GAME THREAD: Saskatchewan Roughriders (10-8) @ Toronto Argonauts (9-9) - November 19, 2017

  1. I could handle Glenn throwing some interceptions, I could handle a fairly questionable missed qb roughing leading to a pick six, I could handle all these legitimate penalties, I could handle all those ridiculous calls... BUT I CANNOT HANDLE THESE F$&?ING HORNS ANYMORE!!!!!

  2. Not saying some of these flags aren’t deserved but damn the cfl really wants the Argos in the cup

  3. Chris jones really needs to whip the riders back into shape during half time. So many stupid flags and over thrown balls giving the Argos easy picks.

  4. win or lose, this Rider team exceeded my expectations this year and i’m proud to be a Rider fan. 2 more wins this year would be pretty sweet though.

  5. throwing interceptions is going to happen but when you throw the ball straight to the opposing team two plays back to back you have to wonder what the fuck is going on in his head.. mabe he got a concussion.. i hope on his part

  6. Good season boys. Never expected quite so significant of a turnaround from last year. First in the West in absolutely up for grabs next year.

  7. I noticed we just got upgraded to "it's a chess match" again, and then we got that amazing punt return.

  8. Its great seeing those seats at the top almost full. Clearly the seats down below are too expensive.

  9. Ya know whatever boys these refs don't want us to win the league doesn't want us to win. We gotta play desperate and play some 3 down football.

  10. Are torontos cheerleaders from a Jr Highschool or something? Maybe don't send the tots out to twerk at a professional football game?

  11. You could hear someone on the Rider bench screaming about the clock. Wasted 15+ seconds. What a joke.


  13. Well whoever decided to play prevent D should be fucking fired. As should whoever decided that final offensive play when TO didn’t even a have a safety out there. Just air it out to Duron and hope for the best.

  14. Two brutal calls in the first half led to touchdowns... But we can't dwell on that. GGs! All in all a nice season considering where we were last year. Gonna be an exciting team to watch in the seasons to come!

  15. Lets Go Riders!!!! Lets win the cup for Kevin Glenn, a player who deserves a ring, and the other well deserved players and fans.

  16. this is the great thing about Canadian Football. The Argos, even with a 2 possession lead in the 4th, still have to execute, and continue to move the chains, and make stops, if they want to win. With fewer downs, and a shorter play clock, they can't just run into the line, and have their hands on their hips watching the play clock tick.

  17. I am really pulling for the Riders. Christion Jones went to my high school and Trent and Duron also went to Alabama (my Alma mater) so I enjoy watching them play.

  18. I am very curious what the operating cost per seat is at BMO. Hard to believe they couldn't do some marketing magic and price cuts to fill the seats for a division final!

  19. K I don't want to see lafrace in this fucking game. He's already had 3 bad plays plus thigpen is going off

  20. They apply the penalty yardage and make it 2nd down. With a normal penalty you either choose the penalty yardage or decline to advance the down.

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