Children are an oppressed, and marginalized group with very few (or no) human rights and that reality doesn't get talked about enough

  1. I really loathe people who can’t get beyond their own experiences and want something better for the next generation or for others.

  2. I don't have anything to add to this but thank you for articulating something that's been bouncing around my head for years now. The society I live in despises children and I don't know why.

  3. I would say things are better than when our grandparents were in their 20's, & kids were working in factories. But honestly, things really feel just as bad, if not worse. Kids require so much care, & depend on learning from mature, responsible adults how we should live our lives. But a lot of us didn't get that. & the Pandemic has left some kids in the hands of their abusers for even longer periods of time for neglect & abuse to occur. It's so heart-breaking. & then we need to factor in Generational Trauma, which can actually alter your DNA, & make you predisposed to certain mental illnesses!

  4. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to neglect or abuse a child. A whole community of people looking away. It’s a much worse thing to be communicating to children than we’re comfortable admitting.

  5. I had even thought of this but now I definitely want to research more. I feel like more information needs to be made available in accessible ways and that's definitely something I can do. Can you remember what societies you've read about who did things differently than what the dominant narrative states? I really want to look into this and imagine different possibilities.

  6. I've always found it nuts how we're all supposed to magically get over childhood when it seems universally traumatic in one way or another

  7. I guess the way that soldiers who were in combat were supposed to magically get over it when they came home.

  8. I've worked with kids in the foster system and I'm here to validate this post 1000%. My own kids have been seriously abused by their father, and I'm punished for reporting it, although it's illegal to not report child abuse. I am absolutely drowning because Im forced to stay quiet about it. High five on standing against mgm and fgm too.

  9. You're right. Children are an oppressed minority group. And someday most people will look back in horror at all this, the same way we look back in horror at the Jim Crow regime in the 1950s in the South.

  10. Children are victims of capitalism, just like the adults who raise them. You can try to address the problem from a public health perspective but it’s all the same fruit of the poisoned tree.

  11. Capitalism is a public health issue too, but I don't know that child abuse and neglect just suddenly appeared on the scene with the dawn of capitalism. I suspect it goes back farther than that, and is thousands of years old, much like patriarchy.

  12. Children are victims of ageism. Capitalism, for all its flaws, is incidental. You could just as easily abuse children in a Communist country.

  13. I agree, but I think you can't talk about it without also including physical abuse. It's literally legal to hurt a child as long as it's for disciplinary purposes in most of the US. Like things which are illegal to do to strangers you are allowed to do to your children, under the law. It's absolutely barbaric.

  14. I assumed that physical abuse being included was understood. The difference I see is that most people think physical abuse is wrong, but these same people see no particular issue with emotional neglect. That's why I spoke more on the aspects of childhood oppression that are socially acceptable, rather than focusing on physical abuse. Some parents never hit their kids, but they don't nurture them either, and that's just as damaging, although it doesn't get nearly the concern that physical and sexual violence against children gets in mainstream society.

  15. Adding to my other comment: Kids should also have the right to choose their own guardians. Maybe the guardian gets a background check and a drug test and a social worker visits their house to make sure it's safe, fine. But beyond that, if the kid says "I wanna live with Aunt Joan" and Aunt Joan is ok with it, then the kid moves out of the house immediately and starts living with Aunt Joan. No ifs, ands or buts. No multi-month court procedure thingamajig. The kid gets to leave.

  16. Yasss! My stepdad was trying to apologize, but at the end of his apology he added a " least according to your perception" and he genuinely did not see that he was doing it again. My entire fucking life I have been treated as if I don't have a brain, my opinions were wrong, my understanding of every situation was wrong, I couldn't do anything right, all because I was a child. No benefit of the doubt anywhere in sight, no teaching me things (always thrown in the deep end), no allowing me to learn from my own mistakes, just judgment and demands of instant perfection. I never stood a chance.

  17. I've always said this, that childhood abuse and trauma is an epidemic that no one seems to acknowledge... Or even want to acknowledge. Because if they did some "high profile" people would have to reflect on their own parenting, they may have to wrestle with guilt, they may realize they messed up, and that's too much for them to handle so they don't even bother /s

  18. I'm currently having the hardest time finding friends for myself and my only child because way too many moms in our town are abusive.

  19. Wow, that sucks. I guess it could be an opportunity for your kid (if they are old enough to tell) that you don't agree when you see it, and that they might want to be more compassionate and also have good boundaries with the other kids because they are being raised differently.

  20. I believe that children should legally have to be registered on the electoral roll during school, and should be entitled to vote before they graduate from high school, so that they are able to choose the government that will have the power to legislate pricing of student fees for the time those young people go to university. This would put the voting age at 13 in the UK, where there are 5 year election cycles. I believe people learn so much more about politics when they have a horse on the race. And children should be encouraged to participate in the electoral process while they’re still at school and their peers are all doing it and teachers are available to answer questions. It builds it into a habit.

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