DAE unconsciously hold their breath?

  1. Me too! I find myself holding my breath almost every day. It hurts my chest, heart area, and throat. I also find myself taking lots of shallow chest breathes instead of normal belly breathes. I think this is why I could never keep up with the other kids on the play ground - my breathing is in a chronic state of armoring out of anxiety.

  2. I was always last when running mandatory races in primary school. My family home backed onto the sports field so my parents were always watching... The sports teacher told them I should be checked for asthma. None of the tests showed anything.

  3. Yes! I've just recently noticed it this year. Now I realize I have been doing it for most of my life.

  4. I spent a couple years in an acting conservatory taking "movement" and "voice" classes. These classes made me realize that not only do I hold my breath nonstop, I had been clenching certain muscles to the point i could not release them. It took months before I could train my body to relax, and I still have moments where I'm stressed and those muscles tighten up again. One area is my shoulders, and when I'm stressed it's almost impossible for me to let them drop down and relax. The other areas were my stomach and jaw.

  5. Same. I love video games but I barely play them because I tense up so bad trying to play that I'm sore after literally one game. Thanks for the suggestions :)

  6. The shoulders are the worrrrrst. So much muscle pain. I also sigh, yawn and feel tired constantly because I just don't breathe often or deep enough.

  7. Any tips for us with similar issues but no access to an acting conservatory? Genuinely interested in learning more about how you learned to relax your muscles!

  8. Dude yes, I noticed a few months ago that when I get stressed out I hold my breath or just take small short breaths. I’ve been trying to be more conscious of it when it happens and try to take more deep breaths during the day to make up for it.

  9. Yeah sometimes I’ll realize that I’m just straight up not breathing. Like it’s not naturally happening and I have to consciously start breathing for a bit for it to become automatic again.

  10. Every day. I also notice that often times when I’m in a stressful/high-conflict situation, I just clench my teeth really hard.

  11. Um...not really? I mean it's not shameful or anything; I'm not trying to get you down about it. But non-traumatized people, when they're feeling ok, don't have any need to hold their breath. They just keep breathing, (unless they're underwater or something.)

  12. Yep. For sure. I stopped for awhile when it was pointed out to me. Recently noticed myself doing it again. Living in the clouds these days.

  13. I did this when I was young all the time. I remember in high school a lot. I would’ve zoning out in class and be like “hey I forgot to breathe” This was most common at the same time as my eating was most disordered, so I thought it was related to that. I’m curious to see this thread, and wonder if it more caused by cptsd and not anorexia

  14. Yes, I do it a lot, I randomly get dizzy and then realise I haven't been breathing. It always gets such a weird reaction when I tell other people, so gladI'm not the only one!

  15. yes .. i feel like i may have grown out of it now but it used to be my worst habit. i wouldnt even realize until i was seeing stars

  16. I noticed recently I hold my breath during certain activities, the one I noticed recently is opening the fridge? So strange.

  17. I saw this post yesterday and I was like I think I used to do this but I don't anymore and then last night I was in the hospital and they had me hooked up to the vitals monitor, and it beeped at least 3 times bc I would just stop breathing and the breaths per minute indicator went way down. and I wouldn't realize I had stopped breathing until the monitor started beeping. so I came back to this post to say yeah I do that too

  18. I wonder if sleep apnea is related to this. There's apparently a strong correlation between CPTSD and sleep apnea.

  19. I think there is a relation as well. I used to wake up in the middle of the night breathless and making the horse like sound trying to breath through my blocked nose. Also you are never satisfied with the depth of the breaths and you tend to breathe hard as well which makes the problem worse and makes your palate loose over time.

  20. 100%, but I don't see it as a bad thing. I just go all out on breath play and choking. And gag balls...they really help with keeping my breath in control

  21. yes. my partner has to tell me to breathe all the time. especially during emotionally strong moments and breakdowns and episodes.

  22. I do it a lot too, it is as if something catastrophic is just around to corner and that's why I'm anticipating something physically. I also get very tense in my muscles, especially my legs. It is as if my body is getting ready to run away

  23. If I’m having an “episode” I tend to hold my breath a lot, I never realised until my partner became panicked and kept telling me that I needed to breathe

  24. I do it when i either get excited or really nervous...i can't talk or breathe well. I have to take time to be able to breathe comfortably again.

  25. Shallow breathing cause if no one can hear you breathe, you won't get noticed. Also using breathing patterns as a way to make people think I'd be asleep while actually laying awake for hours.

  26. I do. I always hold my breath without realizing I’m doing it. I try to be more mindful of my breathing.

  27. Lolol I stop breathing all the time and people are like “wtf” hahaha. They notice it I don’t, I’m just like “oh yeah thanks”. Also happens when I sleep and it’ll wake me up

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