Ravens note on weapon nerfs and why the akimbo shotguns are still viable

  1. Yeah I agree that shotguns should be deadly at close range but shouldn't encroach on smgs. Every class of weapon should be viable for different play styles

  2. Raven has done an amazing job to make this integration not full of truly broken guns. They addressed the 3 line rifle 1 shot quickly and preemptively nerfed a lot of guns

  3. I have noticed the shotguns still feel decent but not nearly as busted. I used to get one shotted when the guy was 10m away but last night they tried it again and it just tickled me and I was able to beam him. Shotguns should melt up close tbh. I would just lower the movement speed a bit more. I do like this approach tho, nothing is more degrading than leveling a gun up just to have it nerfed into the ground. I got use the automaton for like a day lol I would like to see it’s recoil reduced a bit. Seems kinda whacky they nerfed it so bad and the cooper carbine game out and it was basically the same gun lol

  4. I agree. They should also just use the gun name instead of saying the official name, like “Bren (VG)”. And yes, mp40 is a balanced SMG, it’s just the other SMG’s need a buff. Not a fan of incendiary bullets in general, makes close range guns really good. I think there should also be a handful of MW and CW guns that should be highly viable. I understand Activision wanting to make their current COD title (Vanguard) guns meta, but they should want their super casual players be able to use their MW or CW guns that they leveled up and not feel at a huge disadvantage in fights.

  5. For the love of God, why can't we just address the weapons as what they are. Im not going to remember what LMG Charlie is!

  6. I agree - I don’t understand the reasoning behind this multiple naming convention thing! For someone who’s just a casual player, it’s so confusing trying to remember what’s what when everything is referred to in multiple ways.

  7. THANK YOU! Just tell me the name. Why the fuck am I running the NATO alphabet through my head to eventually find out what the gun is called?

  8. Raven has been A++ at weapon balance since Year 2 Season 3. It's night and day especially when compared to year 1.

  9. lol. Since year 2 season 3 is exactly the period that weapons had "its viability completely stripped in an unexpected balance patch". They did it so often, to every popular AR, that Swissk31 and Kar98 ended up more popular than all ARs put together. All LMGs, Krig 6, QBZ, the rest of BOCW ARs... all with the same method too - big increases to recoil (or in Krig / QBZ's case, insane increases). They did this like clockwork every 3-4 week, too.

  10. Tldr: they want to do incremental nerfs until they get it right so the people who did the grind for the unlock can still use their gun

  11. It's bs. It's that some weapons are easier to level on in VG mp, some are able through plunder. The ones through plunder are the ones they're willing to nerf quickly. For harder to level ones if they balance it quickly ppl won't play as much VG, or pay to play VG to level guns in the future. They know exactly how to balance akimbo double barrels.

  12. I've only seen fast-TTK games like the Insurgency and Rising Storm series pull off shotguns in a way that feels both powerful and reasonably balanced.

  13. Yeah the issue here is that smgs kill you in like 550 ms at this range. If a shotgun has to win say under 6 meters it has to basically erase you instantly.

  14. Kind of inevitable in a game with fast TTK. Nobody wants to get one shot by someone they didn’t even see from breaking camera, and nobody wants to constantly get hitmarkers and then deleted while pumping another in the chamber. Ultimately it’s better to have relatively useless weapons than one hit death machines.

  15. I think they could have a role as high flinch low damage weapons, so you could juggle an opponent by using cover to chamber the next round. It should be very hard to get vital shots with them against armor, but very easy to chip away at opponents' armor with finesse. Make them only especially effective against unarmored opponents. You'd have to bury their utility somewhat in combos and more situational superiority.

  16. They need more nerfing. I played last night and there is still a ton of no talent players running around wiping people with these

  17. I found on rebirth a lot of people still running them but I still came out on top with the mp40. If they need more tweaking at least we know they're still looking at it

  18. No what they need to do is buff about 60 other guns so there is truly weapon variety. Sorry your bum ass keeps dying but it ain’t because of “no talent” players lmao.

