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  1. I believe I have identified the true meaning underlying IX. Search for Rodin Coil, and Enneagram by Marko Rodin. Search for Zozimos of Panopolis. Search for the "Gary Lite" channel on YouTube, then select the video on "vortex mathematics"; this reveals the meaning underlying "dark matter"; notice the video is about two years old yet the exact same texture is used in this video that is the same texture as the wall weapons prior to first purchase "space/universe/stars" texture. Likely explains why the dark matter camo consistency between multiplayer and zombies rather than variations in the texture because zombies is the source. Further notice the Zodiac Symbols circling the wall weapons, the inner triangle graphic appears in an extended video on the same channel. Furthermore, recently hints of the next DLC map indicate a Greek theme, interesting, recently on this same channel, a video on Greek mythology was uploaded a few months ago. Furthermore, on this same channel see the video "the secret behind the numbers 3,6,9 Tesla code is finally revealed", an embedded link at the end of this video leads to an article discussing the connection between "Chaos" and "Aether"; this video references the myan calendar as such notice the emblem on the enter of diego’s chest. There is a connection among the the bird-eye view of IX’s geometric representation, the master prestige icon, and the artifact; see the Enneagram by Marko Rodin. Notice the strong associations between the toro theme and toroid 3D geometric figure referenced in the vortex mathematics and the donut shaped layout beneath the surface of IX. Notice the hermetic phrase referenced in the fallen hero section painted on the wall in blood and Hermes face on the arch in the arena to the Zeus/Mercury tower entrance. Notice the association between the "torus power generator" and it’s central point of energy position compared to location of the PaP; and the behavior of the fire in this context. Notice the recurring Tesla theme from older zombies maps. Notice the 3, 6, 9 reference to the fingerprint of god, topology of the map IX, and its association to the hand of god EE from WWII zombies. Research on the origin of the previously mentioned cipher led to this gold nugget, consider Nikolai’s headgear: "niedersa chsisches landesarchiv-staatsarchiv wolfenbuttal". Don’t confuse "cults", "occultists" and "oculists", as the later has important implications. It appears there is an association between the torus power generator described in vortex mathematics and the Tesla code which references frequencies in "Hz" and the "kilowatt drummer EE". It is possible to light 12 braziers surrounding the arena using wraith fire. I have found killing blightfathers with explosives on the bottom level of Ra produces a bubbling effect, and as more are killed throughout the chamber it causes the effect to spread. Felines can see in the dark better than humans, thus see things we cannot, pay attention when a tiger runs away rather than chase you, more importantly to what the tiger runs toward. So far I have found 6 audio scrolls. I found a blue glowing crystal in the Zeus/Mercury Tower. I believe I also have identified the specific type of cipher: "Copiale" and procedures utilized to encode the messages scattered throughout IX that are composed of Alchemical Symbols, Zodiac Symbols, Anglo-Saxon Runes, etc. Is it possible we have stumbled upon the developer’s source of inspiration.

  2. Anyone want to do it if so add me Soccer_man2122 must have ps4 and know all steps!!if you add me wanting to do it send me a message about it.

  3. So I load into a solo game of Classic IX (not mutation mode) and play through as usual, but then I get Death of Orion from a firesale box before doing the DoO easter egg... This shouldn't happen in a normal game right? Happened the other day as well, but with a friend in the game too. Neither were mutation both, both were 100% just normal matches. On the main EE in each, a skull 100% did not spawn either.Both games were the first game/lobbies of the sessions, but then the second times on each were fine and the EE stuff played through normally.Is this a glitch with firesale, or with normal lobbies disabling EE steps?

  4. The death of orion can be pulled for the box at any time the Ee to get one just guarantees it on the next spin

  5. Hey guys. I'm struggling with getting the wood piece from the pyre in the fertilizer step. It seems like 50/50 as to whether I can get the piece to break off. I'm applying the same tactic of lure the axe gladiator into Danu's Temple, juke him, and wait crouched behind the pyre. Is there something I'm missing? If he is the only zombie left in the round does this mess with the step?

  6. I've heard some theories that you likely can get a secret perk from each temple, the Odin / Viking one being the only one officially discovered so far. Thoughts ? The blood bath and sarcophagus rooms do seem like good candidates for smaller extra easter eggs along these lines

  7. From what I understand, Easter egg is only for normal difficulty, if you are on easy that's why, had the same issue on voyage of despair

  8. I feel like this guide should be updated... We know how to do Odin's funeral. We know how to upgrade to the iron bull etc

  9. Has anyone found the cipher in the cursed room across from where the box can be? If you walk towards the broken wall you'll find the cipher inside the "window" frame to the left. The text is vertical aligned.

