 3rd string in. At least you have an experienced QB for a backup, ours looks silly. We are screwed so bad if Joe gets hurt again.

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