Something new- 30 Super Carry

  1. Its that time of year, with SHOT approaching we are starting to see things drop. I havent been able to find much information out there but thought this was interesting. Will 30 Super Carry be the next .327 magnum or will it take off?

  2. Interesting option especially for sub compact. If ballistics are good this will get interesting. Good to see some real R&D happening.

  3. My new brigade is that S&W NEEDS a new bodyguard plus. If they could fit this round into a 15+1 Bodyguard, I think they could clean up

  4. If it can match the terminal ballistics of .327 mag I think it will develop a following. It's never going to dethrone 9mm though.

  5. Someone give me some sort of pressure specs or velocity by bullet weight, this infographic only tells me that it's a smaller-diameter round that can stack better, and does it in about six different ways. I can't seem to find anything on other sites except guesses.

  6. If I had to guess with whats trickling out whatever embargo or NDAs that are in place will probably be lifted soon. I was hoping someone in the know would see this and give some more detail

  7. This is the greatest round of all time!! Everyone run to your LGS and start trading in your 9mm now. Don’t even worry about how much they give you or if you can get a gun that day that can shoot it. Flood the market with every 9mm ever made for the US market. It’s going to be a cheaper round also cause it’s a smaller bullet. That’s just science. Honestly that Cz shadows and 2011’s are worthless now, just send them to my FFL and will donate a small amount in your name to a charity.

  8. Yes yes I too would just like to be on the list of "Folks Who will Gladly Take your 2011 or CZ Shadow Out of Pure Magnanimity For Real." Also add CZ Scorpion or whatever now worthless 9mm PCC to the list.

  9. Thats what Im thinking. I wonder if it will end up being as simple as a barrel swap. Overall length looks the same as 9mm so it could be possible

  10. You can get 12 in a flush fit p365 mag with the magguts spring kit but I personally don’t know of anyone that has extensively tested their reliability

  11. Same. I'm very curious to see how it might compare to .380 ACP in terms of penetration and hp reliability. Basically I'm imagining a more powerful replacement for .32 ACP making the smallest pocket pistols more viable for self defense. As well as, of course, increasing capacity of current subcompacts, which seems to be the main selling point of this ad/graphic.

  12. A modern reinvention of 32 ACP would also be nice. Make it rimless. Chamber it in 380-sized pocket pistols and aim for 10-12 round capacity instead of 6-7.

  13. So if USPSA makes this shit legal, how many rounds can I crank up into a 140mm mag? (Only reason this might be useful actually) :))) SAAMI specs anywhere?

  14. USPSA won't change the rules to allow .30 cal rounds. But if they did, it'd still have to be making power factor and the specs I've seen show it barely making minor PF, if that.

  15. Now Kimber needs to make their Super Carry II in 30 super carry so you can super carry your super carry full of super carry.

  16. Federal released a promo video (on youtube somewhere) showing a 1911 model single stack with 12 rd capacity.

  17. Always nice to see innovation. But no one is unseating the 9mm juggernaut, we're stuck with it. Perhaps they can challenge 380? And what a stupid name choice considering there's already a 30 super...

  18. This as is kind of confusing. Makes it seem like you buy this ammo and load it into your current 9mm mags/guns and shoot it. Obviously not but a cursory reading makes it seem that way.

  19. Seems interesting and my monkey brain likes new things, but I’m willing to bet this’ll go the way of 327 and be hyper niche. If it’s trying to compete with 380 it might stance a chance since that’s hard to get / expensive. If It’s trying to fill the role of a 9mm with a lightly more capacity I don’t know if it’ll take hold

  20. Like a 357 sig? Or am I way off here comparing the two rounds? Think 357 sig is a 9mm bullet into a 45 case and necked down to fit? Maybe im waaay off base. I do like my p226 though. Love something new.

  21. Gal's gun in the same size factor as the P365/Hellcat/Max-9/Mako/etc. Reduces recoil as well as adding capacity.

  22. I see what you're saying, but with the 1.5 stack options, this should add even more capacity. Like might get a 365 to 17 or 18 rounds on tap.

  23. Tbh the biggest draw to HST over Punch for me is the fact that I can get HSTs in a 50 round box instead of 20 round boxes, especially with most places having a limit on the number of boxes one can buy.

  24. I'd like to hear people's opinion on the rule of threes and how carrying two more than ten bullets is going to make you more safe in a scenario. The rule being that most gunfights occur within three to five yards, three bullets are fired, and no further shots are fired after three seconds.

  25. Maybe hollow points will function better? A smaller bullet being pushed faster could plausibly have more reliable expansion and depth of penetration. Someone who knows the physics of it could figure it up, but I've always been more of a humanities kind of guy.

  26. Completely unnecessary cartridge. Just one more thing to waste production time on that should be spent making 9mm, 45, 10mm

  27. I'm just going to say. This needs a better name because "30 Super Carry" is a mouthful and I really think this will end up like 40. A solution looking for a problem that doesn't exist.

  28. This just kinda feels like another offering to conform to the current slew of smaller and smaller handguns with as many rounds as possible. Very much a solution looking for a problem.

  29. What if you took a 30 Super bullet and placed it in a modified casing (hybrid of 30 Super and 9mm, max tolerance)? You would lose the "bonus rounds" but you would increase the velocity/ballistics.

  30. I mean if this lets pocket sized guns go from 6+1 or so to 8+1 even if they go up in size a little but still "pocket sized" that would be neat.

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