You get remove any team, who do you choose?

  1. Just go back in time and prevent Snyder from taking the job and you don’t even have to remove them today! They’d not even be FCS if the program still existed

  2. Me and the student affairs background peeps would lol. BGSU is like the Harvard of college student affairs studies.

  3. Just let them enjoy their football after they've already endured the horrific Bowling Green Massacre

  4. UAB fan here. I had my program killed. It was a trash program before Bill Clark's hire, but God help me, it was my team.

  5. Can I just remove Nick Saban? I don’t have anything against him or Alabama, just looking to shake things up a little more.

  6. I like your thought. Let’s make him change programs every 2 years instead. With the transfer portal and modern medicine he could win a championship for every program!

  7. UConn needs to stop trying to have football. The program loses money every year, we don’t even have a conference. It’s embarrassing.

  8. I obviously have reason to hate OSU, but even rivalry aside, the "The" thing is so fucking stupid. Dotting the I is cool, their OH-IO chant is lit, but the "the" thing makes them sound like dumb middle schoolers.

  9. Do you text your mother with those disrespectful fingers. We won so put some respect on the name. It’s “The Ohio State University”.

  10. Nebraska just to put them out of their misery. They need to focus on making more delicious corn the football dynasty is over and not coming back.

  11. Uconn. They'd be happier in their old conference getting to play Rhode Island, Maine, NH etc. Now they just travel around basically being the Washington Generals of FBS.

  12. Removing Texas A&M without a second of hesitation. If they were to ever win a national championship I would stop watching college football

  13. Since you chose A&M already, I'll refrain from wasting my wish on a school that already no longer exists and instead choose Texas.

  14. I actually haven’t come across many bad USC fans. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve come across many SC fans period.

  15. In addition to the politics, they hired Baylor's ex-AD Ian McCaw after it became public knowledge that he helped cover up 50+ rapes by football players.

  16. There’s just a lot wrong with the institution as far as I know. Scandals, abuse, coverups, etc. Plus, there was something about the uni President liking to watch his wife and their pool boy… which is pretty funny when you consider what kind of image the school likes to uphold.

  17. Can I remove BC from the ACC so we can bring back the Big East for Basketball and Hockey? It would be better all around for us. The Big East was a great conference

  18. What pisses me off the most about them is how many recruits they steal from the rest of the NC schools and how much over-hype they get for mediocre-at-best teams. Rarely deliver when there are expectations for them to, constantly over-deliver when there are no expectations whatsoever, and constantly win shit when the expectations are just right. And fuck, no matter the occasion, they always save their best football performances for us and then rub it in by fucking spanking us in hoops 2 months later.

  19. I was gonna say Georgia, because to hell with ‘em, but then after reading the comments I remembered that Liberty exists, so I’m gonna go with them

  20. Other than Liberty I'll go with Nebraska. After CFB Risk it would be great to never have to interact with that fanbase ever again.

  21. I'm not saying I would want them to disappear, but at 34 years old, I don't believe I have ever seen New Mexico and New Mexico State play a football game against anyone on TV. I feel like if either one of them suddenly disappeared, no one outside the state of New Mexico would notice. Shame though, I love the State of New Mexico. Best Burrito I have ever had was in Taos when I was 14 on the way to Philmont.

  22. Hmmm, Liberty for sure, but for a more personal answer I think I'm going with Baylor or Texas A&M. My ex never shut up about how much she loved Baylor, and a lot of their stuff in the last decade has really ruined me the wrong way. A&M pisses me off for a lot of other odd reasons.

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