Tom Withers on Twitter: Cleveland Police have identified suspect who vandalized field at FirstEnergy Stadium. He will be a "direct indictment" to the Cuyahoga County Grand Jury.

  1. I can’t remember the exact play, but I do remember there was a long play for the browns where one of the defenders appears to loose his footing on one of the tire tracks.

  2. Not only was a man able to break into an NFL stadium and do donuts on the field, but he was able to get away without being caught? How does this happen?

  3. We didn't change the locks when Baker moved out and Baker gave Alice Cooper (who we know lives at the Rock Hall)a spare key to house sit when we are on away games. Turns out Mr. Cooper, as revenge for Baker having stay up playing Xbox with Jed on the Jumbotron thus making all that noise, decided to trash the place.

  4. I mean, the stadium isn’t really in a pedestrian area. Even more so at night. This guy went down there with a purpose. I imagine there’s no night watchmen or anything because it’s not a high traffic area.

  5. What's interesting is we have that picture of whomever this was driving on the field. And given it was released by the Browns, It almost seems like someone WAS there and kinda watched it.

  6. right? dolphins have the heat-stroke visitors sideline, we have monster truck tire tracks in the opponents red zone. lets get weird with the home field advantage

  7. It was. I saw people in the game thread saying it was embarrassing, one person even called the Browns a clown franchise because of it. We might be a clown franchise for a lot of reasons, but not because some chucklefuck broke into the stadium.

  8. Bummer. With these low level crimes I kinda root to get away with it. It’s stupid college prank type stuff. Plus the inner moron in me would like to think it’s possible to get away with if I wanted to do something like that.

  9. Low level crime? Dude this is felony it’s in common pleas court lol. This ain’t the local high school football field, it’s an NFL stadium, and that field takes a ton of money to maintain

  10. Change of venue to Pittsburgh is expected by the defense lawyers. If they don't, it's a guaranteed loss by being crappy lawyers.

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