EDC Setup

  1. Damnit dude, wtf. This is literally my load out (with the MOS piece) to a T. Same belt, same gun, same ammo, same holster, kagwerks release, same light, literally everything I carry is exactly the same.

  2. The 19.5 MOS is my EDC for 2 yrs now, eventually I will add the 19.3 in. I train with both to be good with red dot & iron sights

  3. I'm loving the Tenicor Zero belt, my belt before that I was using for years was a Blue Alpha Low Profile EDC Belt

  4. How do you conceal that? I have almost the exact same setup. Glock with a tlr 7 and a holosun, kydex holster with wing claw mounted on an enigma. I print like crazy with that big ass set up.

  5. My shirts are a little longer more roomier I guess, I'm usually wearing tshirts, unless winter I add another layer or so

  6. Well the Glock 19.5 MOS is my main EDC for 2 yrs, I post both up because I want to train with iron sights again & get good with red dot and irons, I probably throw the 19.3 in rotation

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