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  1. I have completed every single easter egg except DoN which i don't have access to. If anyone is still struggling with easter eggs on pc in Americas, OCE, add me: Edible #11868

  2. Does anyone know how you prestige Bowie Knife? I noticed clan tag and kill counter unlock and have the tiger camo recently u locked but never have been given the option to prestige. I’m playing on ps4. Anyone else having this problem?

  3. Anyone lookin to run the ee in about 20 minutes? Psn is Zerosetkill. Looking for a few people who know the steps and willing to be patient and help me out.

  4. What i know: You have to find 3 cristals and kill zombies near them. Then you can watch a vision, a different object for each crystal (in my case were a doll, a watch and ra). Then you have to find the object and do like a quest. In the watch one you had to stand over a circle for some time. In Ra statue you had to kill vampires and i didin’t find the doll. One you do this quest they drop like and object which can be used in the entrancy (a bigg door with that “dark matter” and it dissapear (you have to do it 3 times) im pretty sure that the PAP is behind that door. I couldn’t find the doll so i couldn’t complete that. In the cementery i also found a lion statue with a blue symbol, which corresponds with one of the symbols on that machine that has the weapon. I don’t know where the others are.

  5. Hi, I have been trying for days to play with my 3 friends Voyage of Despair, we can find the Sentinel Artifact and activate the Pack-a-Punch, but none of the clocks seem to change the time or the symbols doesn’t appear in any of the 6 locations, we are 4 people playing in Local Mode my account has PS Plus, and we can’t play the 4 people in Online Mode, so I don’t know what is happening or is that a bug? The only thing I want to do is do the Easter Egg and fight the Kraken with my 3 friends here in my house in local. Thank you very much

  6. Hey guys! Whilst I have been a zombie fan since World at War, I have never really spent time grinding at zombies to get easter eggs and level up etc. That was until I went from Console to PC. Zombies is a whole new experience on PC. Whilst im not amazing at zombies, I do consider myself to be a "better than average player". If i try i can usually get to round 31 on IX in Solo. My problem is however that I would really like to start completing the EEs. I have friends to do it with however they never want to grind at it and get bored half way through. I was just wondering if the IX EE is possible in Solo with my level of skill. I can get the skull, skorpion key, pap and Brazen Bull Shield etc however thats as far as i get before i die. Thanks Guys.

  7. Hey guys! New to zombies and all this stuff. I'm just looking for a game to mindlessly shoot zombies and survive as much as possible, seems very fun to me, don't wanna do the story missions and things. Is there a survival mode or something like that?

  8. There are different difficulties but as long as you aren't playing the game mode Rush it is all about surviving. That's what the primary focus of the entirety of cod zombies is :)

  9. Has anyone noticed some red/orange lights that shine around the arena on ix? I thought it was a glitch at first but it seems consistent, so it might be an easter egg.

  10. Playing IX split screen offline, can you go through with easter eggs?? Anytime I play split screen off line it seems to only let us do the easter egg for building the wonder weapon. The skull with the blue symbol never shows up or the grinder, also the wood never breaks apart after a gladiator throws his ax through it but the crowd does through the poop with negative affinity. Any information would be appropriated:) Thank you in advance.

  11. Are any of the zombies maps winnable or escapable. I know it usually just wave after wave, but we couldn't tell if we were supposed to do anything beyond killing the zombies/doing easter egg stuff to escape

  12. Me and my friends ware doing the we on IX and I found something I am not sure about its in the cursed room on a brick wall it's like some sort of code it says NIP 34710 NIP 35998 NIP 34710 -) NIP 35996

  13. So a friend and I were doing IX ee and I shot 2 bull symbols on roof of zues alter room and they weren't apart of main ee but they stayed lit.. anyone know anything about this?

  14. Split screen is broken on xbox. Idk if anyone else is experiencing, but Ive crashed every time I look at the book in wardens room with the shield. Now ix crashed last night when my friend and I tried entering boss fight. Were just broke college kids. we cant afford 2 xbox's and tv's. Treyarch plz fix

  15. Does anyone happen to know if the easter eggs are able to be done on local play so that you can do 4 player split screen.

  16. Can I just say this that all the streamers that constantly give this game 0 props and just trash on it cause it isnt perfect are so annoying ever stream I watch is them just complaining and it's not entertaining it's just annoying and I love them all too. And from what I found there are way less crashes on xbox and pc so why do people keep saying that treyarch ste doing a trash job like were all doing fine but ps4 is having the problems

  17. Because it's at a point where you cant even do the easter egg. The game always crashes at 25 for me or the damn banjo step. We wouldnt trash is if trearch were to fix their shit

  18. Ok so I picked up the helmet that has not yet had a use, then I went upstairs to the Odin Alter Room and I was able to place the helmet on the skeleton on the boat in the middle of the room, and now he just wears it. I don’t know if this has been found but I recommend you guys to try and figure out what to do with this.

