"Critique my draw" videos are getting old guys.

  1. For folks reading this that want richer feedback, try adding three things to the mix: use slow-motion video rather than real-time, use live fire and show us your target after the first shot/string, use a shot timer and show us your time.

  2. Additionally, draw from something other than a neutral stance or a surrender stance. Carrying your backpack, standing looking at your phone, getting into your car, sitting in a chair, etc.

  3. I’ll take the rate my draw over the CCW license with SR9 covering the personal info and “only insert time frame until I was approved” posts

  4. And I’d take that over “muh holster is better than yours” or “if you don’t XYZ when concealing then you’re trash” posts...

  5. Don't forget the "look at the 9 thousand dollar customized pistol, holster, and optic I bought, which of course means I'm the king of CCW." posts.

  6. Just a heads up, the more you guys criticize what gets posted the less life this sub is gonna have. Just be happy people are posting to it considering there's only 500 active people here at a time. Let the meta happen as it's gonna happen, it'll die down on its own.

  7. Oh no, that's not typical. Something triggered a few weeks back and it's been very themed lately for some reason. We had edc, leather hate, leather love, would you shoot, rate my draw.... It's like spring brought out a bunch of memey people and they all feed off of and copy each other

  8. I’m mostly here for the personal stories that people share of situations in which they used or thought they might have to use their gun. I tend to learn more from them.

  9. How about getting actual training from a credible instructor, instead of seeking critiques from fat redditors that haven’t had any training to begin with?

  10. This whole subreddit has become very cringey. Quickly became one of my favorites to one my least favorite. Half of the people here I wouldn’t trust within 500ft of a gun.

  11. Pretty much this. I just scroll past most posts from this sub now. The only ones I've liked are the dude with the mustache finger blasting his glock. And that's just because it makes me laugh.

  12. A little cringe? I think this whole subreddit has become a lot cringe! At this point it seems like it's just a bunch of grown up men playing around with guns like toys. Smh.

  13. EDC going to get ice cream with my daughter followed by a picture of 3 pistols, 10 extra mags, 3 knives, a multitool, 4 flashlights, M249B SAW, and the keys to a Ford Taurus.

  14. In the grand scheme of things, I’d rather have those posts than say, caliber polls, empty chamber polls, critique my carry posts. ¯\(ツ)/¯

  15. I feel ya bro. I feel the same way for every CCW pistol I see with a red dot and light. Usually Gucci Glocks... Oh quick PSA check Apex for their recent trigger recall if you have one in your glock.

  16. Thank god someone finally said it. Not to mention half these idiots probably shouldn't be carrying in the first place. Go get some training and education before coming here, especially education about the legal lines when it comes to brandishing, DGU, and what comes after such a use. Most of you likely don't even consider what comes after you not thinking properly and employing what you think is just another tool in the toolbox.

  17. OP, thank you for saying this. I'm fairly new to this sub and subbed just off the name. I thought this was just how the sub had always been.

  18. Nah. It’s a newish phenomenon. The sub will go through some “fads” where there end up being too many posts on one topic such as the draws. You just have to scroll past the fad of the month/quarter (day??) to get to other posts/threads that are more interesting.

  19. Dry fire posts have always been a little odd to me. It’s something we should all be regularly doing, and it’s not necessarily something the internet needs to see.

  20. I'll never understand going to the trouble of complaining about posts by making a dedicated complaint post. Scroll on, you'll never be able to control what others do nor should you try. It's reddit and not that deep

  21. Right? Like we give a fuck what kind of chapstick you keep in your pocket, make sure to get it in the pic on the hotel nightstand lol

  22. If you need help with your draw, go take a CCW class. You should go learn from the professionals not some randoms on Reddit. No offense.

  23. Also if you want actual reliable advice on your draw/shoot/holster go to a reputable range and pay a reputable instructor for a class or some one-on-one training.

  24. My favorite ones are the pocket dumps...people be carrying a Desert Eagle, 4 mags, knife, leatherman, flashlight, tourniquet, 2 watches, tactical pen and a metal fucking wallet.

  25. It's not really about compliments, it's about critiques and advice. Majority of the ones I've seen are asking about ways to do better at what they're doing. I quite enjoy them because I enjoy giving advice to people that really put forward their drive to be better

  26. I get that there’s often not a lot to talk about as it relates to concealed carry, but I find the ‘rate my draw’ posts very annoying as well. They remind me of Napoleon dynamite when Uncle Rico has that video of him throwing the football outside his van

  27. I was gonna say the same shit yesterday, but then I thought to myself that this is the ccw sub and new people might find it helpful. Idk. It’s def cringe to me but so is half the internet and 90 percent of tiktok

  28. Agree, they are annoying. I don't care about your draw, and it's probably the least important aspect of your self defense strategy.

