Wtf happened? Cheaters Everywhere!

  1. I got absolutely clapped by a guy with an aim-bot. He finished the game with 17 kills and had 8 spectators. Sniping and PPSH with all headshots. His teammates only had 1 and 0 kill.

  2. Magnetic bullets and wall hacks in my last game. Username was making fun of ricochet. He was boosting his teammate by pointing out enemies.

  3. A week ago I died to a guy with 28 kills and 20 some odd spectators, spectated until he had 61 kills just lasering people out of the air, then he died to the newest shotgun Meta. Was pretty freakin awesome to watch him get obliterated by a dude with 2 kills after watching him cheat egregiously the whole rest of the game😂😂

  4. Sometimes... the aimbot is Raven's console aimlock... the kills... these people don't even have to aim... just press a button and a direction joystick

  5. Even when ricochet is at its best and identifies a cheater, it often doesn't ban them until after at least 6 games or so. With 150 people per lobby, that's ruined nearly a thousand games for people (before they then just make a new account and continue). Yet if you so much as suggest that we should expect more from an 'anticheat' that they've literally used to advertise their game you get down voted by apologists. Smh

  6. Unless you are bad at the game they are in every mode after 6 pm every single night (you put your wins in your name so I assume you arent a total scrub but that is still obnoxious to do).

  7. None of these was gone. EO was not available for purchase a few days and hackers were playing a little more legit style. You kids are so clueless.

  8. Noticed a bunch last couple of days. Before that I didn’t really see any but one who was rage hacking. Hope ricochet can update to get Engine Owning not working since they’re the most popular cheat company.

  9. Waves. Any game with an anti-cheat will have ups and downs. Keep a close eye on how long it lasts. If its less than a week/week and a half, it’s effective. Especially if it goes away for like 2-3 months and then ramps back up for a week.

  10. Personally I’m not worried as long as they’re low level accounts, shows that their cheating accounts don’t last long. Way better than before ricochet when you had people with prestige accounts cheating for months and months without being detected. Hopefully they get bored of having to make new accounts every game.

  11. How so when there are cheaters almost every game? They might get banned fast but them being everywhere is still kind of ruining the game :)

  12. Ricochet taking a day off or something idk. Saw one in Vanguard too, the first one I’ve seen yet. The other team was a bunch of racists so it was justified imo. I was rooting for the hacker the whole way through

  13. I am reading that if a cheater is banned, they get banned in a way they can make a new account and keep doing it? Does this mean they don't have to buy the game again if caught cheating?

  14. Lol wasn’t there a post of like 400 idiots praising the anti cheat that Dosent work. Too many idiots on reddit 🤦🏽‍♂️

  15. just a thought here ,,, could Deaths from cheating/banned accounts,,,(COD STATS) would be data base)),,,, be discounted from Warzone K/D? ( maybe add to Victims K/D to discourage cheating?!? ) i feel that is fair for us stuck in public lobbies lol maybe K/D Refresh/ update every 2nd month?

  16. So, EO shut up shop for warzone/cod cheats, and now they are back, is that what we are saying?

  17. EO was detected by Ricochet, they worked on this and seems like they found a way around it now, at least per their website it is again listed as undetected.

  18. So activision decided to sue EO, EO decided to say fuck you and redeveloped their spoofers, and all the cheaters are back at it apparently. I've only run into one so far on Caldera but it's a matter of time I guess

  19. Well that explains why last night was a shitfest for all but one game and was getting zero kills. I'd naively figured it was because I was having a bad night. I guess I'd better not sell my PS5 as I was planning to because at least there I can disable crossplay and only have the no recoil controller brigade to deal with which isn't that big a deal as you can effectively build no recoil loadouts anyway.

  20. Why can't the start making you purchase warzone, I mean I would gladly pay for the game if it meant less cheaters. If your account gets banned you have to buy the game again at $45-55, I'm dumb so be kind, but would this not be helpful?

  21. Honestly it all seemed to be going well until the hackers are getting through and we’ll just making the same old bad experiences for honest gamers. I’m deleting this game for sure

  22. Pretty much every week there’s hackers for a few days then they’re gone. Tbh the hacker problem despite improving is still very very bad.

  23. Because no one was playing due to all the issues the first 2 weeks was unplayable the next to barely playable now it's something out a little and more people are jumping on including cheaters

  24. Tbh with cheaters I feel like it’s just bad parenting. Their following the wrong joys in life, and they need direction. Cheaters are a case.

