People aren’t mad at new content, it’s the massive amounts of bugs and issues.

  1. I just bitched about this 27 seconds ago. That and shit isn’t rendering in for me, I think I’m walking through an open field and a fucking house drops on me

  2. I’m just mad about 70 fucking levels for guns. Takes an entire session of multi for me to level anything. Means we’re gonna get super simple metas with no counters as it takes to long to bother leveling more than 1 or 2 weapons.

  3. Yup the loadout problem is actually exacerbated by guns taking so long to level. Imagine their gameplay thought process being: "we'll make it take 2 full 6-8 hour days of Plunder spam to level a single VG weapon, then we'll make it so you spend a full half of the match without a loadout with that gun you just spent a week levelling, on a map where it's unbelievably easy to camp and 3rd party anyone who goes for their free drop". It's insane, and just another indication that I keep harping on; these devs are dogshit, and have no fucking idea what they're doing.

  4. Main reason I stopped playing cod during cold war. Between a family and a full time job, it takes we literally a week if not more to max out 1 gun. I'd rather play something else than spend time leveling a gun to use it in warzone.

  5. Bombing runs would have made sense if they occurred due to no movement for an elongated interval. To punish camping. But it seems random. I was in the final circle and moving around. Random bombing gave away my location.

  6. The loadout thing has grown on me. I enjoy getting UAVs and pushing people. If I've got enough money I'll sit by the buy and get my own loadout once the free one drops so I can pull overkill.

  7. I actually like the fact that you can’t buy load outs. Makes it more situational to pick up ground loot and looting is more important. and teams don’t just get fully modified lasers 2 min into the game and rail you from half the map away. I feel like I’m verdansk there was no need or desire to pick up or search for ground loot most of the time cause most teams just got their load out 2 min in. Ground guns and looting seems more important now. Just my personal preference tho

  8. After like maybe 20 wins for me while playing slow and camping around, I was getting bored so the fun of WZ then came from rushing loadout then playing bounties all game. The quick pace of looting for 2 minutes then being able to jump straight into the action is what draws ME into playing the game.

  9. I actually find this game now unplayable because my weapon keeps randomly ADS-ing. So yeah, I can’t play until that’s fixed. Also the random 3 FPS lagg doesn’t help. It’s pretty bad for an AAA game

  10. When my gun begins to look like a 1970s computer fused with Pinhead from Hellraiser, the game becomes unplayable. Shit was goofy and annoying the first time it came about. A year later and it's back.

  11. I really like the map. It’s just hard to enjoy it when so many bugs are around. I finished the other day in second place, but I had a fighting chance at a dub….until the gun I picked up in the last few seconds glitched and took half of my screen.

  12. My biggest issue atm is the bug that makes me ads, every time someone nearby mounts anything. Basicly makes the game unplayable for me.

  13. The loadout changes have me rage quitting so hard. Btw it’s only until after first circle closes. As soon as the free loadout drops you can buy your own. And you won’t have to deal with loadout campers. Just played with randoms who did know that. They thought buy station loadouts were just removed from the game and refused to drop cash to let me prove them wrong. I hate this game right now. As in this 15-45 second window in the wake of that nonsense. I really hope they ditch this loadout barrier, or at least put more useful ground loot in game.

  14. Played with a TTV sweat the other day. Kept yelling at people to drop cash for him despite the other two randoms explaining that he can’t buy it yet. Eventually we dropped the cash and he finally realised. Load out then dropped in and he wanted to rush it to kill enemies. Got all of us killed because he didn’t buy a load out

  15. I like the map but I can't see shit due to textures not rendering. It was better the first couple days it was out then went to shit.

  16. I don’t have vanguard so I’ve been playing battle royal quads while I level a few gun in plunder, love the game so far but where the fuck did the 5th zone load out drop go??? Makes it almost impossible for a mid to late game regain if everything has been looted.

  17. You can be mad when a billion + dollar studio releases games which aren’t fucking finished. Also using people’s play time as beta testing is not ok.

  18. The AnCap in me says it makes no sense to complain about something that's free. Totally agree with you though. Sadly, at its core this company is obscenely rich, with an enormous player base for its household-name franchise, and the MW19 engine which is virtually indisputably the most pleasing FPS experience. It will rest on these 3 laurels for decades to come.

  19. Gosh The Weapons suck, Glitched out, I lost count on how many times I have died trying to shoot. Somebody with picked up Gun and it becomes a huge spiky blob lol then Im like dead, also seems PC players have a huge advantage over console players

  20. Anyone else's level get reset like 2 or 3 days in? I went from 50 to 6 and it dosent look like I'm getting my levels back.

  21. I hate the new map, where 70% space just fucking open field and fucking simulator of hike where u a 100% death if lowground

  22. I like the new map. What i just dont get is why this game still doesnt have a ranked mode. Is it because they are affraid that all the streamers will cry because they would have to play in top tier games against other sweats instead of lowering kd to run over low skill players?

  23. For most of the complaints in here I feel the same way too, I simply just don't enjoy the game as much and am playing it a lot lot less now. I won't play it any more with all the bugs and shit, but mainly for me I just don't like the map (I don't think it's shit, I think it's a downgrade on Verdansk), the guns or how it feels.

  24. It's the fact that people meld the bugs in with the content. "Booo the caldera map sucks, its buggyyy" but it's the bugs and not the actual map. I do wish warzone had its own client where both Caldera and Verdansk can exist.

  25. Playing last night and my guns either kept disappearing or turning into giant hedgehog bushes. That on top of the lack of sound was hugely frustrating

  26. I dont mind gameplay changes, ill get used to them, but technical issues like sound breaking which I had to fix by lowering quality of textures which nade game look like crap is... well shit. And no, it isnt ok for free game, warzone is free, but lot of us have bought Vanguard, we buy packs for wz, game is making money, it isnt charity ffs.

  27. Squeaky wheel gets the grease my guy, and even if this "dev supported" subreddit doesn't actually get read, the feedback must exist somewhere (not to mention content creators do actually come here to read stuff) so it can get put out in the world.

  28. I really don’t know what everyone is complaining about. I’ve played Caldera since launch and haven’t experienced any bugs or glitches…. I don’t know how so many people can have issues with others not having any. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  29. Caldera rocks, you guys are probably just upset by change. Get a better console, get a better internet connection and for gods sake get good.

  30. No one's saying don't be mad. But you don't need to get on reddit and write the 9,000th post of the day about fov/audio bugs/etc. just bc you're mad.

  31. Who cares? Were people whining when idiots were putting selfies of their squads up at the end of verdansk? Both are dumb as fuck content nobody cares about.

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