  19. What do you mean? Do guides not show how to upgrade the kraken? I think you meant to send this comment to someone lol

  20. Noob question that I cant find an answer to on Google. What are AAT's? I assume it's matching elemental types to what your killing? Or just a general reference to what the element is?

  21. Alternate ammo type aat is the element you get when you re pack your weapon each time... Brain rot cryofreeze firebomb kilowat

  22. I believe AAT's are the upgrade your weapon gets when you pack a punch it multiple times, such as kill-o-watt or burned out.

  23. Me and my teammates were trying the vod ee several times but couldn't activate the last orb of sun on the planet step. We reached the sun without mistakes to shoot and touch planets in order and pressed the interact button for the sun orb at the same time. But It disappeared without entering the ice block ritual, and we had to restart the planet step from begging. Is this because we were missing any steps? Is this just a bug or somethig?

  24. Does casual lower zombies health? I'm trying to do the "kill 9 zombies with an uncharged shot" and can't seem to get it as it keeps making crawlers...

  25. Yeah youd probably have to go through some later rounds to get the Death of Orion to not one shot zombies in casual lol

  26. Anyone wanna try one of the easter eggs with me in a few hours? I'd like to get a group of 4 and give it a shot. PS4 btw

  27. Anyone wanna do BOTD EE? Tried of randoms getting pissed and leaving all the time. I know how to do everything on the map. Plus trying to find anyone for Voyage? PM me

  28. I just went game over after dying while still having all 3 self revives left on IX. I wonder if having quick-revive as a perk had anything to do with it.

  29. If you get downed by the game suspecting you cheating (like if you get stuck outside the map) it'll automatically end the game. Happens to me on BotD when fast traveling to a room that hasn't been opened yet

  30. Hey, I am a new account so I can't make a post but I am having trouble completing the deadeye calling card in BO4 and was hoping someone could help. Part of it requires 100 tactical rifle kills in zombies but no matter what zombie game mode I play it seems to never register with the requirements. I've used multiple tactical rifles both in solo and squad zombies and it has never added to the kill total. I'd appreciate any help if you guys know what I am doing wrong.

  31. I think a few of the calling cards are having register issues in game. I have a few elixer ones that don't register and I've seen others post about this as well.

  32. Was testing out the strobe light for the sg12 in custom games and spend over 100k points trying to get it out the box. I managed to get 5 winters howls before the sg12 came out

  33. So me and my boys have been grinding the Easter egg on IX and have gotten to the step right before the boss fight. The Odin trial. I know that treyarch updated the game and changed some steps in this Easter egg. Ever since that update we have not had the skull with the blue marking on its forehead, or the skull grinder spawn into our game. We’ve literally gotten every step possible at this point complete, specialist weapons level 3, and all our guns double packed. even gotten the packed scorpion gun, the dung and finished cooking the piece of wood (that you place in lower Odin) and still can’t find the friggen skull and grinder. We’ve looked at every skull on the map 5x in a single match and have searched the 4 spawns for the grinder, and then the whole map!!!! REDDIT HELP USSSSSSS.

  34. You can only find it after pap has been opened and most guides on YouTube missed a couple of spots where the skull can spawn so just check all the walls.

  35. Stop playin on casual or custom mutations and the grinder won't spawn till you pick up the skull with the sumbol on it n the skull spawns when you unlock PAP

  36. Ive made it to the final challenge or boss fight 3 times today with 3 differents teams and we get kicked each time. Can you guys please fix this

  37. Anyone wants to play on PS4? I play since BO1 and have pretty much high rounds on all maps (65+) MY PSN xSmoKe63. PLS have a mic.

  38. So on classified there are TVs around the map that occasionally flash a symbol. It’s a triangle with the top third flashing an eye. Has this been discovered/is it potentially relevant to the Easter egg? The symbol seems to rotate from tv to tv across the map

  39. In the storyline the illuminati helps the US government with some projects so its most likely just the same symbols as there were on five.

