Akko switches

  1. You can never go wrong with “akko blacks and matcha greens”. But I think there are some new “cream switches” that I know nothing of. And if you want a better rgb there is “crystals” and they sound awesome too!

  2. I’ve heard good things about the cream blues! They’re on Amazon so I’m kinda tempted to try them out myself.

  3. Akkos are not really thocky in my experience... You are in for much more clakier sound profile. AliExpress got all kind of switches around that price range.

  4. Akko jelly black is a popular choice for linear. I've tried it and while it's personally not for me because I prefer lighter switch, I can totally understand why it's so popular... It's very smooth and thocky/clacky... Ngl I loved the sound profile

  5. I bought some Akko Jelly Blues for my Keychron K4. I lubed them and they are amazingly thocky. I highly suggest them!

  6. Matcha Green, Jelly Black, Radiant Red, Yellow Cream are all nice linears that deliver thock/clack especially once lubed.

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