1. Throwback to seeing a couple people in this sub back in the fall saying we should draft Carson Strong in the first or second round lol

  2. Seeing some people calling for Wydermeyer, but his profile says he's a liability in the hands department. Drops too many passes. I think I'd prefer someone like Austin Allen. Not too fast, but big enough to win 50/50 balls and can find open pockets in zone coverage. Plus he can block

  3. He's versatile. They even dropped him in coverage. But he's def best as an edge. He has some pass rush moves and long limbed. His comp is Michael Johnson.

  4. I really like the Thomas pick. All of the dline prospects they've drafted are all tall with long arms. Seems that they have a type.

  5. That Perrion Winfrey pick makes the draft. He should have been the choice at 44 and they added two extra picks and still got him. Masterful stuff.

  6. We’d trade him for a second in a heartbeat lol. I agree we’ll probably end up trading him but I expect a 4th. Maybe 3rd best case. He’s a RB on a one year deal

  7. Not getting that one, but it may be a future move if they feel like they’ll lose Kareem and/or D’Ernest next offseason

  8. We could be losing Hunt or D’ernest, maybe even both after this year. Taking a RB now makes sense.

  9. Ford dominated at UC last season. I really like him but I he wasn’t really on my radar for the Browns. Looks like we may need to make a trade or two

  10. Weezer never blows me away but they are catchy and just fine. I’d never go to a concert or out of my way, but it’s cool when it’s on. Solid intermission there

  11. Weezer is famous for keeping a ton of great songs off their proper albums. Some of their B-sides and demos are legendary.

  12. was hoping we'd get him, would've been nice to add more depth to WR. I am very pleased with Bell, though. WR is so damn deep this year, we can grab someone before the day is over.

  13. Seriously why are the ABC announcers drinking the ratbird Kool-aid? They’re seriously talking up the drafting of 2 TEs like it’s some genius move and how they’re gonna “dominate” the middle of the field. But failing to mention that they traded away their best WR and now have a WR trio of Bateman/Duvernay/Proche

  14. Bateman is legit to be honest. But agreed. I think they know Lamar can’t pass them to a super bowl. Might as well go big with TEs and work short routes I guess? Who knows.

  15. This comment is for the mods. Just gotta say you guys make good threads with good information and show the picks we got and who we picked. I’ve popped through other team draft threads and see stuff like “just be civil” and thats it. So wanted to say thanks and good job

  16. Sooo ratbirds are planning to run our 2021 playbook and run 13 personnel sets…we did it to protect our injured QB they’re doing it because they traded their #1 WR

  17. I can’t help but laugh at the morons in the draft thread yesterday. There was a dude asking if AB wanted to lose his job and another person who wanted him fired. People are so quick to forget the absolute home run of a draft we had because of him last year. We somehow managed to land Newsome AND JOK and both of them are absolute studs. Similarly, this year rolls around we decide to trade back (albeit later rounds) and landed depth at CB, managed to get Winfrey, and a seemingly great kicker. The same people calling for AB’s head are the same that make game day threads completely insufferable. Fuck em

  18. exactly besides why draft players who will not make an impact anyhow. If we felt the cost was too high for the position we were looking to draft why not trade back.

  19. May have a little homerism here, but Thayer Mumford would add versatility to our line. With all the injuries we had last year, wouldn’t mind if he found his way here.

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