What % us us posting have season tickets, and travel for regular season games?

  1. I live in NYC, so obviously I don’t have season tickets. But my group of close friends from college gets together for a road game every year as we spread across the country and started to reach more stable places in our finances and lives. (Lots of love for the old cram-into-a-car, fast food and a friend’s dorm floor road trips, but AirBNB’s and local restaurants is a much better way to enjoy the experience.)

  2. I rarely travel to away games and make about every third bowl game. As far as season tickets are concerned, we buy them as a family and split them up. We all live 1-3 hours away and can't make them all. It also is easier in terms of the "donation" and keeping our points in the athletic department.

  3. Had season tickets for the 9 years after graduating, but I'm too far away to keep making the trip with family in tow now. Though prices were getting out of control too

  4. I tell ya what, i’m already looking forward to a road game in SoCal during the winter. Give us USC & UCLA back to back road games plzzzzzz

  5. I’ve had student season tickets for the past 5 years and I try to get to one game on the road every year. It’s usually to Iowa or Minnesota though. Gonna try get to more and get real season tickets once I have a real job though.

  6. It's different if you are a student, and they are expensive. I like the game experience, but will stay home if the weather really sucks.

  7. I have season tickets and love going to Bryant-Denny Stadium, but away games are even better because you get to see other fan bases' traditions. I watch as many games as I can on TV, but it will never replace the live experience for me.

  8. When I was in Los Angeles area, I went to the UCLA and Fresno State game. Also would frequent USC games for a two year stretch. Now that I'm back in Kansas, I have season tickets. Hoping to hit OU and Texas before they depart.

  9. Manhattan is a tough game to attend if you aren't close, but they have added hotel rooms recently. I don't like to drive after a game as I tend to have a bit of fun from time to time.

  10. I used to when I was younger. I'd also go to a lot of random bowl games and games of local teams I didn't even care about just for the heck of it.

  11. I have a 4.5 hour drive to games, but I've got a friend that lets me sleep on his couch either before or after the game depending. I get to go to most of the games, though having a small child has limited it from going to every one.

  12. I do. I’ve been a UGA season ticket holder since 2013. There’s just something about being there live that TV could never replicate!

  13. I try and go to the big away games. Big 12 will be tougher distance wise and deciding who to visit that year since we might only make one trip

  14. Season tickets since 2018, have traveled to the two NY6 bowl games and went to Indiana last year.

  15. I have season tickets and a tailgating spot. Previously, I went to every home game I could and tried to make a road game. Living out of state now I will not be making every game but I like supporting the program. I might make it down to Pitt/Lou this season but I'm not sure if it'll work. I'm also going to try to make a Cincy and an Ohio State game this year since I live in the area.

  16. I go to as many games as I can and distance is not an issue for me. I will be at every away game this year and the farthest one is already booked and paid for

  17. Me and my friends are starting a hopefully annual tradition where we spend a weekend enjoying a game and a gameday life style. This year we are going to MSU-Mich

  18. I got season tickets my first year is alumni where it wasn’t Covid restrictions, and I had an absolute blast last year. Thankfully, between graduate school and working opportunities, I’ll likely be staying within a 25-minute drive of the campus for the rest of my life, so I’m going to be keeping these tickets for the next 75 years probably.

  19. I moved about 2k miles away for work, but I did have Young Alumni season tickets for a few years. Lost access to that discount last season, and decided not to keep going with regular season tickets because the cost just isn't worth only being able to show up to like 2 games a season.

  20. I had season tickets for a few years, but these days my old ass prefers watching games in a) a comfortable chair b) in an air conditioned home without a c) line to use a (clean) bathroom, and with d) a big TV capable of watching other games during commercials and e) easy access to regularly-priced food and alcohol.

  21. I live in AZ, so I go to the games in my state, maybe to SoCal if schedule permits, to the Thanksgiving weekend game (since we always do Thanksgiving with my family the years it's a home game) and to the CCG and Bowl game.

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