[Game Thread] TCU @ Baylor (12:00 PM ET)

  1. While I’m obviously happy with the result, it feels murky supporting a team that has “do a drive by shooting” as a play call.

  2. The rule states for a last second FG, the ref will not stand over the ball, as the defense should be well aware of what play is coming and be prepared to sub.

  3. TCU's coach got onto the refs during the Oklahoma State game after the Pokes pulled that stunt several times in the first half. Since then the league has been very tight-fisted about how long a "reasonable" substitution takes on defense.

  4. After Baylor led TCU 28-20 with 9:47, TCU ended the game with 9 unanswered points to beat Baylor 29-28 on the road and improve to 11-0 (8-0 Big 12). TCU already clinched a Big 12 Championship apperance, but they became the first Big 12 team to start 11-0 in the College Football Playoff era.

  5. The mandate of the committee is to select the four best teams so this game didn't help. It didn't hurt because TCU didn't lose but it certainly didn't help their argument. They need to fix their problem of being a 7+ point underdog to anyone else up for playoff consideration because it's hard to be judged one of the best four teams if you're more than a TD underdog to more than four teams. Checking boxes with wins and even a conference title merely gets them to the front door but they need to start stomping teams right now if they want to get inside the playoff house.

  6. “This was a non-quality win, however we will be putting Baylor in the top 25 for a quality loss.”

  7. I think what this comes down to is our DBs. They’re pretty much all terrible and know it (to be expected, all of our good ones went to the draft last year). They play with 10-15 yards if cushion bc they’re afraid of getting beat outside and letting up the huge play over the top, but it is really easy to scheme mesh and flood concepts and pick ip that 10-15 underneath every play. Our corners aren’t good enough to play close, so we gave TCU all the free yards underneath to kick the FG

  8. What it came down to was the QBs poor decision making. Absolutely floundering the game away on the last offensive possession. Wide open rec for the game ending first down. Sliding when 3 yards behind the 1st down line. Shapen has no football IQ Jesus Christ

  9. TCU has a better team without a doubt. The hateful eight in me is happy about it but that was such a heart breaker. This season has just been so depressing as there are these glimpses of promise but Shapen is basically Charlie Brewer in his decision making.

  10. People say Georgia will blow TCU out but if TCU win out won’t they be 3rd ahead of loser of Michigan or Ohio state? Then they would play 2nd place not Georgia??

  11. Everyone is saying Baylor was stupid, and yea it's hard to argue against that, but seriously wtf was that last drive by TCU? That was some of the dumbest clock management I've ever seen, and I lived through this:

  12. This was an incredibly fun and entertaining game. Lots of great football. I always tune in the TCU-Baylor because it’s awesome.

  13. You fucked your chances. Worst play calling I’ve ever seen in Baylor’s last possession. Absolutely embarrassing

  14. I'm legit second hand embarrassed by all these Vol fans whining about TCU's schedule, Baylor playing TCU close, etc etc. How sad lol.


  16. You see, their team isn't good enough to get into the playoffs on their own merits so they have to spend their Saturdays praying on other teams' downfalls.

  17. They wanna make the playoffs when they cant even win their division and need TCU to lose for that bs to happen

  18. Baylor had more yards more time of possession more firstdowns fewer penalty yards and manage to lose anyway..

  19. They stopped playing their game on offense. Honestly terrible play calling from the offensive coordinators. Why take away the pass that was making the run work just because the clock was low? Enemy team had three timeouts so Baylor burned 12 seconds and gave the ball back. What was that?

  20. I know next to nothing about college ball and knew that Baylor should have iced the kicker. This is the most sus finish of a game this season.

  21. Icing the kicker isn’t the right call there though that kicker has to run on the field get set and kick a 40 yard field goal all in 10 seconds icing the kicker would’ve been a super awful decision

  22. They lined up they didn’t try to sub otherwise it would have been game over. That’s on Baylor panicking

  23. Could Baylor have been slow to substitute and the ref would have stood over the ball to prevent them snapping and the game would be over, or is that an NFL rule only?

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