  10. Just finished the ra step and get the spikes to spawn how do I get them to spawn I finished the ra step cuz it wont let me do again all symbols are lit up just no spikes

  11. hey anyone know what the little scrolls do, there's one in a cage in the temple and it gives a big monologue from the oracle and another in the crypts

  12. Me and my friends are doing the easter of IX, we struggling to get that wood piece and the gold vase, we apparently always getting the vase at wave 20, are we doing something wrong?

  13. Looking for ppl to do botd and ix ee on ps4. Please have mics and knowledge of the steps. 18+ preferably but not required. S/N is Putch88

  14. It cause of the new Paladin variant called Valkyrie, it's got miniture shield on it, they probably just sized down the texture.

  15. Hey I'm getting stuck on the Ra step. I note down which zombies I have to kill in the specific order the game tells me. However, the fire catalyst zombie that spawns in always explodes and kills all the zombies I have trained, resulting in a fail. I cannot complete this step for that main reason. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to make sure this doesn't happen?

  16. Hey guys. Brand new Easter egg update that I found. If you shoot the cat statue near Ra's sarcophagus with the trebuchet PaP with firebomb, massive water bubbles rise out of the cat. Also, blightfathers typically have a green mist around them. Bring one in front of the cat statue and the green mist turns into green bubbles. Help me out fam. This is all I know

  17. Have you tried messing with this anymore? I got the bubbles to go on the blight father was well. Maybe try killing him with upgraded shield? Or perhaps kill him upstairs in the little pond? Also, did you notice there are cats on each floor? There's 1 in a chair on ground floor and upstairs, but you can't activate them. Hmm..

  18. Hi, I decided to try, it turned out, there is no need to improve the fire bombs, suitable improved trebuchet. The same happened with the help of pistols that are after the fall, they still explode after the shot (don't know how to properly called in English version) I Think you need the weapon that gives the explosion after the shot, wanted to try using the Inferno but could not get.

  19. Anyone know what to do on step 10 ? There’s cracks on the floor and green smoke been stuck on that step for a while

  20. Hey guys, I've been having an issue (apparently a very common one) with finding the skull in the PAP room. I figured this was the best place to come to so here I am. I CANNOT find the skull in the PAP room and after several restarts and youtube videos, I just don't know what to do anymore. I have searched in all 12 spots several times over, tried restarting the game, made sure I was on normal and not in a custom game, but still no luck. Do any of you guys know what may be wrong with my game cause this is really starting to annoy me and I really wanna do this ee?

  21. There are 14 locations not 12. I do not have an image with all locations, but on the image given in above, there are skull locations on the corner walls diagonal of Pack a Punch. Every game I have attempted, I have found the skull (sometime it was faster than others) just keep checking all the locations and you will find it eventually. Opening Pack a Punch is the only prerequisite of finding the skull.

  22. one way I found to look for it was to look for a skull that sticks out of the wall a little bit and has a smaller and slightly off color model.

  23. Unless you're on casual, it's there. The guide here isn't up to date, there's spawns right next to PaP (besides the ones next to the entrances)

  24. So idk if anyone has found this and don't see it anywhere but I found an audio tape on a dead guy outside the odin - Zeus temple entrance to the right of the PaP room I don't know what to interact on but my guess is just on the shield or his hand.

  25. So I found out exactly where to play the audio reel, it's a tape recorder behind the shield.

  26. Hey so do you feel that the symbols mentioned in the post are accurate? The symbols representing gladiator, brawler, poison etc. Obviously you got it to work.

  27. Me and my friend are trying to beat the main IX Easter egg on local play, difficulty is normal, no modifiers or anything like that. However we cannot get past the blue marked skull part as it does not seem to spawn for us. Neither does the wood chunk when the gladiators throw their axes through the pillars. Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this problem?

  28. I seem to find that normal difficulty has the skull. Easy does not, On easy the skull will not show, normal it will show up. I have teste this 2 times, I understand that this is not a true sampling.

  29. You forgot that all players have to click square on the center totem pole after doing the raw chanllenge and before shooting the screws at the bottom. ;)

  30. Me and my friend are looking to help people with Voyage, Blood and or IX Easter eggs. If you're interested add me on PSN: Tyboc99

  31. Yeah homie & myself just beat this! Definitely easier than Voyage. The wonder weapon is the key for holding up zombies. Points Galore

  32. Ok so i literally got the scorpion key on round 6 and when i went to get my affinity up it didn't go all the way up for like 4 rounds and when it did it went up for a minute then went back down, is this new did they make it harder???/

  33. The underground poles aren’t spawning in for me despite me completing the symbol step. What am I doing wrong?

  34. My friend and I were having the exact same problem last night. We ended up getting it to work by interacting with the glowing symbol found on the alter in the center of the arena. It teleported us underground and triggered a special round. We weren't allowed to leave the tunnels until all the poles were driven above ground. Ended up dying because it was round 36 and we were unprepared for what just happened.

