I am done

  1. This post has been removed. It's great that you reported the unsupportive comments, these have been removed. However, lashing out in response and telling people to "fuck off" in the comments and in your post edits are equally against the rules. In the future, simply report invalidating comments rather than engaging so we can handle them.

  2. Yes, I need the people that will see me being snappy and bitchy and flipping people off and gently say, "are you okay?". Who will back off when I need space and not ever make me feel guilty about it. I need people to see my need for hugs. I need people to let me sob on their chest. I need someone to see that I'm a sensitive woman even though I act cold. I feel deeply. I just numb because I feel so much... sorry if I overshared too much. I'm processing trauma like crazy

  3. Oh I know this feeling. Angry and hurt and lashing out. The feeling will pass. Be compassionate to yourself. Look inwards at what brought the feeling about

  4. I don't know you, but in this moment I am thinking of you and I love you. I know the hurt and pain you are going through only too well, but you will get through this. We are stronger than normal people. People with trauma have unlocked a secret level in the human experience. This too shall pass ❤️

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