Tom Izzo calls out B1G for “Reprimand” of UM in Michigan Stadium tunnel incident

  1. I honestly thought that the end to most of this would have been the B1G statement, but I was naive.

  2. How does the tunnel feel about this situation? We’ve heard everyone’s take on this besides the tunnel.

  3. It didn't comment on the altercation really. It mainly talked about how it was just grateful to have some people around. Apparently most of the time it just sits there feeling empty

  4. Yep. For some of us, it's already the off season. As much as I want to put this behind everyone, this is going to be a thing until the law suits are over.

  5. I want the big ten to force the football and basketball teams on a joint field trip to the holocaust museum or the Selma trip Kevin Warren took some people on this year, something sobering and humbling. Make them eat meals together, hang out together, etc.. make a documentary of it, and blast it on cable tv every night in the weeks leading up to the game. The entire state needs to see these kids outside of athletics being chummy and respectful to one another.

  6. This university(at least the athletic side of things) has such an insane victim mentality ingrained into it. We are the bad guys in this situation and that's just how it is. Stupid comments by Izzo

  7. We can blame ESPN trying to capitalize on a horrific tragedy by turning around and accusing players of covering up cases that fucking every law enforcement official in mid-Michigan knew about for that

  8. After all that ESPN Paula Lavigne bullshit its like one bad thing is reported and everyone acts like its 2.0 of that lmao. That wasnt a fun year

  9. Yea I’m not sure what these MSU people are confused about. We are not getting punished for the tunnel incident at all beyond the head touching incident.

  10. Which makes even less sense to me, because Michigan did everything they were supposed to do with that guy. Within 24 hours no less.

  11. This story is like gonorrhea. Just when you think it's gone, it flares back up and annoys the hell out of you.

  12. Mel Tucker has had a fine response to this whole ordeal. He deserves better than Izzo chiming in with this rant that belongs on RCMB.

  13. Izzo finding a way to make this about him is quite incredible. 7 players got charged with assault, but there's always some time for whataboutism!

  14. Say what you will about the statement, but can you show where Izzo made it about himself? Reporters asked him about it and he responded.

  15. A friend of mine went to some sort of corporate event where Izzo was a motivational speaker and apparently he came across as VERY BOOMER with the social attitudes/issues he decided to talk about.

  16. On the one hand it makes sense that liability for what ever happens in the Michigan tunnel should be more on Michigan as an institution than MSU as an institution…..but y’all had guys commit assault Tom and 100k don’t matter a bit. Best just to let this one go.

  17. I think a lot of Izzo's frustration stems from ESPN's coverage of the Nassar incident and he's been pissed at the media in general ever since

  18. This continues to be the wildest take out there. God forbid you expect adults to act like it. Anyone who is incapable of sharing a public space with people they don't like doesn't deserve to be allowed in public society.

  19. I love him bringing up “prior incidents” with tOSU and PSU. As if people talking smack before a game or at half time is remotely similar to multiple players ganging up and attacking individuals.

  20. He actually brought up the incident from a few years ago with Devin Bush and tried to act like Dantonio was the victim in that case too:

  21. Yeah, we need to have a ton of security guards ready to physically grab visiting players if it looks like they're about to attack UM players in the tunnel.

  22. My Michigan and Michigan State friends - I grew just north of Lansing and I need to know if anyone remembers some Michigan State gold:

  23. I think this was handled appropriately by the big ten. Security should have been better, that's on Michigan. The rest is entirely Michigan State players assaulting Michigan players, so only MSU should be punished.

  24. I entirely agree. I think Izzo's point is that security should have been better, and there should have been some sort of a fine to recognize that. I think under his logic, MSU isn't in charge of the football players any more than UofM is in charge of the tunnel security.

  25. Oh for sure, look at his handling of his basketball players and the sexual assault of a student. Definitely a different moral code.

  26. I grew up in Lansing, their victim complex is their norm. It’s the entire universe vs MSU in their minds. Their fans, staff, coaches, players, it’s instilled in all of them.

  27. I’ve always kinda rolled my eyes at the Sparty obsession about being put upon by Michigan, but the response around this mess has moved on to full on derangement. They will never, ever accept that the MSU players were 95% at fault here. (And I’m being generous.)

  28. I’ll copy and paste my reply to a comment about why Izzo is even commenting on this in the first place (why he’s being asked about it by reporters).

