[Post Game Thread] Browns (20) @ Falcons (23)

  1. Kevin thinks he’s the smartest coach on the field. Didn’t use the best RB in football on the goal line not once. But twice.

  2. It did look like it was Kevin Stefanski v. Kevin Stefanski all game. Like he out played himself. It was like he was toying with things trying to see what worked so he could improve his long game or something.

  3. Keeping Nick Chubb's family hostage in the stands, while 24 is stranded on the sideline the final 5 minutes of the game, should be illegal under the Geneva convention.

  4. At a certain point the players have to win their 1 on 1s. Their oline was kicking our d-lines ass. You're in the NFL. Win your shit.

  5. Yet another week with a fucking long list of undisciplined fuck ups, penalties, blown coverages. There is a bad coaching problem. Its the only explanation.

  6. Don't let Brisset throwing a pick and all the bad coaching decisions distract you from the fact that ONCE AGAIN The Browns blew defensive assignments in the 4th quarter for a huge gain that led to a score. Kevin said it would be fixed 3 weeks ago.

  7. These dumb fucking coaches man. You got a short field and 2 minutes and we don't default to our best weapons, chubb and hunt. We rely on our back up to throw for no fucking reason. Unfucking believable.. well for anyone but the browns

  8. 1.No more reverses to njoku 2. take the fucking points 3. STOP LEAVING RECEIVERS UNCOVERED IN PIVOTAL FUCKING MOMENTS

  9. If Stefanski won't fire him then Kevin can go to. If he thinks this defense is OK them he isn't fit to be a head coach

  10. Let's burn the clock with all these productive runs, screw ourselves and let ATL kick in 3, and then never speak of our run game again.

  11. That's always been something that irks me about Kevin. He seems to play way too conservative in the fourth

  12. If this loss shows me anything besides the obvious it has shown me that Garrett and Clowney are worth every penny we pay them. Also Fire Joe Woods

  13. The whole second half was atrocious. Joe Woods needs to be gone at the end of the year, and I hope Myles gets his shit together because not having him out there is brutal for our defense. He's now gotten himself suspended for trying to club a player, and has missed at least a game for being a dumbass in his car. You can't do shit like that if you want to be DPOY.

  14. Exactly right, all those preseason articles “Myles has a different look in his eye, Myles won’t rest until he’s DPOY”. Then tells Perrion he’s got to grow up and act like a pro.

  15. I want to see how many games we’ve lost by a field goal or less where Stefanski doesn’t take the points on field goals. So fucking stupid and frustrating.

  16. Coaches out here throwing away careers of prime players. And this is without a doubt the softest fucking defense I’ve ever seen.

  17. Sit it that soft cover 3 shell BS while knowing they are pounding it down your throat with the run. John johnson was such a free agency miss

  18. I knew we'd lose with half our defense out but throwing the game away like that late with dumb mistakes and the earlier playcalling... it stings

  19. Too many screens today. There were clearly sniffing them out. We tried like 4 to Njoku that we had to tuck and run.

  20. Absolute garbage fucking play calling in the fourth AS USUAL. I fucking can’t with this team. Jacoby has been good but he’s not 2016 PAYTON MANNING! Give the ball to your playmakers in the backfield when the game is on the line. OUR WHOLE PLAYBOOK IS RUSSEL THROWING WHEN BEASTMODE IS RIGHT THERE!

  21. I want to be generous to the D-line cause we had no Myles or Clowney but fuck me theyre just getting manhandled entire second half by the fucking Falcons

  22. Don’t care who’s playing quarterback, stupid penalties and stupid defense will not allow this team to get to where it wants to go

  23. Browns always, no matter the coach, the players, the owners, ALWAYS play down to their competition. Without fail. Team shows up to a winnable game and sleepwalks through it like they are entitled to a win.

  24. The Njoku reverse was the worst play concept this team has come up with in a very long time. Someone actually sat in a room, designed it and said ... yep ... this will work.

  25. Coaches 100% lost us that game. There was no reason for us to change the offensive game plan in the 3rd quarter when we abandoned the run YET AGAIN. Blown coverage for a massive gain in the fourth quarter—color me shocked.

  26. Mariota was 7/19 and we still lost. They had more rushing yards and a higher YPC than 'the best rushing team'

  27. Anything involving Watson at this point is just a pointless distraction. The way the defense is playing, the Browns will be long out of things when Watson returns

  28. It’s not his fault they were in the positions the team was in for both the Jets and todays game. Our D is trash. Our play calling is trash. TAKE THE FUCKING POINTS when you’ve had a long drive. It’s demoralizing to go 70 yards and walk away with nothing.

  29. Stefanski needs to learn more than screen passes on obvious passing downs. It’s a joke. We had extra time to prepare and we looked like we had a short week. Dumb penalties, play calls, and execution from Brissett.

  30. Not gonna make the playoffs losing games to the Falcons and Jets. Margin for success was razor thin and we just crossed it. 8-9 again this year, no playoffs.

  31. My dad coached me in football in 5th-6th grade and I legitimately believe he could put a better product on the field than Joe Woods.

  32. Zero adjustments made. Mariota was 1/9 in his pass 9 attempts, they ran the ball 13 straight times. Why weren’t we stacking the box? Force mariota to beat us? Unbelievable

  33. When you are running a ball control offense with a good (albeit 2nd string) QB, you take the first points on the road 10/10 times.

