Credit where it’s due, this may be the perfect playlist

  1. Not really as you can play only quads in regualr battle royale, which should never happand. It is main mode, not weekend thing.

  2. I really can never understand when they mess with the battle Royale mode...just f**king leave the 4 modes of BR there and add any other games you want

  3. I don't mind the Vanguard Royale mode personally, but the people I play with hate it. So it looks like my squad won't be playing at all until the playlist changes again. Love it when the game you enjoy is actively trying to alienate you.

  4. What? Just click on it and gives you options for everything. I was just playing duos in regular last night.

  5. I really wish they stopped worrying about events and special playlists, and just gave us a month or two on Caldera with normal playlists

  6. I exclusively play vanguard royale now. No heartbeat sensors is nice. Totally changed my style of play and now I'm having a lot of fun again.

  7. I do. Way more action-packed and fun, less "campy", faster-paced, and I can finally use something other than Ghost for once in my fucking life. The atmosphere is cool, weapons are all a ton of fun and the entire playing field is more leveled. No heartbeat-prox-campers sitting behind every doorway. Firefights are more a test of aiming ability and positioning instead of outclassing your opponent with a decked-out-kit, since even the ground-loot is viable for the most part.

  8. Give it a go. I hated it at first, but I played a chunk last night and actually really enjoyed it. Ran high alert and played a bit more loose - was actually pretty fun.

  9. Don't like vanguard resurgence duos. I wanna play with my buddies, so why dont they have vanguard resurgence duos, trios and quads?

  10. I was stunned with that spawn rate! I was 1v1 this dude and I kept killing him and he just kept coming back and trying to leave in the chopper, I’d kill him again then watch another chopper spawn before he spawned back and go for the chopper again Hilarious death coms tho 😂😬

  11. Not in the slightest. It’s one of the reasons I wont play that mode. I dont need tryhards shooting me out of the sky with an aimbot plane.

  12. Meh, I really enjoyed Vanguard Resurgence Quads. Duos for Resurgence is just not it imo (for both Caldera and Rebirth).

  13. don't listen to these fools dawg. Resurgence Duos is my favorite on Rebirth Island too. It's the perfect size map for duos and my buddy and I have a lot of fun when it comes back around

  14. I wonder if VG Resurgence has stopped shitting my screen up with brown polygons yet. Either way, no baby monitors = A+ playlist

  15. After the nerf, you're at a disadvantage if you run HB Sensor now. Nowadays, everyone worth worrying about has a UAV in the sky and 1 in the pocket.

  16. Vanguard Royale makes me sick. I preordered MW 2019, I can’t even play that, and I can rarely even use my preferred weapons from MW with Damascus that I worked so hard for. Fuck this corporate nonsense having brainless executives steer the ship of a franchise that they have no stake in besides their massive paycheck they get every fucking year.

  17. Lmao oh man they made a decent playlist while their sever room burns to the ground and everybody is up in arms against them. Good job Raven and Activision

  18. Bro the best rebirth mode is trios,because isn’t that hard to wipe out teams,but you have more chances to survive like quads,the only downside is that most people have 3 or more friends :(

  19. I would like Vanguard Royale (solo/duo/trio/quad), clash for easy gun levels, rebirth, and battle royale (1,2,3,4) as a permanent playlist but alternate clash with other game modes, I hate not being able to play a certain mode for the sole reason I don’t have enough people to play with, and we all know how playing with randoms goes

  20. I would love quads, trios, duos and solos always available for vanguard royale. Not swapped out with Battle Royale every week or so. Both if possible would be great.

  21. the perfect playlist is the playlist where they get their head's out of their asses and allow us to have all the main gamemodes but we can chose the squad count. its not that fucking hard.

  22. Personally I like the Vanguard guns, but many other gameplay elements such as the planes, ground vehicles, and circle-long fire sale ruin the mode for me.

  23. You’re just flat out wrong. How on earth is getting rid of solos/duos/trios “the perfect playlist”? I can’t believe someone actually thinks this.

  24. no, it would be if there is a trashguard royale and br solo,duo, trios and squads selection, trashguard rebirth and rebirth island quads, that would be literally the perfect playlist for this nearly dead game (thx activision🙂)

  25. 100% agree. I'm glad that we have vanguard solos back. It's nice to have rebirth as well so I can play with those of my friends that prefer the any gun modes.

  26. Disagree 100% I just wanna battle royale with one or two friends. They try to force me to buy there next cod game by locking me out of normal battle royale. Maybe the worst playlist update for non vanguard owners

  27. That does not say Battle Royale with all 4 modes or Rebirth Resurgence with all 3 modes. Idk, that's a mid playlist you shown.

  28. A good playlist - all of this, plus the return of Payload or Warzone Rumble, I wish I could experience those modes in Caldera :(

  29. I bought vanguard and got a refund 2 days later, worst CoD ever made. Id rather play mw2, arguably one of the best ever made.

  30. This playlist is horrible. Just stop removing normal BR modes. Always keep single, duo, trios an quad. Not everyone has a few buddies they wanna play with all the time.

  31. I don't mind the Vanguard royale since many of my Vanguard guns are maxed but the planes man.. They are op and need to be nerfed. I'm never near a anti aircraft when they start shooting me... 😂

  32. As opposed to just letting people choose freely between Vanguard Royale, BR, Rebirth or Plunder regardless of how big the squad is?

  33. God, why don’t they just have battle royale for solo,duo,trio and squads like if I knew that I would basically never be able to use the Damascus and DM ultra that I grinded for then I never would have don’t that. It just frustrates me how when the new (and dare I say shittier) game vanguard comes out then all my progress and camos I got just go away or can use in one mode. OR I can just have a payment of 80$ so that I can grind some more to have actually usable weapons. I don’t know man this game just has something flawed about its design and dev team. Thanks for letting me rant

  34. hell no wtf? planes are absolute cancer to the game and when you only have 1-2 friends on you are basically forced to play vanguard royale, the ground vehicles are completely useless compared to normal BR mode and the planes are disgustingly OP.... Way harder to find campers without heartbeats aswell....

  35. For me it's the worst. I don't often have 3 other people to play with. I don't like the vanguard mode. And don't have the weapons ranked up. Rebirth is for people that can't handle the full game and plunder is simply to grind weapons up with no sense of achievement.

  36. They need to leave the regular br modes active all the time in all modes. Solo, Duo, Trio, and Quad. Vanguard Royale is the specialty mode and I shouldn’t be forced to play that if I play solo or with my duo partner. I play this to use any gun I wish not be limited to vanguard weapons. Don’t force us to play some shit mode.

  37. Vanguard royale has no major advantages over core br change my mind. Vehicles suck, no semtex, fire sale is kind of a 2 edged sword, planes are aids, etc

  38. This is the worst list ever. I won't play Vanguard royal since I haven't leveled anything Vanguard and my whole collection won't work there, what the fuck have I unlocked all this shit for? Leveling Vanguard weapons is just a drag and almost forces you to buy the new shitty COD. I just want to play duos and trios like always. I'm out of this mess for the week.

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