  25. without cheaters the game has no players, if they have bundles they will let them play if it's not very visible.. they not care.. and problem it's not the cheaters, its the normal player, they see be scam next buy bundles. The devs not care, and they joke about that. Shut up buy and play, if not, go play another game have the same tactics... be cheater its a new normal, so have fun, in my time they block hardware, but they can do that it's illegal. So have fun..

  26. Yeah even found a couple aim bots in rebirth which literally never happens. It was rare as hell before caldera but I did have one this weekend. Still, I'm happy to report it's still EXTREMELY rare in rebirth but still happens now and then.

  27. Yeah it’s almost like the anti cheat went down a few days ago. I was good then all the sudden I’m getting cheaters in every game

  28. I really wish we would IP banning and Hardware banning. Or both. This is ridiculous AND it's against the law.

  29. Ram into 4 cheaters last night, only one the few weeks before this. No idea what’s happening but it totally killed out gaming session to come up against that.

  30. Cheaters never left. Only spoofers were getting detected and rage hack settings. People were using "legit" settings and soft cheats for a while. Now the spoofer is back working. Nobody should ever expect anything from activision. Even the best kernel level anti cheat that is in valorant doesn't stop all the cheats and there are some that play for months without getting caught.

  31. Ive been running into cheaters on Rebirth as well. Fresh level 1-20 accounts with diamond camos and maxed weapons. Hipfiring into the ground and getting headshots. Most still ended up losing, which is hilarious and sad. You pay to cheat to get like 15 kills to get dogged on in last 2 circles because you have 0 map awareness. All while not even getting that high of a kill count, especially if you're cheating. Like. I just dont see the purpose. Lol.

  32. Engine owning who is being sued and the largest cheat provider for call of duty said they are giving 8 free days of cheats so expect allot for the next week

  33. I ran into a hacker the other day. I was loading into pre lobby and I died. I watch the kill cam some dude already on the ground and he shoots me really quick but I wasn’t even visible on the screen or to even aim at

  34. Yeah played yesterday and was one shot buy someone far away while I was in a house. I have no idea how he could have seen me much less headshot me. Plus this was a minute after the start and his weaponry looked suspiciously good.

  35. Not matter what this Franchise releases for anti chest people who are good a programming will always find a way to by pass the anti cheat. There will always and forever be Cheaters. No matter what. They can only do the best as there best anti cheat programmer.

  36. I haven’t gotten any on any of my games yet, but I’m nervous about it now. I had one hacker on my team in Rebirth awhile ago and it felt so dirty when he/she had like 18 kills and we all had about 2.

  37. Sue the players who use them. Put in the end user license to play that using a mod or any cheating device is a litigation with x$ amount in damages. Follow up with and sue some people for 45k or some shit and see what happens.

  38. The creators of the game make more money selling cheats than they do selling the game or skins.. plus the under paid helpers need some bonus money also. According to my cousin who helps create content..... cheats will never go away NEVER so get better or spend lol

  39. It has never stopped, just lookup bettergamingchair on TikTok.. Just because there is a lawsuit doesn't mean that the coders cant sell them... They are everwhere.

  40. Because biggest cheat provider EngineOwning is now untedetected again since last week. It seems it took them about a month to find a solution to have it not being detected by Ricochet but they found a solution. As they will always find one.

  41. People still play warzone? Why? It's trash. Raven is gonna nerf ads speed on all guns to level out ttk (which is stupid in my opinion). Move on from warzone people!

  42. They just need to change the model back to pay to play. If they had to drop 50 bucks for every new account I bet it would slow down. Hwid spoofers just let them create a new account and they’re back in business.

  43. Well that's weird. Wait....sorry what I meant was Expected, that's EXPECTED. Even the best systems in the world are still hackable and.....well ill try to be nice and put it like this, there's no f*cking way Activision is breaking any piggybanks for its customers.

  44. Yea hacks are back. Last night I had a team of hackers with aydan drdisrespect teeP and timethetatman name hacks and all were aimbotting and killing ppl across the map

  45. The anti cheat doesn't exist. Can someone prove to me that it's there, files and all with proof. Please. Games trash. Everyone leaving anyways, might as well follow suit

  46. Last 3 days have been so fuxkt up! Cheaters everywhere. And its those “soft” cheats, people are trying to hide it, but anyone can spot it, since we been deadline with it for over a year.

  47. Actually, it's even worse than it's ever been for us. We used to never see cheaters. Every now and then, we'd run across someone at least trying to hide it, but very seldom. Over the last week, we've run into at least one or two egregious cheaters each evening. Ricochet is a joke, and Activision knows it, hence the "lawsuit."

