[Postgame Thread] UCLA Defeats Washington 40-32

  1. You guys really impressed me. If you can play like that worst regular season should be 9-3, but you ought to win at least one of the tough games and hopefully more

  2. I have a Chip era Duck visor that I wear golfing a lot. Living in the NE I have twice been asked if I was Chip [during his Eagles stint]

  3. Getting the ball back with 4 minutes left, while Washington had 3 TO's, and running the clock out. That might be the least PAC 12 After Dark moment I witnessed.

  4. Personally I think we're not that good, but we're still pretty decent. Maybe like a 15-25 team when the season is said and done, most likely closer to 20-25. But I thought we were worse before this game. Another W and I'll be a believer.

  5. Washington really wasn’t a top-20 team and pre-season rankings/poll inertia really helped them out.

  6. Good game UCLA. You showed it on the field. DTR looked like the better QB. He was pretty smooth.

  7. I can’t believe DTR is still in school. Felt like we were recruiting him during Harbaugh’s second season.

  8. We really might have 5 Pac 12 teams ranked if Washington manages to squeak into the 24-25 slot. Conference of Champions is determined to go out on a high note!

  9. They play Utah next week, Oregon in 3 weeks and usc at the end of the year. All will be top 15 and maybe even top 10 if things shake out.

  10. I don't know about sleeper playoff team. I do know they could win of those games, i dont know if they win all 3. 2-1 would be pretty damn good.

  11. We already knew Michigan State was terrible after the Minnesota game. We had our chance to show that Washington was a fluke but we actually just ended up showing that it was anything but a fluke

  12. Hey now Minnesota is the #1 team in the country with UCLA in 2nd, Kansas at 3rd, and Washington 4th. We’ve just played some amazing opponents thus far, we’ll be fine.

  13. I'm not saying Michigan State is bad, but you might want to Google how to join the Mountain West Conference.

  14. I was informed Pac-12 after dark was different for teams trailing by a big margin late in the game. 0/10 would not recommend no real chaos

  15. It is kind of funny to see people treat a 5th year player as a crazy proposition, especially since he was forced to play his freshman year due to an injury and Josh Rosen leaving to become a big star in the NFL

  16. I still say if Kansas wins tomorrow they need to go to Kansas cause after that it's two away games for them. But if by some way nc state and Florida State win tomorrow how can you not go to nc state for their game against FSU

  17. You guys always seem to kick our ass though. If it was a night game I'd be a little more optimistic. Hopefully now that we are 5-0 and in the top 25, 90 degree heat at noon won't keep too many fans away though.

  18. You guys have Oregon State, UCLA, USC and Washington State all in a row lol. If you guys get out of that without an L, it's deserved.

  19. Can you imagine Chip in the future state where the NCAA is completely powerless and there is a paid position for the Head of Recruiting and NIL?

  20. Well, the first two seasons had us rightfully worried with 3 wins in the first and then 4 in the next. Things look to be looking up though.

  21. https://www.reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/xnf52q/postgame_thread_washington_defeats_stanford_4022/ipt6igs/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3

  22. Honestly, TIL I don’t understand how the college clock works and I’ve been watching CFB for 20+ years.

  23. I think the annoying part about the college clock and forward progress is that a running back gets stuffed can be held up for 2 seconds and then pushed forward by his lineman and never was "forward progress stopped". But someone getting forced out of bounds the instant they are turned sideways it's "forward progress stopped" prior to going out of bounds.

  24. Our "defense" needs to be shipped off to Antarctica. Absolutely horrendous performance and fitting the game ends with them getting fucked on the last drive

  25. Enjoyed the game, but traditionally after getting ranked the Bruins’ next step is to prove they never should have been ranked

  26. Not going to lie. This is the first time I have watched UCLA this season and I didn’t realize they were that explosive. Charbonnet was running like a man possessed and DTR was slinging the hell out of the ball. I loved UCLA’s play calling in the 1st half down near the goal line with Charbonnet when they went back to the well three times in a row.

  27. Not gonna lie, between watching the Mariners make the playoffs for the first time in 21 years and this being on a Friday I didn't even know the game was on until 30 mins ago lol

  28. Kind of like the MSU vs Washington game where one team took a large lead, then the losing team attempts a comeback a little too late.

  29. Remember when we went from the Chris Leak(#3), to Bishop Sankey(#4), to Myles “F’ing” Gaskin(all-time leading rusher at UW), to Salvon Ahmed? WTF happened to our running game?

  30. I watch a lot of football at a lot of different levels. I just want to say that in my entire life that is the single softest performance from a defense that wasn't undermanned I have ever seen. Washington's defensive line played like bitches, the defense tacked like bitches, just an overall bitch boy performance.

  31. announcers tried to convince me I was watching the future Heisman and then slowly changed it to how I was watching a future NFL star and that he just has all the "tools" the bias was unreal so satisfying to hear them shut up

  32. Non-sarcastically I think they are a pretty good team. They looked solid and well rounded when we played them. Their OLine was surprisingly strong as a unit too--they neutralized our pressure almost entirely in a way that even Washington could not.

  33. Happy for DTR, Charbonnet "chardonnay if I work for ESPN" and Bobo. Defense was ass in the second half and the offensive play calling was weak...

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