Open letter to Aaron Judge

  1. They break in when Will Anderson is going for his 7th penalty for an in game record for a Bama Player.

  2. “3 seconds on the clock, down by 5. The ball is snapped. Bennett drops back. Pressure from the right, rolling to his left. This is for the game. HES GOT A MAN DOWN FIELD, HE LAUNCHES IT TO THE END ZONE AND THE PASS IS….

  3. So excited to have the potential opportunity to watch him move into sole possession of the record for the sixth most home runs hit in a season.

  4. Aand with that Home Run, Judge has taken over sole possession of the 7th most home runs in a season! Wow what a moment 🤩🤩🤩

  5. As there’s a drive into deep left field by Costellanos it will be a home run, and so that’ll make it a 4-0 ballgame.

  6. ESPN can't even manage to say the coach's name correctly on air, MUCH LESS give us any sort of respect as a college football program.

  7. There’s a million great games this weekend. Alabama-Arkansas, Clemson-NC State, Ole Miss-Kentucky, Michigan-Iowa, UCLA-Washington, Minnesota-Purdue, and Florida State-Wake Forest

  8. They use to put a Big 10 game there but since the Big 10 is leaving ESPN they decided to start putting what they consider to be the 3rd best SEC game in that slot.

  9. I mean if it was the FOX noon kickoff or whatever it would be better I guess, but no, watching Michigan for like the 4th straight week is somehow more deserving

  10. You're not wrong, but the Yankee mania is nothing new to seasoned baseball fans. Aka East Coast Bias... If it wasn't the Yankees nearing the single season HR record then ESPN wouldn't be interrupting programming for it.

  11. They skipped half a USC game last season for some stupid Yankees Mets 9/11 memorial nonsense. Nobody cares.


  13. AND hear it. My biggest gripe was the audio switching to the Yankees broadcast on top of the split screen. I did notice ESPN didn’t do it for his last at bat, maybe they got the memo people hated it.

  14. How many other people also posted something about Aaron judge hitting 61 before this one stayed up?

  15. my fiancé is a yankees fan and i’m logged into his espn account on my phone so i can watch things on espn+. i have been getting notifications every time he is at bat since homer #60. i need him to hit #62 asap.

  16. ESPN Producer: "Why wouldnt the entire known sports universe want us to interrupt every program to show Judge at bat? Its all everyone in Bristol is talking about"

  17. I truly don’t understand the people who defend this. It took up half of the screen and 100% of the audio for an entire TD drive, another drive later, then the tying two point conversion in our game. not so we can watch Judge hit a Hr, but so we can watch him strike out twice and then get walked lmfao

  18. I could not agree with this more. I was so pissed off watching that. If they want to throw a PiP up, show the at bat, maybe have the cable provider throw something in there to let people quickly flip to the other channel, cool, I don't love it, but it isn't taking away from what I want to see. Definitely don't take over the audio, especially with what they did on that game. It was awful.

  19. What’s funny is everyone seems to think the cut ins will stop when he hits #62. He’s got 7 more games left in the regular season. They’re going to cut in for 63, 64, and however many other ones he hits.

  20. The reason they’re chasing 62 is the fact 61 is Maris and the 73 year as well as other 61+ seasons are steroid related. Many see 61 as the true record, so it’s a big deal when 50 years later we have 61 being breakable.

  21. It's especially dumb because ESPN and MLB Network have been optioning as many Yankees games as possible for national broadcast.

  22. Can't ESPN announcers just announce, or run a crawl, saying, "Aaron Judge has just stepped to the plate for the Yankees. Tune into ESPN+ for the live broadcast"?

  23. I have seen more for a guy maybe breaking a franchise record than I did for Pujols hitting 700. I know ESPN has an NY basis, but c'mon. That is nuts.

  24. Probably has been commented, but this is the same as '05 Trojans. Everyone knows Bonds holds the records, just like USC won the natty. You cannot erase history, and you certainly cannot take away the emotion felt during the time. Thats all that matters.

  25. I already hate baseball. This whole thing with Aaron Judge is justifying how much more I hate baseball. Let us football fans (both types) enjoy our sport! Stop trying to force us to watch another sport! If we cared about Aaron Judge, we’d be watching him!

  26. He was looking to become (and already became) the second player to hit 61 or more home runs without taking steroids in the history of professional baseball, a really historic and cool feat. The only people ahead of him are 2000s era megaroiders Bonds, McGwire (twice) and Sosa (thrice)Hasn't been done clean in 60 years so its sick. Him being on the biggest market helps a lot of the attention hes getting too to be sure. But salty crybaby cfb fans are trying to minimize it to make it sound less cool because they still aren't over their game being half-interrupted a week ago.

  27. If he hits another homerun he will be in SEVENTH place for most homeruns in a single season. Which is apparently important enough to interrupt whatever you’re doing.

