Tell me your College Football bucketlist

  1. My goal is get to a home game at all (now 133) FBS schools. I've been to 18 so if I go to two new ones a year I'll be done in like 60 years lol

  2. That's my goal as well! Been to just over 50 so far. Knocking out Houston, Texas, Central Michigan, and maybe Western Michigan this year if I can plan it right.

  3. I dont even care about going to games anymore. I just want to build a nice covered area in my backyard to sit by the grill and watch the game there. Just gimme a big ass tv with every game in 8k and I'll be happy.

  4. There are still a few stadiums I want to see a game in (Death Valley, Camp Randall, The Shoe, The Big House, The Rose Bowl), but I think my main goal is this exactly. A pool with a TV in sight, fire pit, and a black stone. Sounds like the life.

  5. When I lived in Ohio I would set up the tv outside and grill before “camping out” overnight with my boys in the backyard in late October/early November as the weather turned crisp and cool. Some of my favorite cfb memories…

  6. I’m going to the OU - Neb game this year, so damn pumped. It’ll be my first time in Lincoln so any advice on places to visit, I’m all ears. I had the chance to go to the flag-plant game in Columbus and turned it down because I would have had to take vacation days from work. Hashtag I’m an idiot.

  7. Honestly gonna be an amazing experience. Regardless of the state of UNL’s program, it’s 51 year anniversary of game of the century and its Ou-Nebraska in Lincoln for the first time in 13 years

  8. We’re a house divided for USC and UCLA teams. Our bucket list was going to be to see one of our teams play in every PAC12 stadium. :/

  9. Seeing the buffalo run onto the field at Colorado was pretty awesome. The 6-8 handlers appeared to be holding on for dear life.

  10. I did that for Baseball back in the day. I hit 23 stadiums. I didn't do it by plan, I did it by happenstance. If I happen to be in a city that had a team and I had a few hours I would go to a game.

  11. Osceola planting the spear is definitely worth it. I recommend coming at night if you are only coming once. We always use pyrotechnics in the opening show, but it’s better at night.

  12. Go see a game at: @ The Big House (vs tOSU) Air Force vs Navy Air Force vs Navy @ Iowa @ Penn State white out Army-Navy The Rose Bowl (the bowl game, don't care who is playing in it)

  13. Pretty simple - I'd like to see a home game at my alma mater. Football didn't start at South Alabama until 20 years after I graduated, and I live a day's drive away.

  14. First college football game was Penn state in 2006. Was absolutely amazing. Would love to catch a whiteout game at some point. That would be really cool.

  15. Red River Shootout is the best damn rivalry game I've ever been to. Fun fact its named after the brief war that Texas and Oklahoma engaged over at the red river that makes up our border. Even funner fact, just like in football- Oklahoma won that too.

  16. See Ohio State play at every B1G stadium. Conference expansion + starting a family is killing this dream quickly. 97 @ Michigan (L) 16 @ PSU Whiteout (L) 17 @ Iowa (L) 18 @ Purdue (L) also was at the last 2 times Illinois won the Illibuck trophy (both in the Shoe), and MSU destroying dreams in Columbus in 98 and 15. Outback bowl in 01 against SCAR. Based on my track record which B1G fan base would like to support my next road trip?

  17. My guy I hate to begrudgingly say this, but Buckeye nation should give you a pension to kill this dream. I’d put you up in Madison any year, but I can’t say I want any part in a badgers W :/

  18. Army/Navy is insane. It's such a great weekend, I highly recommend. I went when it was in Baltimore in 2016

  19. Right now the long term goal is to visit every Big 12 school for a UCF road game. Definitely want to familiarize myself with the gameday atmospheres and traditions of our new conference brethren.

  20. "Go to a game in every Big 12 stadium" was mine as a kid. Now I don't know whether to count the original list or the new list haha.

  21. My #1 has been to see the Checkerboard at Knoxville. Maybe someday. This only made it to #1 in the 2000s. In my childhood, I had no idea Tennessee played football. I just thought it was USC, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Michigan, Alabama, and Ohio State.

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