Hey guys, How bad is my Skinny - fat? (If that’s what I am) . Do I need to lose weight? I really really want to get a good body

  1. Dude if you're this skinny without working out...you have serious potential. Start lifting, and eating, and you'll be shocked in 3, 6, 12, 24 months down the road. Most guys would kill to start where you're at now. You do NOT need to lose weight.

  2. You're not really skinny fat brother. Any sort of fat you feel like you have in stubborn areas will be negligent once you start building some muscle. Strength train atleast 3 times a week with progressive overload and eat slightly above maintenance, while focusing on getting in good nutrient-dense foods.

  3. Hey Thomas! Thanks for your comment, I appreciate the advice! Ok - do you think I can use a mass gainer? I find it hard to gain weight

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