I have been working in a high-level, fast-paced creative industry for almost ten years and it has been hell the entire time. I can't keep this inside anymore and I need to vent.

  1. Hey you, I see you. I hear you. I high function and flat line right with you. I think your self awareness is your superpower here. You are able to look at yourself in 3D and go, huh, there's a gap there. Next step? Get someone to hold your hand (metaphorically), some form of therapy. A professional who can guide you navigate through the stuckness, help you in carefully unearthing your emotions and step by step, reveal and celebrate the you that is inside you.

  2. It would be a difficult shift to make for sure. But as I get older, I do value my health and happiness more and more. If within this year I don’t have my emotions and issues improved in any way, I may start pivoting away from the career altogether. Not worth working myself to death over if I can help it!

  3. I'm a supporter. Some of my observations align with some of what you've written, but I also notice possible differences. Is part of what you're looking for in posting on a cptsd sub similarities and differences between what you're experiencing and what people with cptsd experience? ETA my husband is successful as you are, dissociates a lot, and has a readily identifiable trauma background.

  4. I have a lingering belief that I have some trauma that needs to be unearthed and addressed, and when reading this sub I find I align with how many here feel - affected in some way by their childhood and upbringing, and dealing with the resulting issues. I have dissociation issues with my girlfriend as well - it has been extremely difficult to hold a conversation with me and often times I am emotionally distant. Unfortunately I don’t know what specific traumas I really have, but I do know my childhood had very difficult moments. The next step will probably be talking with somebody to learn about them. Thanks for your support!

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