  19. I don’t mind the subtle touch for something that is meta and just needs some balancing. But the double barrels weren’t just meta, they were 100% the most over powered gun to come to warzone. And after playing last night with these changes, I was still getting killed at SMG ranges by the double barrel. IMO they should’ve nerfed it much more strongly and then worked on balancing it back up rather than keeping it as such a strong option when it already had been way too overpowered for way too long.

  20. They are doing it also to convince people its worth leveling up guns. Seen a lot of comments “im not gonna bother leveling it up for it to be unusable the next day”

  21. They're doing something to mitigate one of the things we've been complaining about (nerfing guns into the ground just after you spent a week leveling them) but doing it for one of the few weapons that we actually want a full nerf. This logic is fantastic, sure wish they had done this with the Automaton. But with specifically the akimbo shotguns or like the DMR in the past, if it's genuinely game breaking just nerf the fuck out of it.

  22. Or in some cases nerfing them into the ground right after you bought skins for them, which I thought was part of their business model for the last two years

  23. Double barrel is still OP and broken asf. There’s no reason I should be one shot by a double barrel across the map 24/7. But yeah, you guys are doing great :| // also to the people saying that the double barrel just needs slower movement and reload speed, you don’t know what you’re talking about. People are literally using akimbo double barrels to SNIPE when it should only be that deadly up close. They need to reduce the range and that’s it.

  24. Def gotta nerf the Bren. I wish the amax could have a ttk more in line with the cw ak47, and the krig/automaton with buffed recoil patterns could be similar with the grau/m13 as far as ttk. Maybe even buff the kilo’s ttk to a couple less bullets but that’s just being greedy lol.

  25. I’ll take the unpopular opinion of I dislike this type of balancing. If the argument is “I still want these guns to be viable,” I’d rather them be too weak after a nerf than too strong. You can always buff them after if they’re too weak.

  26. You should ranking other weapons instead of chasing the meta because when they do start buffing other guns you'll always be ready for it. People bitching about leveling stuff up is funny, you've got to have time to play to be competitive, if you don't have time to rank weapons it doesn't really matter if you've got the meta weapon ranked or not you arent going to be good with or without it.

  27. It’s fine if you’re point blank in front of someone but they shouldn’t melt with 2 shots at 20m. Some ppl are saying they’re still op. I havnt played since the nerf to see if I’m still getting melted 20 m away. I never leveled them myself. Assuming they would get a harder nerf.

  28. Weapon balancing of all VG weapons to keep them top dog, which will get them more sales. I've played Calera three times, it's sad Raven doesn't fix the underlying issues with the game and all of their limited time modes have been disgustingly bad. Raven has got to go.

  29. To be honest all this weapon diversity and nerfs are pure BS. There can be no more than 20 guns in the game to be honest, instead they have 100s of guns with and every time they introduce new guns they nerf old guns. They just want to sell guns’ blueprints and it’s killing their game.

  30. Y’all worried about shotguns. I am over here beyond annoyed that snipers are allowed to roam free while I get zero cover is 50% of the map

  31. Why do they insist on calling each weapon "alpha, bravo, Charlie,..." I have no idea what they are, just call them by their names!

  32. surely everyone here remembers that month or so before vg (mp) rolled out when almost ALL CW and MW guns were viable. Glorious.

  33. Bren needs a nerf. The mp40 doesn't. The other smgs need a serious buff. Nerfing the mp40 basically makes smgs nonviable. I think I just overall dislike Vanguard weapons. Theyre so boring and I feel constrained to like 3 or 4 guns because the others are just so bad they aren't worth using.

