has anyone made a post and it got downvoted?

  1. This happens to me occasionally. I actually have a second account I use to comment on anything that might be "controversial". If I see a comment or post blowing up, I simply log out and come back to my 'safe' account. I only use this one to content on abuse or mental health support forums, in case some bully follows me. Sometimes people on here are unhinged.

  2. I'm really gonna have to start making a separate account for that that's a really good idea!! This is my safe account.

  3. I don’t know if it helps, but you can hide and/or turn off notifications for a particular comment or post. Might not fully help, but at least if something like it happens again, you don’t have to see the notifications come in.

  4. Wow I didn't know that I'm gonna have to start doing that I knew how to hide posts but didn't know how to turn off notifications for certain posts gonna have to remember that.

  5. Replies and not posts, but it happens a lot when I try to describe what's going on in the brain of a fight mode--even though all that fight was always directed at myself and inanimate objects and not other people.

  6. Wel now I’m curious what your post was about! I have had comments get down voted a bunch before 😅 can’t please everyone

  7. It didn’t happen here but in my ocd/skin picking group if I try speaking about I use to pick my dogs scabs sometimes. People start calling me an animal abuser I wanted to talk about it because I wanted help stopping it but I just get told I’m an animal abuser and need to give my dogs away. Also most of the time if I try venting here or the discord I get ignored :(

  8. Thank you what the heck!? You called out someone who was abusive I don't get why you were being down voted that's just wow... I'm so sorry that happened. I always try to remember that people on here are just like that

  9. Yeah. My first post was downboted to oblivion and i ended up deleting it. Sometimes that happens, but I'm thankful it's online instead of real life.

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