2022 off to a hot start??!!

  1. I have so far gotten only 3. 1st avene cream, which was so small lol. 2nd oui juice beauty. And 3rd rose powder. I guess you in the demographics they looking for. I have gotten a lot of surveys and just this year got 2 boxes.

  2. I only just signed up but got three including the mask and eye cream you got! The eye cream feels SO NICE! I’m obsessed with bzzagent, they’re the best! Was on Influenster for years and only got like 3-4 products total.

  3. I rarely get anything from influenster (this last year, I got one box, an item I couldn't use and told them I wasn't going to use social media to advertise for). They sent it anyway, and I had to tell them that I couldn't use the item and specifically mentioned I didn't want it in the survey. Haven't gotten a box since.

  4. Congrats! I've been accepted for 3 (Armani eye tint, Anastasia lipstick & pencil, & Purell foam) but received only one so far (the Anastasia). I'm also still waiting on one from November.

  5. I've have never received a single thing since I signed up in 2020. So, in my eyes, you're either really lucky or I'm just really unlucky.

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