  28. I had no idea as well. Googled it real quick and that’s so stupid. I’d be fucking pissed if that happened during my teams game. We literally just got out of the dark ages when all that’s on tv is fucking baseball. We’ve got ~4 months of pure bliss where CFB is on, don’t ruin it with fucking baseball. Idk how anyone can watch that tbh

  29. Back in like 2013 I spoke to the Marlins about the bone marrow transplant registry after having received two. I then proceeded to take BP with Giancarlo Stanton. Something he mentioned is that he was recruited to USC for football and looking at this beast before me I was certain that if he had played at Southern Cal he would have become one of the greats. The same I’m sure goes for Judge. Just a physical specimen.

  30. Hopefully since he broke it. They will not cut away. Crazy move, it’s one thing to just have it in Picture in Picture but switching the audio is insane

  31. Why should we care that some guy is battling to not be tied for 7th in home runs in a season? Unless he hits 14 home runs this week I could give a shit

  32. The meltdown about that was so funny. It really wasnt as awfully obtrusive as people would think, i thought it was neat as someone who wanted tow atch the Clemson game but also wanted to watch Judge without caring about the actual yankees, so it was a good fit for me. But people still threw tantrums about it anyway for some reason

  33. Uh no, it was incredibly annoying and I’m pretty sure it interrupted a TD at one point. Simply put, if I gave a shit at all about baseball I’d be watching that live instead. If they want to cut to a highlight of the record being tied or broken during a break in the game that’s fine.

  34. Seriously, I don't care about baseball but idk why people are so mad. I thought it was pretty cool. The game is still on screen. I was watching, I didn't miss the TD or TPC. I simply looked about 2 inches to the left.

  35. Over on the baseball sub they have said it’s our ‘just desserts’ for them having to watch so many commercials about college football.

  36. I understand the whole "making history" thing but damn. This is feeling like Heidi all over again. If I wanted to watch Judge exploit unscheduled PEDs I'd pick up a local stream, stop interrupting the sport that I'm actually emotionally attached to. Geez.

  37. I get it but like honestly if someone was about to break the single season TD record I’d be fine getting notified or cut into when they were in the red zone

  38. Not if it was just the 6th single season touchdown record or the single season TD record for the ACC or if you didn’t even follow football

  39. It’s kind of odd MLB and ESPN are making a big deal about Judge’s effort to break the Yankees’ franchise single season home run record. I mean, it’s only a team record he’s trying to break.

  40. it's the AL record, but i get what you're saying. even as a Yankees fan i would like to only cross my streams when i choose

  41. Well that team record is also the American League record. Some purists use that record as the “real” or the “clean” record because the National league/MLB records were all dominated by steroids in the late 90’s to mid-2000’s (Sosa, McGwire, Bonds)

  42. ESPN is salivating at the prospect of Judge getting to #62 so that they can unleash what I am sure will be an avalanche of opinion content about whether 62 is now the “real” record.

  43. I haven’t paid attention to baseball in years. Why is 61 relevant? Are they discounting Bonds/Sosa/McGuire because of roids? Seems off the single season record.

  44. Dear Aaron, I feel like I can call you Aaron because you and me are so alike. I'd like to meet you one day, it would be great to have a catch. I know I can't throw as fast as you but I think you'd be impressed with my speed. I love your hair, you run fast.

  45. I don’t mind it. I like watching history regardless of sport. I only got to see him hit 61 last night because they cut into the Sports Center broadcast that was on at the restaurant I was at last night

  46. Cutting into SportsCenter is MUCH different than cutting into a football game people are invested in, particularly fans of those teams.

  47. Boring? I find it both relaxing and thrilling, and watching each pitch and the mind games that go it an exciting puzzle. And I love the fact you never know when the actual action will happen, as compared to say football when a hike means a play is happening, I love that when a pitch is thrown something might not happen. It's a sport with very unexpected moments.

  48. Unpopular opinion: given the historical context, I don't mind them showing his at bats. Maybe they could instead do picture in picture, though, so that fans don't have to miss any of the game they're tuned into?

  49. As a Yankees fan.. I simultaneously want him to hit it ASAFP.. but I also want him to torture all of college football again.

  50. If he does, we will get infomercials to buy commemorative DVD's, medallions, and magazines honoring Judge's historic season - similar to when teams win their respective championships.

  51. Once he breaks the record they are not going to show it and Judge is going to be resting up for the playoffs.

  52. I didn't know who Aaron Judge was until that whole thing happened. I wouldn't want football to interrupt baseball.

  53. Y'all really don't like when they do the side-by-side? I feel like it's peak sports watching when they bring in his at-bats.

  54. I’m not gonna lie. When I saw people talking about them last weekend, I thought they were doing like PiP during plays and definitely agreed that would be annoying. But all I saw was them using dead time during plays too check in on the AB and if that’s all that was happening, that’s no different than showing another CFB update or something. If that’s all that was happening, boy is that a FWP.

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