  29. This is often overlooked entirely. You can have a sub 1 draw but if you can't hit a target then you're as useful as drawing a wooden gun.

  30. Then downvote and move on. Or you could do this......Ready? You could actually post content that ypu would like to see more of. I know it takes slighly more effort than complaining, but I think you can do it.

  31. I kind of agree, but at least the Olight hate circlejerk appears to have died down for now, so the draw videos seem pretty innocuous by comparison.

  32. This is about 90% of the reason why I posted a video of me shooting "something". The other 10% was to show off my footwear.

  33. I just scroll past them. Not my interest. I have learned some very good tips on this subreddit but the draw thing is not one of them.

  34. Who cares. Quit gatekeeping. If people want feedback on their draw then let them post. Nobody is forcing you to look at it

  35. I mean. You could just scroll over them. Complaining about it does nothing other than fill the sub with more trash posts.

  36. Agreed, you don't need anyone to critique your draw today. Film yourself like your already doing to get likes on redit, but instead of posting here make a YouTube channel and upload it there. You can use the slow motion feature on YouTube to critique yourself then just delete the video.

  37. All I have to say is this. Carrying a weapon does not make you strong or weak, its how you choose to use it. It's better to de-escalate then escalate a situation, less paperwork in my mind. But it's your choice to draw or not draw, but you better be sure when you pull that trigger, be a use it's a one way street once you do.

  38. Agreed, you don't need anyone to critique your draw today. Film yourself like your already doing to get likes on redit, but instead of posting here make a YouTube channel and upload it there. You can use the slow motion feature on YouTube to critique yourself then just delete the video.

  39. Take a class from a reputable instructor with real world experience and buy a shot timer. Train what you learned from the class and record the metrics from the shot timer. This is the way.

  40. There's some that are bait-y, but I genuinely believe that there are some individuals who are actually looking for critiques. Some really do NEED critiques.

  41. Well that’s just your opinion man. Some people haven’t ventured out of mom’s basement to get advice from others irl. But then again what is socializing, if not behind my mighty KeYbOaRd.

  42. If you really want to know how good you are ,have a buddy chase you around ,push you to the ground ,throw a little dirt in your eyes.then with a 150bpm heart rate see how accurate you are.

  43. Why not have a canned response? "If your draw time is over one second, shoot faster. If your hits are not in the alpha zone of a full size USPSA target at 7 yards, shoot more accurately."

  44. I'd rather see someone wandering around their house and drawing when a random timer on their phone goes off. Not hard to draw when you're standing at ready. Let's see what you do when you've got a hot pot of Kraft Mac N Cheese in your right hand and Reddit in your left.

  45. Yeah more and more I find myself skipping past posts here that land on my front page. Think it may be time to move to other subs.

  46. Instead of complaining, how about suggestions for content you would like to see? Firearm forums tend to become an echo chamber of copycat content and fanboi cliques, meanwhile the point of the forum is lost. For reddit, someone gets upvoted and a stream of copy follows trying to ride that karma wave. Try sorting by new and upvote originals. I'd love to see more about local laws and getting to national CCW reciprocity. WWYD with reactions in the format of yes or no, why, and cite your local use of force laws which make it a good DGU. Gear reviews and why a $10 belt is better than the $200 one. Holster review and why it's best for a specific gun, 1 brand is not the best for all. AIWB is not the best, it may be the best for you, but say why like "I have no skills to draw any other way. I like to stuff. Average Individual Without Balls. It's best for my everyday threat level." etc .. discuss why constitutional carry without a permit option is actually bad. ID politicians that actually support 2A and self defense rather than pretend to, cite why and actual actions.

  47. You want someone to give you pointers??? Fuck that get in a fight and pull the glizzy out see who's alive. You get shot ya draw was ass, ya live You good

  48. there's 2 or 3 day old posts on the sub? what else would users post? the sub is pretty dead as is. I say the more posts, the better.

  49. That and the would you draw posts. First of all, if you’re getting into situations where you’re thinking of drawing all of the time you need to re think some choices you make

  50. Yup. Just yesterday I was debating whether to leave the sub or not. It’s gotten pretty pointless. Used to be a great place to keep up on new holster designs and carry guns. Now it’s a place of lame videos and people showing how much useless shit they can put on a pistol.

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