  34. I stopped playing because as a casual I would play to rank you a gun (often late to the meta)....then nerf. Wasted all that time and don't enjoy ranking up guns at all, but I want to compete! No fun

  35. I wish they would make it take just slightly less time to max out a gun like seriously it takes forever compared to mw and cw. Also why can't they ever just say what guns exactly they are tweaking? lol

  36. Steps in the right direction but now Xmas break is over we should be getting some recoil and or damage nerfs for some of the laserbeams in the game... Bren, STG, MP40, Cooper, .Those 4 definitely clearly top of the list for nerf priority.

  37. I feel like someone at activision is making these decisions on whatever gun they like to use when they play. No reason the OTS should have been meta for so long, no reason to make the mp5 shit tier last season, no reason for the EM2 to destroy but things like the scar and stoner play like ass. I swear it’s like one dude who’s like I like this gun now let’s nerf everything else till I get bored of it.

  38. Not too many people are using the bren but these akimbo shotguns need to get nerfed into the ground. Even the nerf they did isnt enough and still kill you from range. Since they two tap or 4 tap theres no reason to use any other gun for close engagements.

  39. Where is the complaint here? No Glitch? No Hacker? No Complaints about raven being dogsh*t with their game? Jokes aside, its quite a good reasoning and i actually agree. (I only censor cuss words if ik the opinion is REALLY REALLY GOOD, so accept it kinda like a terni award 😉)

  40. I liked when cod balancing was there was a gun that had the best dps but had low recoil control but then this other gun has the best recoil control wit lower then average dps and so on and so forth, limited attachments for guns to help balance it more and ya needed a perk or wildcard to use more attachments... Idk I always preferred that, made the playing field more diverse and there were still metas but each one had a downfall of some sort right? Metas now are op until nerfed lol

  41. The only thing they need to tone down is their involvement in our beloved game. Infinity ward needs to step in here

  42. Disappointed.. I was hoping they would say that they are going to get rid of calling weapons by their military alphabet names and just use actual names.

  43. Yeah hackers have ruined many games for me. Csgo, gtaV, but at least with the lawsuit we know they're working on multiple fronts to try and handle it

  44. meta abusers should actually not be taken into consideration. if they impact other players negatively with "unfair" gameplay, they should know it wont last long and feel penalized by the nerf.

  45. Meanwhile all except 1 me gun has a positive kd, whole classes of mw guns not used. I'm not sure what they're talking about tbh bc VG ar overall have much better visual recoil than various MW and CW ars

  46. We are solo players who don't play rebirth Island. Personally i don't think the shotguns are anywhere near of the same issue here (main map caldera). We run them for fun every couple maps but its not the same as everyone bunched together in a building or stairwells. I do see the need for the nerf. But they are not worse than the cali sticks.... which never got touched. Or the Kar which got faked nerfed a few times and was still the OP meta forever. There are drawbacks to them already so hope they don't nerf them to dust. HAVE FUN OUT THERE GUYS AND GIRLS!

  47. What would be the point in adding new guns that are worse than the ones that came out at release? Stg and mp40 are the best guns in every ww2 game they've released, I'd be disappointed if they weren't usable

  48. So many words just to cover up for making double shotguns stay the same. The nerf was pointless. You barely get hit by those and still die in split second. It's not even 500ms. you just die. That's it. anyone can spray it like a bot and still get a kill.

  49. Raven Software is t r a s h. Weapon balancing? Totally no. Just some marketing bullshit promoting guns and blueprints. Oh, and pink bullets. Let's not forget about that. Shame on this company.

  50. Perhaps they should stop 'feeling' so god damn much and start working. What the hell have they been up to lately? I thought it couldnt get worse, then the game become cartoon and lost all its textures. Ran into a building without knowing everything be gone...everything means walls, floor, furniture...left me in a cartoon cloud impossible to get out. Fuck you raven, activition, sledgehammer, infinity and whatever else bullshit company working with the game. Since caldera fucking release u maddafakkas! Hope ur life after death is a fucking cartoon cloud bitch. Im ouddie.

  51. You lot would never survive an rts. If a short range weapon is dominant then change your play style these days people just cry for nerfs

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