  40. Any recommendations on zombie documentaries or readings? Im interested in learning the entire story but i havent been able to find a reliable source for this information. I've watched a few videos on youtube but i feel like theres a lot of info being left out. Thanks in advance

  41. To you solo players out there. How do you do the botd steps solo? The morse code and the pattern steps seem impossible

  42. I've seen people use the spawnable zombie blood and use Takeo's sword perk to keep zombies off of them long enough to do it but damn is it not solo friendly

  43. I’m looking for people on PS4 to complete the IX storyline. I know all the parts but just can’t get s decent group. I’ll be on all day. Add DrVenture89

  44. If anyone wants to try to do the Easter egg I’ll be down looking for a full squad on xbox one gamer tag : balljuicer. Add me hope we can play and figure this out together 🙌

  45. Hi I am looking for someone to play IX, Classified and BotD. Wanna learn the basics of each map just got into BO4 zombies. Played BO3 but these ee’s are hard to do solo. PSN: ragnarosiam

  46. For a zombies player who loves the game mode but maybe isn’t the best player, is there a good YouTube guide/walkthrough that takes things step by step for each of the maps? (How to pack a punch, where to go for shield parts, etc)

  47. I haven't seen anyone mention this, but for the helmet, sword, and cup placed in odin alter in IX, does anyone suspect that after completing this that it could have some passive effect to the match? Much like the low gravity zombies in VoS... so no one has really thought to look for something similar, maybe for zombie health, player attack strength, etc that doesnt have any indication?

  48. If you go into a casual match. You can not do the helmet, sword, cup because those pieces are already there. You still can do other things like the mad hatter song.

  49. Hi I’m new to this reddit thing but I need help some reason after patch for last 2 days I can’t put the grinded materials into the blood bath room bowl I’ve messaged activision and they said they has been issues .... do you know if from today it works ?? Sick a trying to be bored when we can’t makes zombies dead 💀 literally aha

  50. Youre in the wrong place. This is a pinned post about easter egg proggress in general. You need to make your own post, not in this thread, and hope people answer it.

  51. Hi I’m new to this reddit thing but I need help some reason after patch for last 2 days I can’t put the grinded materials into the blood bath room bowl I’ve messaged activision and they said they has been issues .... do you know if from today it works ?? Sick a trying to be bored when we can’t makes zombies dead 💀 literally aha

  52. What would everyone say is the easiest of the maps for Easter eggs? Would love some input. Been playing zombies for a lot of years since the original maps. So skill level is there, attention to detail...well that’s another item haha

  53. Anyone wanna do Easter egg tomorrow ? I’m free all day from 11 am. I’m in uk don’t mind what Easter egg preferably ix but I’m happy to play with others and do any. I’m 23 and play ps4 Psn:mcdoodle101

  54. Send me a message if you want to do any of the easter eggs, I will be online until the red Sox game tonight

  55. Anyone have any tips for the skull in the pap chamber in ix? I know there is a map, and I use it(the revised one), but wow it takes me a bit to get the skull. Does the skull spawn in the wall past a certain round?

  56. I’m playing botd on casual and can’t turn the power on? I’m doing the round 1 start where you build the shield etc round one. I’ve got the shield, but still no power. Is this a glitch?

  57. There are three switches there, only one of them you can interact with, perhaps you're interacting with the wrong one?

  58. US but I play with people in the UK a lot and haven't seen any issues completed IX with someone from the UK the other day actually

  59. looking for help on IX EE. hopefully find a good team from the UK as time difference is a pain in the bum otherwise. hudd2010 is my xbox tag, play most evenings. i know all the steps. HELP :)

  60. Ok idk if this has happened to anyone else but for the last 3 days/ since the big update the banjo step has been glitches for me, I just figured out how to get passed it and made a reddit account just to post this because if anyone else is having trouble with this step I feel your pain! So basically, no matter how many zombies we killed the banjo wouldn’t fill up with enough souls and the person holding it would end up dying, and after they dyed we would have no choice but to start over because the next time we got that challenge the ghost wouldn’t give us the banjo, I didn’t figure out how to get the banjo post failure but I did figure out that if you kill zombies in the blue circle, the banjo will turn blue and you can give it back to the ghost, then pick it back up and it resets the timer on it so you can continue killing, rinse and repeat until you hear the banjo strum and you should pass the step, it took us 2-3 times of giving him the banjo and taking it back for us to finally pass it, this was on xbox so idk if ps4 or pc players have experienced this but if you have I hope I helped !

  61. So anyone else think they should make it so when you prestige weapons in Zombies it allows more attachment slots or something? It doesn't do anything currently even though it says it lets you put your clan tag/kill count (Both of which it doesn't let you do by the way).

  62. On solo you start with 2. If you're on multiplayer you don't get any. If you're playing IX you will always get one from your first challenge

  63. Looking to do IX on ps4. I have a mic and know all steps. Please send fr if you wanna party up - james19ross

  64. Looking for people to try and do the EE on IX, if anyone is keen. Send a request too xX_Protege16_Xx. A plus if you know the basics steps of the map.

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