Aluminum alloy

  1. I would go with 7075 since your threads will be stronger and not wear out as easily. The cheaper but less durable choice would be 6061.

  2. Thanks! I've been looking at threaded inserts but would love to keep it simple and avoid any sort of manufacturing/added labor. Will prolly get a prototype out of 7075 and see how it holds up.

  3. 7075t6 and locking keenserts for threaded holes. Any machine shop worth a [email protected]! Should have no problem installing keenserts for you. And black sulfuric anodize. Have them hit it with red scotch brite just before It goes to anodize will give it a non reflective matte finish. I once made drones for film industry.

  4. I make aluminum parts. 6065 t6511 holds up. I've got fixtures we tighten bolts Into with an impact 3x a day on average for 9 years.

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