  48. Can't stress this enough, if only they made secure boot and TPM mandatory we would not be in this mess, harder to load kernel level cheats with VBS on. ( older processors support Tpm too ver 1.2 which is still good )

  49. because with Caldera, Warzone's online drop a lot, but cheaters mostly stay, so less normal players, same amount of cheaters => more cheaters for you

  50. Famn I'm glad someone said something, Inthought it was me. Something, started off great no cheaters, now its like every game I'm in has hackers or ambos bitches. What the hell? I'm just going to do away with the game all together, its not worth it anymore.

  51. The wall hackers are even worse these days. I’m not great but the first couple weeks in the new map were awesome… all our deaths were just because we were outshot or out positioned. I die quite a bit. I’m old and slow but we have fun. Now we have people staring through objects, solid rock and buildings. ADSing on the name tag before we even appear on screen! Throw in some aimbotters and it’s just sad to have a good game ruined by some mentally soft loser who can’t compete without paying for cheats to help them with their video game. What kind of person feels good about pretending to play and having the computer do the aiming or using walls to pretend to be good??. It would be no different than watching an adult riding a bike with training wheels and pretending to be good at riding a bike. They know they aren’t actually good. They know they aren’t actually winning. How can that be enjoyable? What’s the point of spending a half hour pretending to play when you can actually play and have the thrill of competing! Real wins can be enjoyed. I can’t understand what a cheater gets out of pretend winning.



  54. As a console player, I speak for everyone and hope they allow for cross console play only and let all the PC players deal with their monster.

  55. I have been playing Xbox series x and not a single cheater since playing and trust me I have screen recorded many times it seems like I'm so good I'm getting called the cheater

  56. They now very well the cheats company's, they win money. 1 close open another's 10 to sell cheats.. it's a cycle.. cheaters buy, next they are inactive, next same guy are selling in another website.. it's a scam.. you guy believe in that shits, they close website.. they not close nothing, they just transfer sells for another websites.. you buy 1 time next you need to buy another and another, they sell cheats in bundles...

  57. Anti- cheat it's just to check if you are cheating without bundles, you guy's are so dummies, to believe in ACTIVISION or any game company's...

  58. Gotta love how the anti cheat is “live on pc” but if you’re a console player you’re shit out of luck. And clearly the pc hackers have come back to console now that they can’t hack the pc

  59. I’m not sure you understand how this works. There are no hackers on console so anti cheat is not needed there. Console players still benefit from anti cheat when playing cross play.

  60. Kick off the PC users and then u dont have to worry..these arent real gamers. If u need to cheat to win, then you arent good enough

  61. hummm i think in this subreddit most of the poster are 14 y.o. butthured that have to accuse people of cheating to cope with the fact they suck at the game. I personally have a 1.25 kd and am booted in 1.0< lobby i have maybe saw 1 cheater in all the post richochet lobbyes. And am level 500 so i have played alot. This witch hunting is pathetic oh and yeah and most of you are rebirth players wich is basically warzone for n00bz this prove me right. Now downvote me but at least am beeing honest.

  62. Bro, you havnt been keeping up. Engine Ownings cheats were down until like last week which is when this all started. I play everyday and it was obvious when it happened.

  63. I dunno about you guys but I’m an above average player. Because of this I tend to have a few games where I actually play well, maybe have like 9+ kills nothing spectacular but it’s decent. Now I’ve been permanently banned from playing this due to what I assume is players getting so angsty with me that they just report me multiple times. Now Activision wont accept my appeal and banned my account. I’ve spent years playing the game and it’s so clear from my k/d over this time that there is no way in hell I am cheating. I’ve been there since the beginning and this is how they treat us. They just tar all of the players getting reported with the one brush, oh you must be definitely hacking. What forensics do they actually use? I’m flabbergasted by this honestly. Such a shame how the game has turned into literal garbage with patch after patch fixing not even releasable map and then add this anti cheating software that does nothing but drive whole hearted players away from the platform. Such poor poor form from Activision

  64. Cheaters everywhere? No. Game is 1000 times better as far as cheaters go since the anticheat. We are back to or normal win rate, yet to see 1 spin bot.

  65. Report everyone who kills you. As the wise Dwight Schrute said "Better 1,000 innocent men are locked up than one guilty man roam free."

  66. Duno man,I been playing a lot and ain’t seen any… the auto aim I get on Xbox makes me think I’m cheating tbh

  67. Then you dont play much, are blind or well below a 1 kd. They have not gone anywhere other than when they get banned they spoof their hardware and create another account.

  68. 1.6 K/D here and since Caldera introduction I saw maybe 5-10 aimbotters in total. I feel like I still run into wallhacks more frequently, but it's nowhere near as bad as the time when you had one obvious cheater in almost every second match.

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