Urban Meyer says you need to pick the four best teams and not look at losses and résumé. You need to “watch tape”.

  1. unfortunately we gotta be able to perform for more than half the season to meet the 4 team. the cocks have a much better chance of causing chaos in 24

  2. Urban is just pissed the committee is considering how long a team has been eligible. For him, as soon as you’re eligible, he should be in

  3. Sure Georgia beat Vanderbilt 55-0, but other than looking their resume, can you really convince me that Georgia is the better team?

  4. Honestly, if you follow this line of thinking there’s no point in playing games at all. No regular season, rankings are based solely on recruiting and whoever has the best talent composite is crowned champion.

  5. After adjusting Georgia’s stats, removing outliers to project the future, they heavily regress to around the level of 2018 Mississippi State.

  6. Sure, but take away all the touchdown plays they had and Georgia looked pretty pedestrian in that game.

  7. I’ve been reading many of their fans say that had Michigan not scored so many touchdowns they would have won, really makes you think

  8. No man, if you take away somewhere from 3 to 12 positive plays for Michigan, it was only a one-score game. Clearly not a beatdown (at home) (largest loss at home since 1999)

  9. The funny thing is he was so broken after that he was also questioning if OSU was a playoff team. He has moved onto bargaining.

  10. It’s possible OSU is one of the best 4 teams in the country. But you can’t leave out TCU if they go undefeated or USC if they beat Utah tonight. Idk how you can make the argument for OSU over either of these teams if they win their games.

  11. You can’t, they deserve to get in if they win. Which is why I placed a 2 team parlay on usc and Tcu because if I lose then that means the buckeyes are going to the playoffs so I won’t care

  12. I mean it’s possible that OSU beats Michigan 99 times out of 100. They wouldn’t. They didn’t. No one cares. That’s why we play the games.

  13. The point of the playoffs is finding the best team. We will almost certainly have Michigan in the playoffs and we know they're quite a bit better than Ohio State. Someone else needs a chance.

  14. In my completely, 100% unbiased opinion, I fully agree with this. But it’s unrealistic to “watch tape” on all teams for the entire season, so we should only watch tape on, oh, let’s say the just the last two weeks of the regular season. And then, we should forgo the playoffs altogether, and just crown the team that has the most Top 10 wins over the last two weeks of the season. This sounds like a perfect playoff solution (only valid for 2022).

  15. Dumbest shit I’ve heard in regards to the playoffs. What’s the point of even playing the games? Every team just need to post their recruiting rankings, make some audition tapes, and we’ll absolutely know who the best 4 teams are. Who cares if they technically “lost” games. Those other teams aren’t “better” they just won a silly game. What really defines the best team is how good your players look while they’re down by 20 in the 4th quarter.

  16. Yep, just skip the season and go straight to the playoffs based on “eye test” and recruits. So the playoff this year would be Texas A&M, Bama, OSU, and Clemson (UGA left out this season due to losing so many players to draft).

  17. Urban: You guys have to watch Ohio State nuke Toledo and Michigan State. They looked crazy good in those games. Top 4 team no doubt just watch those games and tell me I'm wrong

  18. He said something like ‘the best players are the best teams’ and like, I really don’t agree with that. I mean sure, you gotta have good players but good players don’t necessarily make a good team. Right?

  19. Ohio State is like that kid when you were growing up that got mad they lost so they just kept calling for a redo

  20. Or the kid that would restart the game if they were losing too badly. Played with someone who picked the god tier Warriors and I picked the Kings, I was winning pretty convincingly and all of a sudden he paused and restarted the game.

  21. He also said on BTN that Michigan should be #1. So, that means he wants to see #1 Michigan play #4 OSU in a rematch. Like, really...wants to see OSU get their ass beat by Michigan AGAIN, basically.

  22. Fuck Urban Meyer. This pile of shit should NEVER sit on a CFP committee. The "eye test" or past performance should NEVER be considered in determining the selection of teams for the playoffs. It should solely be on resume.

  23. The logical conclusion to this line of thinking is don’t even play games at all, whoever has the best talent composite is is crowned champion.

  24. Well said. I think any of us who took the time to diligently watch the film and aren’t just basing their ranking off wins and losses can agree that Northwestern is a top 4 team.

  25. Why even play the games if we aren’t looking at losses? Teams can just scrimmage every week and then Urban can decide the national champion.

  26. Can we please stop acting like osu deserves to be in? Their performance in the game disqualifies them from all consideration I don’t care what happens this weekend

  27. Good ol' College American football. The main sport where it seems that the actual match has the least amount of importance... until they do for whatever narrative.

  28. I guess my real issue with this line of thinking is the four best teams are just people's opinions that, sure, are based on what they see of the teams, but the 4 most deserving is based on actual results on the field and is an objective way of assessing teams.

  29. Okay so the exact same teams will be in the championship every year I guess because they always recruit better, have more resources, and have bigger brands. What a great time to be a fan.

  30. Pervin' Liar's opinion means absolutely zilch to me now. I watched the tape of his precious Buckeyes and they were sus all year and got utterly destroyed, at home, by Michigan.

  31. Trust me I've watched that tape several times. They're not a complete team. Time will tell if Michigan is real or not outside of the B1G but tOSU isn't.

  32. The absolute IRONY of him saying this after bitching about the need to run up the score against Purdue and "risking starter health" because he didn't think he could beat the eye test against Baylor and TCU.

  33. Don’t teams have to play and win games for everyone to know who the best teams are? “That team is 6-6, but they’ve looked great. Put them in the playoffs.”

  34. Why even have a season? Just pick the top 4 teams based on recruiting and scrimmage games and build the playoffs from there. Idiot.

  35. Horrible take Urb. Look at blind resumes and rank them. I don’t care who would win in a hypothetical matchup, or what the computer ranking or spread says. Look at what was accomplished on the field during that year only and put in that order.

  36. Coincidentally, if you watch the tape and keep a tally of how many wins and losses a given team has, you get a thing called a "record"

  37. So if you play a bunch of ooc FCS teams there's no way you can't make the playoffs. "Look what they did to San Diego. They definitely passed the eye test with a 50-3 beat down."

  38. Ah, yes. I love using purely subjective means of gauging the best teams instead of pure objective fact. But ya know, why stop at just how we rank teams? Let's do that for the winners of games too! If we feel that one team is better than the other than we should just give them the win, it's stupid that the worse team can upset a better team.

  39. So weird to me that Urban and other Buckeyes are coming with this energy. Like bro, YOU COACHED THAT 31-0 GAME AGAINST CLEMSON! Sometimes you just need to recognize that a NY6 bowl win plays better for croots than getting assblasted in the CFP by a Death Star UGA.

  40. I haven’t seen Urban in a while. Is it me or does he seem like he’s aged a ton and some early signs of cognitive decline? It would explain his anger issues and some of his behavior. I know it’s reckless to play doctor, but is it possible he thought that coed in the bar was his wife?

  41. Oh STFU Urban. There’s a pretty solid argument to be made that even if the top 4 lose their CGC those 4 should still make the playoffs. “Watch tape” 🤦‍♂️

  42. Why watch tape? Just make a tournament and let them decide who the best teams are on the field, just like literally every other sport in the entire world.

  43. According to Urban, why even bother playing the games then.. just go by recruiting and how teams practice

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