  34. Ahh yes this thread looks about how I thought it would. Let that kid kick the ball and then the universe doesn't make you lose by 3 points. I fully agree.

  35. 4 games in, and DESPITE some bad play calls from Stefanski, the Browns offense has done more than enough to be 4-0.

  36. And that defense was severly depleted today. I'm not a "fire Joe Woods" guy but you got to put dudes in position to make plays. He isn't doing that.

  37. Chubb and hunt deserve better. Stefanski play calling sucked, same dumb screen that didn’t work ten times. Joe Woods is the worst DC in the history of the NFL. I hate this team, yet I watch every week because I’m a glutton for punishment. I’ll be back next week

  38. What is that play calling by Stefanski?! Oh my god he’s so bad lol. I can’t help but laugh at this point.

  39. plz fire joe woods. Anytime our defense needs to contain them they are nowhere to be found. Fucking blown coverages every damn week

  40. We win this game if Myles Garrett plays. You're not gonna convince me otherwise. He needs to grow the fuck up.

  41. When players do stupid shit like that and don’t play, they shouldn’t get paid. Take away a million dollars and he won’t drive 120 anymore

  42. I request one game where they don't give up a 55 yard bomb to a guy on an island at the most critical moment of the game.

  43. Going 2-2 these first 4 games puts us in a really bad position. That being said, without our starting D line I really didn’t expect us to win today

  44. What’s up with Denzel ward this season? Is he not good anymore? Is Joe Woods zone cover 3 handcuffing his ability to cover? I genuinely don’t know. He had that face mask and I assume was partially responsible for that 52 yard play in the falcons two minute offense late to go ahead.

  45. Jimmy Haslam has killed any emotion I had regarding this team. When the clock hit zero I didn't feel a thing other than my continued contempt for him.

  46. That is painful, but it’s where this organization is. No where near being an AFC contender or hell even a playoff team.

  47. Chubb should have been on the field. We were in Cade's range and just needed insurance yards to ensure we could kick a game tying FG.

  48. I don’t care, Stefanski, Woods, and Priefer all need to go. Absolutely pathetic game on their behalf. No fucking will to win at all.

  49. We had the ball for over 11 minutes longer than Atlanta and had the same number of rushing attempts. Unacceptable.

  50. Chubb averaged 6.2 per carry and we still threw broken screens for maybe 4 yards. Is there not a guy who tell coach “running the ball, even worst case scenario is guaranteed to positive yards.”

  51. "We need one yard for field goal range? Why would I run in that situation? Chubb is our best player? Ok, Mr. Coach, sure."

  52. This team is just bad outside of a few great players. Bad scheme, especially late in games, bad coaching and being prepared, again especially late in games. Bad discipline. All around not good. We easily could be 0-4. Going to be another long season.

  53. Damn, really thought 3-1 start was necessary to make the playoffs. Thankfully the north is a mess. 9 wins might win the division

  54. At least ravens and Steelers lost as well. We need to upset some teams in this upcoming tough stretch to cancel these poor losses out.

  55. I said after 2nd three and out we should try Dobbs for a possession just to change it up. Might be a good strategy to use both QB's occasionally until we get our 1st back. Use Dobbs for wildcat.

  56. Yep. That’s the worst part about this. Could he 4-0 with a 2 game lead. Instead we struggled to beat a lot of average teams, with plenty of injuries, heading into the rough part of our schedule

  57. Why is it so hard to keep the opposition from hitting ABSOLUTELY FUCKING WIDE OPEN RECEIVER in crunch time for 40+ yards?

  58. Epitome of a team loss. No complimentary football. Leaving points on the board. Blown coverages, no defensive adjustments, trick plays on offense when it's not needed. I can't figure this team out. They continually put themselves in poor positions (on and off the field) and don't have anyone in the room that will make a definitive call. I know we bet the farm on Watson but I don't see how he's going to change much for this team once he's playing, especially not with this playcalling. I never thought I'd say let's move on from a coach that won coach of the year but it feels like this team has no identity, no matter how many big words Stefanski puts in his Powerpoints.

  59. I think the slow slide of my opinion on Stefanski has finally reached the bottom. Dude has been making the same mistakes for 3 years now and has absolutely no presence whatsoever. It’s infuriating how often we get out-coached

  60. The Jets game was the only game I'm gonna let hurt my feelings this year. This is the one where I accept that the Browns are mediocre because this is the exact type of game mediocre teams lose. The view never changes.

  61. Stefanski blew it!!! RUN THE DAMN BALL! Seriously, it isnt hard. So frustrating. If we give the ball to our best players and they fall short then fine but this is just a joke.

  62. I really don't know why I get pissed. We all know how this thing turns out, we've been watching this team collapse for a long ass time.

  63. After we turned the ball over on downs on the 1st drive I texted my dad and said "you know this guarantees the Browns lose by 3 right?" It was so obvious what was going to happen and the last play INT while on the cusp of tying/winning is something we've seen soooooo many times

  64. Team isn't as talented as we thought. Giving them far too much credit. This is a punt year and I'm not wasting time watching it.

  65. Like, ok sure if we take the field goal the rest of the game plays out differently. I will never understand blaming first quarter decisions on bad fourth quarter play. Who knows how it would have played out.

  66. Stefanski needs to give up his playcalling duties, a well coached team would have won this game. Pathetic

  67. I hate firing coaches but I legit have thought Stefanski has been bad every single since the lost to the chiefs in the playoffs 2 years ago.

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