What do y’all think about vaccine mandates in italy?

  1. Vaccine passports are basically useless with Omicron now. Vaccinated can still catch covid and spread it as easily as someone who is unvaccinated. I believe most vaccine mandates and passports don’t account for natural immunity from prior infection; which science is starting to show is better than just being vaccinated. Most the vaccines do is protect the person who gets it from severe illness. They don’t slow or stop infection or transmission.

  2. I don’t hate the unvaxxed but if the reason why I’m sitting here today with Covid is because not enough ppl in the US got vaxxed when they should have is the reason then I think some mandate is required. I mean, how else can we get out of this pandemic? Social responsibility didn’t work so maybe a stronger tack is necessary. My fear is that 40 pct of the US is just never going to get vaxxed. Never. So as a result, the virus mutates and we will be stuck with variants for decades. So even as I try to keep up with vaccinations, it will always be an outdated one.

  3. Thing is the unvaxed aren’t the problem. The vaccine is doing absolutely nothing at stopping spread, only maybe** preventing terrible illness. So there’s absolutely no reason to segregate people for their choice in having it or not.

  4. I think vaccine passports are reasonable as are vaccine mandates for workers. With the awful surge in cases that Italy is going through right now imagine how much worse the hospitalizations and deaths would be if it weren’t for the vaccines. They save lives. They have vaccine passports in NYC for bars and restaurants and other indoor venues. Teachers in my state are mandated to get vaccinated. I am one, I wish the kids were, too.

  5. I don't understand why some people are anti-vax! It just blows my mind. Vax has saved billions of lives, for a long time.

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