Krampus is too much. Something like the 5 or 6 zombies blackout had was perfect.

  1. No doubt. I’m not so much upset about krampus. I’m worried about what that means for future ideas. And the idea just doesn’t work in a BR. 3 ammo clips each / 4 squad mates later and krampus is dead but you just got third partied. I can only hope they never add something like this again.

  2. You know what I always wanted for Christmas … rage all the rage …. Krampus is a Christmas troll which is against the spirit of Christmas

  3. Blackout just needed a way to get teammates back for me. Me and my squad were not very good and there was always 1 of us dead is we went anywhere hot. Really sucked watching all Match

  4. Second time playing with my squad in a while, I usually scout ahead while my friends(trio in total) usually go a different way. We pin down a team and I’m firing at them from a rock while my friends are a bit further back and suddenly they’re just screaming and shooting wildly and not helping at all with the team. 1 dead teammate later and all of the ammo exhausted the enemy team overwhelms me and eventually kills my teammate as well.

  5. I don’t get the Krampus complaining. I’m not good at this game and me and my team of Randy’s have killed him pretty easily every time he’s come after me. Just don’t try it in a heli.

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