  35. UNRELATED TO EASTER EGG . Is it just me.. or did they remove all swear words from the dialogue in game?? Diego used to mention something about a cock fight, and now he just says fight. Scarlett used to say, "fuck you all" or something now she says damn you all. I've noticed with a couple other characters too .. has anyone else?

  36. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to place it, but yesterday while I was playing I found a piece of parchment in IX near the Danu & Ra temple with the following text written on it.

  37. I've tried 5 times now to try and get the skull to spawn for the main easter egg in a solo game. WHY is it not working, any ideas?

  38. i was just having this problem with my friend, the guide for the skull locations here isn't complete afaik, we found it on the side of the squared off skull walls on the odin quadrant

  39. Hey guy I'm wanting to live stream me trying to get to high rounds would anyone care to watch or nah ? Thanks

  40. Everytime I’m in a public match, I can never get the poop. I get my affinity all the way to max negative and item available never shows up. I’ve tried this in multiple games and no wonder. Does everyone in the team have to get max negative affinity or is it broken? I’ve done the Easter egg in solo multiple times and it’s never been an issue

  41. I found I had to keep lowering my affinity (I kept going down in the fire to do it) and after going down probably 6 /7 times it went from thumbs down with red smoke to crowd item available.

  42. For the main EE step involving Kill-O-Watt, does this have to be done with Kill-O-Watt, or can it be done with Death of Orion/Serket's Kiss?

  43. So me and my friend were just doing the ix easter egg and we got to the ra challenge with the symbols and the locked room, we killed 3 of the catalysts and the last one was a together but we got a nuke from the blight father and it killed it not us so we are now stuck in the room, this a bug? is there a fix?

  44. So I'm not playing offline mode and I can't get the crowd to throw poop at me. I've gotten max negative affinity and they just don't throw it for some reason. I can get the piece of wood off of a pyre and everything just fine but for some reason the crowd just doesn't throw the poop anymore (it was working the other day and I haven't updated my game since). Anyone else experience this and/or know a fix?

  45. I've found a new easter egg voice line from the Ra temple that I do not remember how to get but it involved shooting the red circle in the Ra temple. I'm unsure of what triggers it but it is a female voice that talks as a goddess and she talks about the world and civilizations. I interacted with a lot of things down in Ra temple basement before shooting the red circle and triggering the dialogue.

  46. For the Viking Funeral you want to stand in Zeus's alter room next to the bowl in the middle and aim a wrath fire grenade at the end of Odins in the sky. This is the best angle to throw it at and works 100% of the time. Example:

  47. Hey guys, I want to do the EE offline with my girlfriend and because it is pretty hard for her we are using some custom settings. We have the problem that the wood won‘t break and the skull does not spawn. Is this because of the customization?

  48. Have you guys ever looked at IX when you first spawn right before you exit the cage there are symbols on the ground and those symbols also correspond to when any of the fire is active in the arena!

  49. Those symbols are also found in the Ra challenge.they each stand for a special kind of zombie ex: gladiator,brawler,Tigger, water zombie,fire zombie etc.

  50. What elephant steps? You mean the boss fight? The boss fight is only obtainable through doing the rest of the EE. Maybe I misunderstood what you meant though.

  51. Has anyone actually figured out the 100% way to get the shield upgrade on IX? I’ve followed many different guides on YouTube and have only been able to get the first part after shooting the three bullheads with the shield.

  52. Yes. Coonadon did it solo multiple attempts. The first step is the same, but the second and third step require three quick shield kills of catalyst zombies and gladiators respectively. The the catalyst step is weird though, you have to kill the poison water and electric zombies all super quick, and for some weird reason it doesn’t work with fire catalysts

  53. Does anyone know why I can not find the skull in the PaP room? Thinking it could be a bug, I tried to use my special weapon in all locations but nothing happened. Same in 4 games in a row.

  54. There are 12 possible locations but skull doesn't spawn until after PaP is initiated. The Grinder in the Crypt doesn't spawn until that skull is obtained.. I ran around in circles a few tries until I got the steps down. I find it every time now.

  55. yeah i think its bugged in solo, when i play with randoms i find the skull so easily. im on xbox btw, maybe bugged just in xbox??

  56. The guide needs to be updated. There are 2 spots missing. They are located on the walls of the inner circle surrounding PAP.

  57. Just a quick question. Is there a Barney-style version of this for folks who aren't zombies experts? The mode would have a lot more value to me with some objectives like this but the shorthand here is a bit tough for me to follow in places. Thanks for the help.

  58. I find that it's easier to watch a few video walkthroughs then use this guide since I already know the details from the videos.

  59. This probably doesn't mean anything and everyone probably already knows about it but I haven't seen anything about it on here so I thought I would post about it just in case and also I am curious myself.

