[McMurphy] Former Texas & Houston coach Tom Herman has been hired as FAU’s new coach

  1. I got a lot of thoughts on Tom Hermann, but he’s won two NY6 Bowls and the other two have combined to lose one.

  2. Herman joining the AAC to be poached by a Texas team in the big 12 part 2? (Herman come back?). In all seriousness, this might be a slam dunk hire for FAU.

  3. His wife and he burned way too many bridges on the way out to ever really be considered again at Houston. He’d have to get a divorce and mature a lot before they’d ever consider him again.

  4. Whoa, that isn’t nearly as big a job as I thought he’d land (no offense to FAU, it’s just that he has been rumored for so many other openings).

  5. It's not that bad of a gig. They are joining the AAC (which he's familiar with). He gets access to Florida recruits, gets to live in a really nice place, doesn't have to beat blue blood programs, and FAU success can lead to other coaching jobs.

  6. Man, I hope so. He's a good coach, just kind of an immature weirdo. Oddly enough, he was actually improving his people skills when he got fired from Texas, so maybe FAU will be getting a better version of the dude. I also think he's well suited to a G5 gig. There should be less pressure and his roster will likely better suit his style of coaching (spread the ball around, make things easy on the QB). He kicked ass at UH.

  7. FAU may have an easier shot a the CFP than UCF starting 2024 depending on how the new AAC is viewed and may end up being the second Florida team to make the CFP.

  8. Fau is trying, but usf does still have more money and is further along. fAU is taking shots with coaches while usf is doing something. Deion would be interesting, but I think chadwell is the better choice. Deion will leave in like 2-3 years or absolutely tank the program. Chadwell might leave, but you could also get 4-6 years out of him and he has a better track record at this level.

  9. Remember that time you guys thought you ruined our chance at a championship game by coming back from 28-0, only to lose on 2 amazing catches in the 4th quarter? That was awesome

  10. Herman needs to embrace that his playcalling is what made him what he is today and quit outsourcing it to over the hill playcallers. Either do it yourself or hire someone who matches your style. This was his #2 mistake at Texas.

  11. Herman has never had a losing season as a head coach, and has a Peach Bowl win (w/Houston) and a Sugar Bowl win (w/Texas). Nice pickup for FAU.

  12. Yeah, I wasn’t gonna feel the sting of rejection til I saw him struttin’ around with another G5. I guess AD Ingram is either gonna look real stupid or like a genius in a year or two.

  13. Makes a lot of sense for Herman honestly. If Herman is aiming for another bigtime P5 job taking a mid-tier P5 job can only hurt him if he falters, his existing resume at that level already speaks for itself.

  14. As long as he has zero involvement with recruiting, FAU will be fine. If not, their 2023 class will be gone by 2026.

  15. Wow. Great hire. I suspect Herman is going to make it back to the top half of P5...he was so close to breaking through at Texas and has no doubt been humbled.

  16. I remember when people were beside themselves that LSU hired Coach O instead of Herman. Coach O won a championship and got fired. Herman also got fired, but no championship.

  17. Herman is a good coach. He just thought he was untouchable as he was riding around in private jets and fucking Kendra Scott. That led to his demise.

  18. FAU is going to be in the top G5 conference and is located in a great area for recruiting. It's actually a pretty good spot to rebound to.

  19. This is a great hire! Dude got memed on hard for his work at Texas, but he was spectacular at UH and I really think he'd be able to replicate that success at FAU

  20. He's pretty arrogant and rubs people the wrong way. But I also appreciated how he and his wife stood up for Courtney Smith when a lot of people were still covering for Zach Smith.

  21. All I know (or think I know) about Tom Herman: a. He was associated with Ohio State, Houston, Texas, and then disappeared 2. He coached the Houston team that had Ed Oliver and whipped the Noles ass in the Chick-fil-A Bowl, leading to a long ass quiet drive home (our QB was Sean Mcqwire so…) D. His wife was smoking hot.

  22. I live and work in Kalamazoo, MI. Total trust me bro but I talked to a guy today that works for WMU and he told me don’t be shocked if they get Deion. He said that WMU has talked to him directly. Now, I have absolutely zero way of confirming any of what he said. But I want credit here if it happens

  23. He was really disliked by everyone from the top down. If the portal was as active as it is back then, most of our team would have left.

  24. I thought he would have a more high profile job tbh. How did Arizona State or Georgia Tech not want him? He’s way better than the coaches they hired.

  25. If he wins more than five games in a season, he qualifies as an upgrade. Taggart went 5-4 (4-2) in 2020 but then went 5-7 twice.

  26. As a Buckeye, I’ll always appreciate what he did at Ohio State. I especially enjoyed hearing the stories from the semi-final game against Bama when the Tide coaching staff admitted that going into halftime they knew they were fucked because they realized Tom had their number. With that being said, aside from obvious monetary gains, it hasn’t appeared that since leaving Houston, that his career has been going in a positive trajectory. Here’s hoping that he can right his ship at this stop and get back to some big boy football

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