how normal is the background check to still be pending by day 7?

  1. It only clears exactly after the 10th to the minute not a second earlier. If there is a problem they will be notified and they will notify you. Otherwise you are good to go.

  2. My FFL also recommended just waiting 3 minutes after the Earliest Delivery Date/Time because DOJ computers can take a few minutes to fully update your status and it's better to hold your horses for a few minutes than accidentally do it early.

  3. I think you’re fine. I did a PPT through Turner’s a few weeks ago and called them a couple hours before my 10 days were up to see if it should be clear before taking the hour long drive, and they said mine was pending and wouldn’t change until the time was up. Got there 10 mins after the time was up and it was good to go.

  4. if u don't have any violent crime history, felonies, or history of being legally committed to a mental health org (not personally going to therapy, only if a judge in a court of law), you will be fine. I get it though, it'll be ok

  5. I always sound like a crazy person saying this but sometimes my life models murphy's first law of anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Nothing ive ever has done has happened smoothly and theres always hiccups with every facet of my life enough to where I sometimes wonder if I wronged someone and they put the evil eye on me.

  6. If it’s your first time buying a gun, well… what happen to me was I had to wait the full 30 days because the DOJ got me mixed up with someone who’s prohibited but has the same name as me. I still have the letter. They never even approved it they put it at the discretion of the FFL.

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