  29. Tom Izzo has gone full mad man the past decade. Also how he gets this persona for being a great coach when he won 1 natty 22 years ago is beyond me. MSU bball has consistently come up short year over year. Stay in your lane old man

  30. Well Mr Izzo, people shouting at each other really isn't that big of a deal. It happens everyday all over the world and isn't illegal. What is illegal though, is physically putting your hands on someone with the intent to injure. Do you understand?

  31. Look, Tom Izzo knows his audience and doesn't care what the rest of us think of it... but to be clear, I think very very very little of it.

  32. I am so tired of this little brother program and their enormous victim complex. We beat the shit out of your garbage team and then your pathetic cry baby players assaulted our guys.

  33. Tom Izzo knows he can just keep his mouth shut right? He did this same nonsense with Nassar. Said a bunch of cringey nonsense that no one needed to hear.

  34. The Big 10 needs to take action in order to stop giving the appearance they are showing favoritism towards Michigan. It doesn’t matter that they are being impartial in fact. They also need to be impartial in appearance

  35. He’s right though. It was the third incident in Michigan’s tunnel in less than a year. And you give them a verbal reprimand for not doing anything to make things better?

  36. It was the first physical incident. If people make a big deal about kids talking trash to each other during an athletic event, boy have I got other incidents to tell you about in literally every single ncaa event

  37. The other ‘incidents’ were some words exchanged (and maybe a PB&J), it’s not even a comparison. We did change the halftime protocol, since that’s when the prior ‘incidents’ happened, for the MSU game and had extra security in the tunnel. Our team wasn’t even in the tunnel sans the two who were attacked. Gemon Green notably always goes in early after the game ends to see his dad. But yeah, it’s the tunnel’s fault.

  38. Yep. Love Izzo. Speaks for us. Obviously the masses here are only seeing one side of the situation. We’ll get downvotes but at this point, I don’t care. Go Green!

  39. “Izzo brought up another incident between the two football programs in 2018, when Michigan State players took to the field during warm-ups at Spartan Stadium and got into an altercation with Michigan player Devin Bush.

  40. Spartan players tried to force Michigan players off the field during their alloted warmup time, Devin Bush kicked some turf

  41. Michigan State took the field during Michigan's warm up time, linked arms and tried to bully Michigan players off the field. Devin Bush wasn't moving.

  42. Kicking up field turf in response to getting antagonized by rival players while being rightfully on the field during your own designated warmup time

  43. I got heavily downvoted for asking about it when it happened, but I’m still just so surprised that they let both teams in that tunnel together. What the MSU players did was %100 wrong. Something obviously has to be done to keep the teams separate in this tunnel though. It’s nearly boiled over multiple times, this time it did, and a player could’ve been seriously hurt because of it.

  44. This tunnel has existed for 95 years. At literally every game except one, both teams have been able to walk the tunnel without resorting to felony assault and battery. Is there sometimes some chirping? Yeah, there is. Is that what you mean by "nearly boiled over?" Do the teams ever chirp each other Neyland, on the sidelines or on the field? Do you describe that as "nearly boiling over"? Maybe Tennessee needs to install some moats or electric fences on the sidelines, so the players can't ever get close to each other and are less likely to "boil over."

  45. The stadium is 95 years old and they’ve had major changes to how these things are made since then. Many other schools have a single tunnel (MSU included)

  46. How about we just throw MSU in the big ten west. Win win I see it. We get to be good again playing in the weaker side. We can leave the Rivalry during the Harbaugh era at an even 4-4 and call it a day for about 5 years. Pick back up on it later. I love the rivalry, but it’s a little much at this point.

  47. Well you see Tom, punishments are generally tied to the severity of the wrongdoing. Michigan should have had more security in the tunnel or better policies to keep the teams separated so they got a reprimand. Michigan State committed a handful of misdemeanors and a felony, which is why they got a large (but ultimately meaningless) fine.

  48. Good job speaking out against something that should be none of your business. Not like your team hasn't been in trouble with the law before.

  49. Oooh Izzo bringing up the Devin Bush shit - this is a lot like when your mom starts getting involved in drama - Nobody wants your mom involved, not even you, just let it be at this point.

  50. He’s getting a little senile. If only one school’s players are doing the beating, then that school should be more heavily punished.

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