  60. I saw these simples and thought nothing off it until my characters said the symbols are protecting the zombies. Which is why they don’t like on fire is my guess. But maybe it means something else. They also said there are symbols at the starting location and not sure if anyone has looked into that

  61. It´s been a while since I have been on the IX page, but I can´t find any info on the axe down in The Pit. What I discovered can be broken down into two parts.

  62. Has anybody noticed that the four special ammunitions from the PaP correspond with the gods; Ra for Firebomb, Zeus for Killowatt, Odin for Cryofreeze, and Danu for Brain Rot? I think that’s pretty freaking awesome canonically, but I also am curious if there’s any more we can do in this map using those special ammunitions inside of their corresponding god towers.

  63. Has anyone tried using the fire from the brazen bull and/or iron bull to set ablaze to the Viking Ship?

  64. For some reason I shot all the bull symbols with my shield and killed the gladiators but the statue wont fire the beam at the obelisk? It's just all lit up not doing anything

  65. This happened to me too, the other day, just an unfortunate glitch. I killed 2-3 at the same time and I think that’s what caused it for me. I killed them 1 by 1 the next game and it worked.

  66. Got the Easter egg on round 21 but only due to failing the ra symbols once. We could have done it by round 20. What’s the record for earliest completion?

  67. I was wondering when is the earliest time I can go for crowd affection to get the golden cup needed to collect the tree juice for the death of orion.

  68. As soon as you retrieve Serket's Key from the statue head (via the Acid Trap), you become eligible to receive it. You just need max affinity after that. The earliest I ever got it was round 4 soloing. Temporal Gift with a well-placed x2 potion helps immensely, as well as milking every early round..

  69. we are hard on work on these symbols, however the ones on the graves, we think, are irrelevant (red herrings) as they appear in casual when the other symbols only appear in classic.

  70. I was playing a random pub game and decided to see how far on the EE I could get. And I couldn't find the skull in the pap room for the fucking life of me.

  71. Yeah did they like add new locations or some shit? My 4 man team just spent 30 minutes checking the entire perimeter and saw nothing.

  72. I found a pink symbol on the top floor of the Zeus tower. Idk if anyone knows anything about this, but if you shoot it, it dissappears. Not sure what it would be used for, perhaps there are more around the map to find.

  73. so i found something but idk if it really means anything important, but there's this single helmet in the main arena that you can kick around. you can find it relatively easily, it should be right outside the entrance gate when you spawn in. when you kick it it kind of makes a sound and has a dusty cloud effect too?? I didnt think it was too important, but if you look at the other helmets around the arena floor you cant kick those.. any thoughts??

  74. Same thing happened to me. I noticed that there was one underneath the banner I cut to start the challenges and interacted with it and this happened. I can't find anything on it anywhere so I think I might have discovered something here. Looks to me like I found a piece of armour.

  75. Does anyone on Xbox still have their game just crash during later steps of the egg or boss fight? I haven't been able to get through the boss fight without a crash and it's getting aggravating

  76. Just got to the Kill-o-watt step on solo and i got through four full round and couldn't even charge one of the rods. I rechecked the gameplay and i was definitely killing them correctly but it just took so many enemies and the rate at which the special ammo fired was very rare.

  77. Try using the PAP hellion with KAW. Since it’s essentially one shot kills on Gladiators/Brewers, it’s almost an instant charge after two kills. Works every time for me

  78. You've got to kill the zombies affected by the kilowatt stun. You dont need to kill the stunned zombies with the kilowatt weapon. I try to train a bunch together then shoot the stun followed by a quick wraith fire or grenade.

  79. these are all over the map in weird spots. if you're going down the stairs from the top of zeus and look at the mural above you, you'll see one too. pretty sure they're just graphical clippings

  80. Has anyone solved the symbols in the spawn room of the arena? The ones that Diego points out to shaw about being on the floor. Also symbols surrounding weapon wall buys and doors. Diego said that they could be important

  81. I was looking more at the weapon wallbuys and the symbols behind them is definitely an astrological wheel, which can be found easily on google.. the same symbols can be found in that order on the ground surrounding pack a punch..

  82. When you spin the mystery box and the skull pops up if you shoot it you get a symbol on the top slot of the menu screen where you see what items you have the left circle it goes to the top slot is this anything?

  83. Me and a friend are currently doing the easter egg again and we ran i to a problem of finding the skull. Does it spawn outside the temple because it hasnt spawned at any pf the locations for us

  84. There’s at least two more positions I’m aware of; one is when you enter the temple from the danu/ra side, walk straight at the PaP and turn directly right, the skull will be on the wall to the front and right of you, right in the middle of that wall. That’s best I can explain the first one, and the second skull will be the exact opposite of that first wall I explained. I’ve read that it can also show up on the walls underneath the stairways but that’s never happened in my games personally.

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