[GAME THREAD] Wildcard Saturday. 4:30 & 8:15 games.

  1. On top of that, the steelers are only going to have a couple down years before theyre back in business.

  2. Just to remind you how far from being contenders we are.... The Patriots beat us like a drum to the point where the team gave up... Let that sink in

  3. The Patriots have owned Baker since he came into the league. Watching these games makes you wonder where we sit in the AFC.

  4. We stomped the Bengals the week before who stomped Pittsburgh who beat us twice. Any given Sunday 🤷 (or Saturday, Monday whatever)

  5. My god, we are too the point where now we are bitching about not having enough fun beating the Steelers in the playoffs? Pathetic dude.

  6. It is good to New England get smacked around and I seriously doubt Buffalo is going to be merciful, they'll just keep scoring, unlike Stefanski, whom puts on the brakes.

  7. I've brought this up multiple times - Even if you think Baker can be a pretty good quarterback... look at the current AFC landscape. He really doesn't come close to these guys. Our super bowl aspirations under Baker come down to a miracle stretch a la Joe Flacco

  8. I watch Josh Allen and I’m like “damn…if only we had drafted him” and then im like “nah, we would have ruined him…Buffalo deserves him”. Fucking Browns

  9. I hate the argument that Josh Allen would have been "ruined" here. Just people trying to make themselves feel better about taking the wrong QB.

  10. ppl say this about every QB. Jackson would've been ruined here, Allen would've been ruined, Mahomes would've been ruined. I agree, it's mostly just cope.

  11. He'd have been ran out of town after year two. Hed have came in the same game baker did rookie year, done well and then freddie would have happened. I dont think hes as mentally tough as baker is to deal with the dysfunction. At best, he might not have gotten hurt this year if he were still around.

  12. Bengals are one and done. That was weak . Didn't look like a SB team. Full strength Browns would have put 40 on them.

  13. I fucking despise the Raiders. When I want them to lose they turn into the best team in sports history but when I want them to win they turn into the worst fucking team ever put on a football field.

  14. With all the dysfunction and drama they had, they accomplished more than they probably had any right to. Kudos to them.

  15. What sucks is watching Raiders was semi like one of our games. Penalties at the worst time and drops. I think the raiders had a decent shot at winning without that stuff.

  16. So anyone who says the Browns are the only ones getting screwed by the refs apparently didn't see CINCI scoring a touchdown AFTER a whistle was blown.

  17. Yuck. Neither one of these teams deserved to be in the playoffs. What a wasted opportunity for the Browns. So many opportunities to take over the division and they laid an egg every time.

  18. The bengals literally beat the full strength Chiefs, the only Chiefs loss since week 7. Also looks at Burrows stats in the last month and a half of the season. The bengals are super bowl contenders you clown.

  19. You think the refs with ever just literally give us a touchdown. Cuz man it’s gonna be nice to get a free 7 points in a playoff game

  20. We barely missed the playoffs with a QB playing like ass all season. Whether you think Mayfield is the long term answer or not, I think if he’s healthy we are going to be in the thick of the division race and wildcard race.

  21. So are many other quarterbacks; so are many other players in general. This is getting frustrating to see. If he performed at least at an average level during his NFL career up until this year, yeah, I'd be on board.

  22. It's nearly 11:15pm here and being honest I'm just not feeling it for this game, even though it's still a close score, so I'm off to bed.

  23. Thinking Bengals but wr shall see who shows up!! And then think Bills handle the rookie tonight in the cold fest.

  24. If I'm a Bengals fan I'm not liking this game. These always make me nervous when your team is playing better but letting the other team hang around.

  25. I know I should want the Bengals to lose, but I just can’t help but root for them because I can sleep at night knowing we own them and that loss against the Raiders still hurts my fucking soul.

  26. Usually I root for the Bengals in the playoffs (and against Ravens/Steelers) because I grew up in Cincinnati and was a big Chad Johnson fan back in the day, but I can’t do it after a season where the Browns were supposed to be way better than them.

  27. I need to hate Burrow because he’s on a rival team, but gd it’s really hard to hate him and his game. He’s so fucking good

  28. Honestly - with Burrow, Herbert, Mahomes, Allen, ?Watson, and Carr/Jackson (to a lesser extent) - doesn't feel like we have a great shot with Mayfield. Too many good QBs in the conference that we just don't come close to matching up with at the moment

  29. We've dominated Cincy, Ben is retiring, and Lamar just came off a shaky year. Even if you think the 40 we've put up the last couple times vs them is unsustainable (I'd agree), our defense is very good and that won't change. This year sucked for sure, but whatever your feelings on Baker I'm sure a healed version of him is better than what we saw this year. And we were a few plays away in several 1 score games from being in the playoffs.

  30. Browns are a good team, potentially great defense. If our QB can just manage the game and not turn it over we are good enough to win SB.

  31. This is why I'm so pissed about this year. Idk why it's hard for some on this sub to understand, windows are brief and this was a window for us and we shit down our leg

  32. I’m just sad watching Burrow. He’s so good. We have this shit to look forward to for the next 20 years. Ugh.

  33. Joe Mixon is already getting pretty close to eclipsing Chubbs # of touches in the GB game, and we aren't even at half time yet. Crazy considering they have an actual passing game to work with

  34. You know the passing game allows them to get more first downs, more first downs means more running back touches.

  35. With an eye to the future I'd rather not if it's all the same to you. He's impressive in what pocket there is though isn't he.

  36. I really miss kickoffs actually being exciting. It's like watching Dante Hall when someone gets past the 30 now lol.

  37. Incidentally, I picked the Bengals to win this one in the NFL Super Bowl Challenge - prizes on offer. This doesn't mean I'm rooting for them, but I'm not rooting for the Raiders either. Football, yay.

  38. Well, no: Baker can definitely hit a guy right on his numbers... just tends to be the wrong team.

  39. This year sucks man, we had so many chances to get in the playoffs, I'm fully jealous watching this right now lol. Really was not fun watching our first 2 meaningless games in 2 years.

  40. I haven’t seen Browns WRs go up and catch balls like this since Josh Gordon. Chase and Higgins are outstanding

  41. They never make big plays. May e a few after the catch, but they never turn hard to catch balls into big plays. They struggle enough just catching balls that are on the screws, especially if they are over the middle. Browns WRs are awful if they think a hit is coming, they all have a major case of hearing foot steps. Even in years we sucked, I seen better play at WR. Baker hasnt been perfect and obviously not this year, but I never seen a QB get let down with more clutch balls being dropped. If you look at the stats for drops and see how low they are for some of our players. It shows how player friendly that stat is. Some guys finished the year with less drops than they basically had in single games alone. You have to be wide open and have it hit you in yiur facemask for them to count it. People will argue "obj only had 3 drops". Anyone who watches football knows there were way more than that, for him and every WR that shouldve been converted. Everyone drops a pass. Our guys just do it a ton, and at awful moments.

  42. God imagine if he could've actually played with Baker. If Weeden could have him putting up those numbers those two would've been unstoppable. All those high throws wouldn't really matter with JG.

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